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"Reptilianne Gorgon" with two "Reptilianne Tokens" in the artwork of "Reptilianne Spawn".
"Reptilianne Gorgon" with two "Reptilianne Tokens" in the artwork of "Reptilianne Spawn".
  • レプティレス
  • Reputiresu (romanized)
  • Reptiless (translated)
  • Reptile (anime)
  • Reptilia
  • Reptilianisch
  • Rettiliano
  • 레프티레스
  • Repeutireseu (romanized)
  • Reptiless (translated)
  • Reptiliana
  • Reptílico/a
Anime appearances

"Reptilianne", known as "Reptiless" (レプティレス Reputiresu) in the Japanese version and "Reptile" during their first appearance in the dubbed anime, is an archetype of Reptile monsters used by Misty Tredwell in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

This archetype's members are DARK monsters (with the exception of the WATER "Reptilianne Gardna") that focus on reducing the opponent's monsters' ATK to 0, using defensive effects to maintain field presence, and taking advantage of monsters whose ATK is 0. The theme and strategy of this archetype is similar to those of the "Gorgonic" archetype.



Most "Reptilianne" monsters resemble feminine snake-people or pseudo-reptiles in appearance.


Most "Reptilianne" monsters are named after mythological reptilian and snake-like creatures, often from Indian or Greek mythology. The rest are named after real-life snakes.

Reptilianne Origin
Coatl Quetzalcoatl
Echidna Echidna
Gorgon Gorgon
Hydra Lernaean Hydra
Lamia Lamia
Medusa Medusa
Melusine Melusine
Naga Nāga


Nyami Nyami Nyami
Scylla Scylla
Vaskii Vasuki
Viper Viperidae

Playing style[edit]

In an offensive "Reptilianne" Deck, the effects of most of the "Reptilianne" monsters will deal with draining the ATK of opposing monsters. First, a card like "Reptilianne Naga" is used to reduce a monster's ATK to 0. This is followed up with "Reptilianne Scylla"/"Reptilianne Vaskii" to gain field advantage, or "KA-2 Des Scissors"/"Masked Chopper" to deal great damage. Alternately, "Reptilianne Viper", a Level 2 Tuner, can take your opponent's 0-ATK monster for a Synchro Summon, and when combined with "Reptilianne Spawn", will allow you to easily Synchro Summon for almost any Level. "Reptilianne Gardna" and "Oshaleon" are used to recruit whichever Reptiles you need. "Dark Eruption" and "Viper's Rebirth" quickly retrieve spent "Nagas", "Gorgons", and "Medusas" for a quick ATK drain. "Recurring Nightmare" brings "Vaskii" and "Naga" back for re-use or to fulfill the Summoning requirements of "Dark Armed Dragon".

Another Deck uses "Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes" and "Rise of the Snake Deity". When "Vennominon" is destroyed by an effect, you can bring out "Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes". You can then use the effects of "Reptilianne" cards to reduce the ATK of opposing monsters to 0, creating openings for "Vennominaga" to inflict damage and gain Hyper-Venom Counters. "Reptilianne Naga" and "Reptilianne Gardna" can tank attacks while you set up "Rise of the Snake Deity". "Limit Reverse" and "Viper's Rebirth" revive "Vennominon" and trigger "Rise of the Snake Deity", or you can Tribute Summon it with "Reptilianne Spawn" and follow up with "Offering to the Snake Deity" to clear the field. "Limit Reverse" can also revive "Naga" for ramming, and "Viper's Rebirth" triggers the effect of "Gardna" quickly. You can take advantage of damage you receive with "Damage = Reptile", or block it with "Spirit Barrier".

Recommended cards[edit]


Reducing your opponent's monster to 0 ATK with "Gorgon" or "Naga" is usually damaging to your Life Points (without help from Spirit Barrier or something similar). Furthermore, the archetype has few options against a Burn Deck that does not use monsters, aside from giving the opponent Tokens for "Masked Chopper" to destroy.