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"Chain Resonator", "Dark Resonator", "Synchron Resonator" and "Mirror Resonator" with "Influence Dragon"
  • リゾネーター
  • Rizonētā (romanized)
  • Diapason
  • Resonator
  • Diapason
  • 레조네이터
  • Rejoneiteo (romanized)
  • Ressonador
  • Resonador
Anime appearances

"Resonator" is an archetype of Fiend Tuner monsters used by Jack Atlas and his imposter in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, as well as his alternate universe counterpart in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. Their effects are centered around being useful towards Synchro Summoning and stalling. With the exception of DIVINE, there is at least one "Resonator" for each Attribute. Most of these monsters wield a tuning fork and a mallet.

In the anime, "Clock Resonator" is the only Machine "Resonator", although it was changed to a Fiend when released in the OCG. The first six "Resonator" monsters that were released in the OCG are each a different Attribute.


Level Resonator
1 Barrier, Chain, Double, Mirror, Synkron
2 Crimson, Force, Red
3 Clock, Creation, Dark, Flare, Net

Playing style[edit]

Earlier "Resonator" monsters typically have Defensive protection effects that protects them from being destroyed by battle or card effects. Later "Resonator" monsters have swarming-related effects revolving around controlling high-Level and/or DARK Dragon Synchro Monsters.

"Crimson Resonator" and "Red Rising Dragon" both provide great swarming capacity to "Resonator" monsters, but restricts the player to only summoning DARK Dragon Synchro Monsters from the Extra Deck the turn their effects are activated. Because of this, current "Resonator" Decks (that take advantage of "Crimson Resonator" and "Red Rising Dragon") are typically combined with the "Red Dragon Archfiend" archetype, and focus solely on RDA boss monsters.

Within the "RDA-Resonator" Deck, "Crimson Resonator" and "Red Rising Dragon" are, as mentioned, both important swarm enablers to the strategy. "Resonator Call" is the main searcher Spell for the "Resonator" archetype, while "Resonator Command" is the Deck's secondary Fiend-general searcher Spell (which requires discarding a "Resonator"). The latter is typically used to search for the Level 4 non-Tuner monster "Wandering King Wildwind", who can Special Summon itself (to help make "Red Rising Dragon") and search for follow-up in the GY.

Recommended cards[edit]