Rex Raptor (The Sacred Cards and Reshef of Destruction)

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Rex Raptor
Rex Raptor
English name
  • Rex Raptor
Japanese translatedDinosaur Ryuzaki
Japanese name
RōmajiDainasō Ryūzaki
Other language names
Rex Raptor
Rex Raptor
Rex Raptor
Rex Raptor
  • Male
Appears in
Game Boy Advance
Raptor, Rex

Rex Raptor, known as Dinosaur Ryuzaki in the Japanese version, is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction. This is a video game depiction of Dinosaur Ryuzaki from the manga and Rex Raptor from the anime.


The Sacred Cards[edit]

Rex took part in the Battle City tournament. While many participants scattered throughout the city at the beginning of the tournament, Rex decided to stay put in the Clock Tower Square. He mocked the others for scurrying and said he was holding his ground, as his proud Dinosaur Deck was not for hiding.

Rex defeated at least one generic Duelist, before losing a Locator Card in a Duel with the player. When the player approached him afterwards, he asked if the player had come to laugh at him.

  • If the player responded with "yes", Rex said "so much for gamesmanship" and did not accept further challenges.
  • If the player responded with "no", Rex accepted further challenges and said that the player had better make it to the finals, since the player had beaten him.

The player spoke to Rex when looking for Joey Wheeler and Tea Gardner, after they were taken captive by the Ghouls, and Rex said he would let him know if he heard anything.

Reshef of Destruction[edit]


The Sacred Cards[edit]

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF Qty
011 Sword Arm of Dragon MonsterEarth Dinosaur6 1750 2030 1
082 Red-Eyes B. Dragon MonsterFiend Dragon7 2400 2000 1
105 Tomozaurus MonsterEarth Dinosaur2 500 400 3
116 Nightmare Scorpion MonsterEarth Insect3 900 800 3
167 Ancient Jar MonsterEarth Rock1 400 200 3
185 Eyearmor MonsterEarth Warrior2 600 500 3
237 Haniwa MonsterEarth Rock2 500 500 3
338 Mooyan Curry Magic 3
394 Steel Scorpion MonsterForest Machine1 250 300 3
399 Swordsman from a Foreign Land MonsterEarth Warrior1 250 250 3
410 Mechanical Spider MonsterForest Machine2 400 500 3
516 Muka Muka MonsterEarth Rock2 600 300 3
635 Queen's Double MonsterEarth Warrior1 350 300 3
687 Goblin Fan Trap 1
688 Bad Reaction to Simochi Trap 1
690 Fake Trap Trap 3

Reshef of Destruction[edit]


The following cards can be won from Rex by the ante rule, provided the player does not wager a low-level ante card. The chance of winning a card is indicated by the "%" (chance out of 100) and "2048th" (chance out of 2048) columns.

The Sacred Cards[edit]

The first time the player Duels Rex, he only antes the following card:

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF % 2048th
011 Sword Arm of Dragon MonsterEarth Dinosaur6 1750 2030 99.95 2047

When the player Duels Rex later, he can ante any of the following cards:

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF % 2048th
032 Two-Headed King Rex MonsterEarth Dinosaur4 1600 1200 11.13 228
079 Megazowler MonsterEarth Dinosaur6 1800 2000 11.13 228
080 Uraby MonsterEarth Dinosaur4 1500 800 11.13 228
081 Crawling Dragon #2 MonsterFiend Dinosaur4 1600 1200 11.13 228
218 Two-Mouth Darkruler MonsterFiend Dinosaur3 900 700 11.08 227
331 Wasteland Magic 11.08 227
568 Anthrosaurus MonsterEarth Dinosaur3 1000 850 11.08 227
570 Trakadon MonsterEarth Dinosaur3 1300 800 11.08 227
573 Little D MonsterEarth Dinosaur3 1100 700 11.08 227

Reshef of Destruction[edit]