Red Paint Lottery

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Red Paint Lottery
Red Paint Lottery
EnglishRed Paint Lottery


Game details
GameShadow Game
Winner(s)Dark Yugi
LocationZTV studio
Chapters42: ""Get the Million!!""

Red Paint Lottery was a Shadow Game between Dark Yugi and a ZTV technician, who played on behalf of the ZTV director.

It was a game of 50-50 chance, where each player pulled a rope, one of which was tied to an overhead paint can.


Prior events[edit]

Jonouchi took part in The Get the Million Game, but Yugi overheard that the game was rigged for Jonouchi to lose and the studio were using his sad story and failure in the game to boost ratings.

Yugi switched to Dark Yugi who followed the producer and technician backstage and saw that the technician was going to push a button when Jonouchi played The Wheel of Fate, which would force him to lose.

The game[edit]

Dark Yugi took two ropes hanging from a scaffolding and challenged the director to a game. One of the ropes was tied to the handle of a paint can, while the other rested under the can. Dark Yugi showed them the setup and explained that each player ties a rope to their hand and pulls when the signal is given. The director tried to shoo him away, but Dark Yugi threatened to report that the game was rigged if they did not play.

The director told the technician to take a rope. He choose the one on the left and tied it to his hand. When the two players pulled their ropes, the paint bucket which was on the technician's rope came down and landed on the technician's head.


The technician was unable to push the button that rigged the game with the bucket on his head, so the director tried doing it himself. However the switchboard had been covered in the paint from the bucket, preventing the director who only knew the button by its color from pressing it. With the game unrigged, Jonouchi was able to win the million yen.

Dark Yugi also inflicted the "Mind on Air" Penalty Game on the director, causing yen symbols (¥) to appear in his eyes. The director then ran out on set and started ordering viewers to sent him their money.

Before Jonouchi cashed in his check, the studio went bankrupt making the check worthless. Despite Dark Yugi's attempts to help his friend, he ended up only making things turn out just the opposite; if he had not given the director a Penalty Game, Jonouchi would have been able to get the money he won.