Red Dragon Archfiend (character)

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Red Dragon Archfiend
Red Dragon Archfiend
Corresponding card
English name
  • Red Dragon Archfiend
Japanese translatedRed Daemon's Dragon
Japanese name
RōmajiReddo Dēmonzu Doragon
Korean name
레드 데몬즈 드래곤
Other language names
Dragon Rouge Archdémon
Arcidemone Drago Rosso
Dragón Rojo Archidemonio
OrganizationSigner Dragons
Anime debut
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Red Dragon Archfiend (character)

Red Dragon Archfiend, known as Red Daemon's Dragon in the Japanese version, is a Duel Monster Spirit, who is one of the servants of the Crimson Dragon, often referred to as the Signer Dragons.

Jack Atlas is the Signer associated with "Red Dragon Archfiend" card, often referring to it as his soul.


Red Dragon Archfiend has a somewhat similar appearance to Stardust Dragon; both dragons have a muscular humanoid body plan, but Red Dragon Archfiend is larger, bulkier and simpler in design. Its design is drawn from the painting The Great Red Dragon by William Blake. Despite its name, Red Dragon Archfiend is largely black skinned with red accents running down the neck, stomach, and legs. Its head has three horns; the outer horns curve in a demonic manner, and its jaws are short and triangular. It has yellow eyes and a teal tongue. Red Dragon Archfiend has darker red shoulder pauldrons, thigh armor, forearm guards and wing membranes. It has two wing fingers, each tipped at the top with a claw.



10,000 years ago, Red Dragon Archfiend battled against Red Nova along with the Crimson Dragon and four of the other Dragons. 5,000 years later, Red Dragon Archfiend served the Crimson Dragon and fought alongside him and the other Dragons in the ancient battle against the Earthbound Immortals.[1]

Red Dragon Archfiend was eventually made into a Duel Monsters card intended to function as a control unit for the control towers of the Old Ener-D reactor. After deciding that their research was too dangerous, Dr. Fudo shut the project down and implanted the Signer Dragon control cards. Roman Goodwin reclaimed the cards and taunted Dr. Fudo with them, but Dr. Fudo was able to reclaim three of the cards, including "Red Dragon Archfiend", which he gave to Rex Goodwin. Goodwin kept the cards until he became the Director of Sector Security and a member of Iliaster, and he eventually released the three cards to the public.

Red Dragon Archfiend scares away Rally's attackers.

The "Red Dragon Archfiend" card eventually ended up in the hands of Jack Atlas, one of the Signers. Jack grew very attached to the card, which he referred to as "My very soul" during its summoning chant. Jack once used it to scare away some bullies attacking Rally. Immediately afterwards, he was approached by Lazar, a member of Iliaster. Iliaster had become aware that the cards had resurfaced and that Jack was a Signer, and they instructed Jack to steal "Stardust Dragon" from its owner, Jack's friend Yusei Fudo, and go to New Domino City. Jack did so, betraying Yusei and causing a deep grudge between them. Over the years, "Red Dragon Archfiend" became famous as Jack's signature card, with action figures of it being sold alongside ones of Jack.

Fortune Cup[edit]

Red Dragon Archfiend and Stardust Dragon are separated by the Crimson Dragon.

Two years later, Yusei managed to make it to New Domino City, intending to reclaim "Stardust". Jack returned it to Yusei, but Yusei insisted on Dueling Jack for the card. Jack subsequently used both "Stardust" and "Red Dragon Archfiend" against Yusei, and Yusei was able to gain control over "Stardust". When the two Signer Dragons battled, Yusei and Jack's Marks began glowing, and the Crimson Dragon was partially summoned, ending the Duel prematurely before Yusei could win.

Red Dragon Archfiend appears during the opening ceremonies of the Fortune Cup.

Jack used "Red Dragon Archfiend" to defeat Hunter Pace again, and he also Summoned it during the opening ceremonies of the Fortune Cup during his introduction, where it knelt behind him at the center stage as the contestants were introduced.

Red Dragon Archfiend and "Stardust Dragon" with the Crimson Dragon.

"Red Dragon Archfiend" clashed with "Stardust Dragon" and "Junk Warrior" once again during Yusei and Jack's second Turbo Duel, and with all five Marks of the Crimson Dragon present in the stadium, the Crimson Dragon was summoned again. "Stardust Dragon" eventually defeated "Red Dragon Archfiend", and both of the Dragons turned to stone.

Dark Signers[edit]

Jack Summoned "Red Dragon Archfiend" during his Turbo Duel with Dark Signer Carly Carmine, destroying Carly's "Fortune Lady Earth" and breaking her free from her brainwashing. Unfortunately, "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu" took over and it Summoned itself, with Jack barely able to block the attack. Jack in return called upon the power of the Crimson Dragon, drawing "Majestic Dragon" and using it to evolve "Red Dragon" into "Majestic Red Dragon", intending to end the Duel in a DRAW. However, Carly broke through the possession, activating "Earthbound Release" and triggering the defensive effect of "Majestic Red Dragon", which defeated her.

Jack brought out "Red Dragon Archfiend" during the Shadow Turbo Duel with Rex Goodwin, attempting to attack directly, but he was forced to battle Goodwin's deadly "Sun Dragon Inti". Refusing Yusei's help after words from Goodwin, Jack had "Red Dragon Archfiend" attack "Inti", whose effect destroyed it upon its own destruction.

Pre-World Racing Grand Prix[edit]

Jack used "Red Dragon Archfiend" against Yusei during a test Duel where Yusei didn't Synchro Summon in an attempt to counter the anti-Synchro strategy of Ghost. When Jack Dueled his imposter, he refused to use "Trust Guardian" to Summon "Red Dragon Archfiend", resulting in the imposter Summoning his own purple-armored copy and defeating him. Jack eventually caught up to the imposter for a rematch, and this time he used "Trust Guardian" to Summon "Red Dragon Archfiend". Red Dragon Archfiend battled its three doppelgangers, barely holding on with the effect of "Trust Guardian" protecting it. Refusing to lose after his friends protected him, and naming Red Dragon Archfiend as a representation of his heart, Jack drew on the power of the Crimson Dragon to Summon "Majestic Dragon", evolving "Red Dragon Archfiend" into "Majestic Red Dragon" and destroying the false "Red Dragon Archfiends".

World Racing Grand Prix[edit]

Jack used "Red Dragon Archfiend" against Andre in the first match of the WRGP, but his power strategy was countered by Andre's prepared strategy, and Jack was defeated and "Red Dragon Archfiend" destroyed. Jack later used "Red Dragon Archfiend" during the Diablo attack.

Jack's power is reflected in Red Dragon Archfiend.

Greiger had a dream where he saw Jack being attacked by a flaming "Red Dragon Archfiend", and he called Jack to Nazca to convince him to find a new method of fighting. Jack refused, so Greiger suggested Jack Duel his little brother, Max. During the Duel, Jack's power tactics were once again countered, causing the image of the flaming "Red Dragon Archfiend" from Greiger's dream and ending the Duel with no result. Jack later Summoned "Red Dragon Archfiend" during his Duel with the Familiar of Red Nova, but his power tactics were once again repelled. Jack began to make headway with burn tactics, prompting the Familiar to counter with his own power tactics. Activating the power of Blazing Soul and returning "Red Dragon Arhfiend" to the field, Jack trapped the power of Red Nova and combined it with "Red Dragon Archfiend" in order to create "Red Nova Dragon", defeating the Familiar with his new power.

Red Dragon Archfiend faces off against "Thor, Lord of the Aesir".

Jack used "Red Dragon Archfiend" against Dragan of Team Ragnarok, who opposed it with the Nordic God "Thor, Lord of the Aesir". When the demonic dragon and the northern god clashed, the resulting energy began damaging the arena and causing an earthquake, forcing Lazar to stop the Duel. Jack later used "Red Dragon Archfiend" against Yoshizo's defensive strategy, but even the powerful destruction effect of "Red Dragon Archfiend" was countered by Yoshizo's defense. Jack eventually defeated Yoshizo, but his next opponent, Jinbei, used the same strategy, and Jack tried to inflict the ATK of "Red Dragon Archfiend" to both players to finish the Duel quickly, though Jinbei was able to hold on.

Red Dragon Archfiend and "Thor" clashed again in the official Duel between Team 5D's and Team Ragnarok, and this time "Thor" pulverized "Red Dragon Archfiend" with ease. Jack was eventually able to revive "Red Dragon Archfiend" and evolve it into "Red Nova Dragon", destroying "Thor" and defeating Dragan. Unfortunately, the effect of "Thor" revived it, and Brodor used it to destroy "Red Nova Dragon" in a Double KO, before reviving it to defeat Jack.

Jack quickly evolved "Red Dragon Archfiend" into "Red Nova Dragon" during his Duel with Lester in order to counter the anti-Synchro strategy of Team New World. He successfully defeated Lester and Primo, but they had lost on purpose to fuel Jakob's strategy, and Jakob defeated Jack and absorbed "Red Nova Dragon" with "Meklord Emperor Granel". The absorbed "Red Nova Dragon" was used against both Crow and Yusei before Yusei was able to destroy it with "Shooting Star Dragon". Yusei and Aporia later battled over possession of "Red Nova Dragon" and "Black-Winged Dragon", which Yusei eventually used alongside "Shooting Star Dragon" to destroy Aporia's "Meklord Astro Mekanikle".

Divine Temple[edit]

Jack Summoned "Red Dragon Archfiend" to combat Aporia again, but Leo's efforts to power it up resulted in Aporia destroying it. After Leo evened the odds with the final Signer Dragon, "Life Stream Dragon", Jack revived "Red Dragon Archfiend" and evolved it into "Red Nova Dragon" in order to deliver the final blow to "Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk". Jack later gave "Red Dragon Archfiend" to Yusei for his Duel against Z-one, and Yusei Summoned "Red Dragon Archfiend" during the first turn in order to combat Z-one's "Timelords", but "Red Dragon Archfiend" was removed from the field by "Kamion, the Timelord". Yusei later Summoned "Red Dragon Archfiend" again with "Speed Spell - Synchro Panic", and tuned it with the other Signer Dragons to Limit Over Accel Synchro Summon "Shooting Quasar Dragon". The energies of "Red Dragon Archfiend" were subsequently used in "Shooting Quasar Dragon's" attack against "Michion, the Timelord" and "Stardust Dragon's" attack against the final protection of "Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord".

Red Dragon Archfiend clashes with "Junk Warrior".

Yusei swiftly Synchro Summoned "Stardust Dragon" to once again clash with Jack's "Red Dragon Archfiend" during their Duel to decide their futures, and he symbolically sends them into the future with the effect of "Star Excursion". The two Signer Dragons return after three turns, and Yusei and Jack evolve them into their Cosmic Synchro Monster forms. After they destroyed one another in a Double KO, Jack revived "Red Dragon Archfiend" with the effect of "Red Cocoon", where it battled against "Junk Warrior" and was destroyed.


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