Red Millennium Puzzle pack (SDD)

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Red Millennium Puzzle pack
Red Millennium Puzzle pack
  • Red Millennium Puzzle pack
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
Video games

Red Millennium Puzzle pack

The Red Millennium Puzzle pack is a Booster Pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel. It is only available every fourth Sunday.

It is based on the Konami Selection set from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6: Expert 2, which is based on various real-world video game promotional cards.

Unlike Konami Selection, this set does not contain "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon", "Metalzoa", "Riryoku" or "Anti-Magic Fragrance". It also does not contain "The Winged Dragon of Ra", "Slifer the Sky Dragon" or "Obelisk the Tormentor", as they do not feature in Stairway to the Destined Duel. However it fails to remove "Kinetic Soldier", "Electromagnetic Bagworm", "Fairy King Truesdale" and "Rigorous Reaver", despite them not existing in the game. Instead they exist in this pack as glitch cards, capable of morphing into any other card in the game.


# Name Card type Property Attribute Type Level ATK DEF Rarity
0595 Dunames Dark Witch Monster LIGHT Fairy 4 1800 1050 Secret
0833 Seiyaryu Monster LIGHT Dragon 7 2500 2300 Secret
1045 Acid Trap Hole Trap Normal Ultra
0639 Alligator's Sword Dragon Monster WIND Dragon 5 1700 1500 Ultra
0870 Alpha The Magnet Warrior Monster EARTH Rock 4 1400 1700 Ultra
0011 Aqua Chorus Trap Continuous Ultra
0693 Bell of Destruction Trap Normal Ultra
0872 Beta The Magnet Warrior Monster EARTH Rock 4 1700 1600 Ultra
0734 Big Shield Gardna Monster EARTH Warrior 4 100 2600 Ultra
0378 Bright Castle Magic Equip Ultra
0362 Crush Card Trap Normal Ultra
0317 Cyber Shield Magic Equip Ultra
0318 Cyber-Tech Alligator Monster WIND Machine 5 2500 1600 Ultra
0294 Dark Sage Monster DARK Spellcaster 9 2800 3200 Ultra
0093 Exchange Magic Normal Ultra
0871 Gamma The Magnet Warrior Monster EARTH Rock 4 1500 1800 Ultra
0180 Garma Sword Monster DARK Warrior 7 2550 2150 Ultra
0181 Garma Sword Oath Magic Ritual Ultra
0597 Goblin Fan Trap Continuous Ultra
0600 Graceful Dice Magic Quick-Play Ultra
0681 Harpie's Feather Duster Magic Normal Ultra
0680 Harpie's Pet Dragon Monster WIND Dragon 7 2000 2500 Ultra
0147 Insect Armor with Laser Cannon Magic Equip Ultra
0066 Insect Queen Monster EARTH Insect 7 2200 2400 Ultra
0233 Kunai with Chain Trap Equip Ultra
0877 Magic-Arm Shield Trap Normal Ultra
0320 Mesmeric Control Magic Normal Ultra
0957 Metalmorph Trap Equip Ultra
0278 Negate Attack Trap Counter Ultra
0334 Salamandra Magic Equip Ultra
0208 Seal of the Ancients Magic Normal Ultra
0466 Sebek's Blessing Magic Quick-Play Ultra
0218 Sinister Serpent Monster WATER Reptile 1 300 250 Ultra
0016 Skull Dice Trap Normal Ultra
0664 Slate Warrior Monster WIND Fiend 4 1900 400 Ultra
1044 Sword of Dragon's Soul Magic Equip Ultra
0352 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior Monster EARTH Rock 8 3500 3850 Ultra
0793 Vorse Raider Monster DARK Beast-Warrior 4 1900 1200 Ultra
0722 Widespread Ruin Trap Normal Ultra
0049 Windstorm of Etaqua Trap Normal Ultra
0588 Zoa Monster DARK Fiend 7 2600 1900 Ultra
Glitch card ("Kinetic Soldier") Ultra
Glitch card ("Electromagnetic Bagworm") Ultra
Glitch card ("Fairy King Truesdale") Ultra
Glitch card ("Rigras Leever") Ultra