Rinnosuke Nanahoshi

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Rinnosuke Nanahoshi
Rinnosuke Nanahoshi
  • Rinnosuke Nanahoshi
Japaneseななほし りんすけ
Base七星 凛之介
Furiganaななほし りんのすけ
RōmajiNanahoshi Rinnosuke
  • Male
Ranze Nanahoshi (twin sister)[1]
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationStudent Council
  • Duelist
DeckFlower Fang
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 001: "Let's Go! Rush Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Chiaki Kobayashi[2]
Nanahoshi, Rinnosuke

Rinnosuke Nanahoshi (ななほし りんすけ Nanahoshi Rinnosuke)[3] is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is a student at Goha 7th Elementary, and the secretary of the Student Council. He and his twin Ranze assist Gakuto Sogetsu in enforcing the rules at the school.



Full-body view of Rinnosuke.

Rinnosuke is a bespectacled fair-skinned boy with hazel eyes and orange hair in a severe hairstyle. He dresses smartly in a grey waistcoat and green sleeveless, neck-less topover a white shirt, blue tie, and grey shorts, with knee-length blue socks and brown slip-on shoes. Rinnosuke wears rectangular spectacles with a red half-frame.

When Gakuto Duels using Sogetsu Style, Rinnosuke dons Kuroko stagehand clothing; a charcoal veil with a black band, a grey top and pants, black tunic and shoes, and a red sash.[4] He also wears it when aiding Romin in cooking.[5]

After being transferred to Goha 6th Elementary, Rinnosuke wears their uniform; a largely blue tracksuit with a white trim and the character for "6" emblazoned on the back in red. While laboring at the Abandoned Dorm, Rinnosuke also wears a white hard-hat and gloves, and a white scarf loosely around his neck, as well as black boots.


Rinnosuke is very devoted to Gakuto and his duties, and he fiercely defends their relationship when he perceives Yuga as mocking them. He attempts to convince Gakuto to abandon his interest in Rush Dueling and return to his duties, showing satisfaction at the notion that Gakuto would not being dealing with Yuga and his friends again.[4] However, he comes to like Rush Dueling and aids in efforts to prevent Yuga from being disqualified during his Duel with Roa Kirishima, while also reasoning that they should assist him against Nail Saionji due to the matter affecting all of them. He confides to Ranze that he likes how lively Gakuto has seemed since meeting Yuga.

Rinnosuke looks up to his twin sister Ranze, though he also gently teases her over her crush on Yuga. However he is embarrassed by his sister's tendency to fall in love for boys and obsess over them, and when Ranze turns on their group to take the place of Galient Tazaki after falling for him, he is motivated not only to bring his sister to her senses, but also to prevent his friends from discovering her true motivations for fear of embarrassment. Ironically, Rinnosuke ends up falling for Romin in a similar manner to his sister falling for Yuga and Galient when she compliments him.


Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Rinnosuke and Ranze accompanied Gakuto as he interrogated and lectured Yuga Ohdo for his numerous penalties and attempts to install new Dueling rules into his Duel Disk. Class interrupted Gakuto before he could finish, so he told Yuga to meet them after school. However, Yuga did not show up, though Gakuto spotted him leaving with Luke and left to look for him without Rinnosuke and Ranze.[6]

Rinnosuke and Ranze joined Gakuto to watch Yuga and Luke's Rush Duel during recess the next day. After Luke used his power to deactivate everyone's phones, Rinnosuke and Ranze provided Gakuto with textbooks to assist him in explaining the Pauli effect to everyone present. Rinnosuke also looked up the Rush Duel on the internet after Yuga revealed he'd livestreamed the Duel.[7]

After Yuga dragged Gakuto out of the office one day, Rinnosuke and Ranze held an intervention for Gakuto, convincing him to focus on his duties rather than Rush Dueling. Yuga instead suggested that he and Gakuto Rush Duel to settle the matter; Rush Dueling would be prohibited if Gakuto won, but allowed if Yuga won and Gakuto would have to step down as Student Council President. Rinnosuke was shocked by the wager, but Gakuto had to focus on his duties for most of the day, with Rinnosuke and Ranze supporting him. Despite this, Gakuto still honored his promise to Duel Yuga and Rinnosuke and Ranze assisted Gakuto for his Sogetsu Style Dueling; Rinnosuke played Gakuto's cards for him. As Ranze and Gakuto began arguing, Yuga started laughing, angering Rinnosuke as he believed Yuga was mocking him. Yuga clarified he was enjoying the Duel and he encouraged Gakuto to enjoy the Duel, and Gakuto took his cards from Ranze and Dueled on his own; Rinnosuke and Ranze explaining his card effects for him. Yuga was able to defeat Gakuto despite Gakuto Summoning "Yameruler". As he had promised, Gakuto stepped down as Student Council President, but to Rinnosuke's joy, won the emergency election and returned to his duties.[4]

Rinnosuke and Ranze went to the RoaRomin concert in Seven Hells Hall and leapt onto the stage to play Gakuto's cards when he Dueled Romin Kirishima, though Gakuto reminded them he was using Neo Sogetsu Style now. They instead cheered for Gakuto from the sidelines, but he was defeated after Romin entered a state of frenzied hunger due to the catering provided by Menzaburo Oomori, Nick Yagi and Sushiko Maki.[8] After the Duel, Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko apologized to Gakuto for their role in his loss and Romin tried to convince Yuga not to Duel Roa Kirishima, though still accepted Roa's challenge. As Roa Dueled, Rinnosuke noted how Roa's actions differed from his earlier words. During the Duel it was revealed that Yuga's ace monster "Sevens Road Magician" had been given to him by a Duelist who was disqualified from the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament, and Roa suggested the Duelist had been disqualified because "Sevens Road Magician" was an illegal card. Although Gakuto initially doubted Yuga, Luke convinced him that he wouldn't cheat and Gakuto agreed that someone who didn't respect rules wouldn't want to make new ones, much to Rinnosuke's joy. Luke rallied them to search for information on "Sevens Road Magician", and Rinnosuke suggested asking the students of Goha 7th Elementary. He and Ranze rung Riku Endo and Katsu Kobayakawa among other students, but were unable to find any information on "Sevens Road Magician", and Rinnosuke returned to the stage with Gakuto and Menzaburo to report their failure to Luke.[9] Yuga drew "Sevens Road Magician", which would result in his disqualification, but then a Relic emerged from the ground and projected Otes, the Duelist who had given Yuga "Sevens Road Magician". The Newspaper Club then arrived with footage proving Otes had been disqualified for being a Goha employee and "Sevens Road Magician" was confirmed to be legal. Yuga and Roa continued their Duel with the title of King of Duels on the line. To Rinnosuke's shock, Roa was able to reduce Yuga to 500 LP, though Yuga was able to comeback and defeat Roa. After the Duel, the Relic sank back into the ground.[10]


Gakuto asked for Rinnosuke and Ranze's assistance in helping Romin cook curry rice for Luke. Rinnosuke and Ranze assembled the necessary ingredients for Romin, though Romin's inexperience at cooking led to a dust explosion, forcing Rinnosuke to brush Gakuto down. Gakuto had the twins micromanage Romin cooking the rice and they managed to successfully cook that, but they were required to step in again to help with the curry, especially after Romin accidentally put gunpowder in the curry, covering the twins. Romin eventually produced a blue curry, which Ranze suggested she try first to spare them the taste, though Romin proclaimed it delicious and served the Student Council portions each. Before the apprehensive Student Council could try the curry, Yuga and Luke arrived and Luke smelled the curry and devoured Gakuto's portion, also calling it delicious and declaring himself moved by the curry. Rinnosuke finally tried the curry himself, admitted he had worried it would taste as strange as it looked. After Luke dubbed it "Dragias Curry" due to the color, Romin added more spices to the curry to simulate the second attack of "Dragias the Striking Dragon", but instead she filled the entire apartment with blue curry.[5]

Some time afterwards, Rinnosuke received a penalty on his Duel Disk.[11] Rinnosuke and Ranze went to the Road Laboratory, where Yuga explained that they and all his other friends had been penalized due to his challenge by Goha Duel Overseer Nail Saionji to retrieve the data of Kaizo, and if anyone in Yuga's group of friends lost a Duel, they would all be penalized and their accounts deleted if they received six penalties. The penalty had occurred when Mimi Atachi was defeated by her son Yoshio, as Mimi had inadvertently become considered one of Yuga's friends. Despite the circumstances, everyone present agreed to help Yuga, given that all of their accounts were on the line as Rinnosuke pointed out, but then Yuga, Luke and Gakuto were dropped into a pit leading to the Garden of Providence, with Romin and Menzaburo Oomori also falling in.[12]

After Rinnosuke received another penalty on his Duel Disk, Gakuto later requested Rinnosuke and Ranze's aid in finding information on Maximum Summoning, which Nail had used to defeat Yuga, but they were all unable to find anything; Ranze pointing out that if the Summoning method was as new as Gakuto claimed there was likely very little information on it. To Rinnosuke's surprise, Gakuto suddenly had an epiphany and rushed off, leaving Rinnosuke and Ranze at Goha 7th Elementary. Rinnosuke later received three more penalties on his Duel Disk.[13] Rinnosuke's penalties were later erased after Yuga defeated Nail.[14]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Rinnosuke and Ranze were assigned to cover Student Council work for Gakuto while he attended the Rush Duel Training Camp, and to join him once it was complete on the third day. As they ran to the Training Camp they discussed how Gakuto had left them to do the work and Yuga's influence on Gakuto, and Ranze's overly-detailed notations of Yuga's flaws led Rinnosuke to realize that his sister had a crush on Yuga. Rinnosuke then heard the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club working nearby, and he explained who they were to Ranze. Ranze accidentally fell into the pit after the Heavy Cavalry students mentioned they had dealt with other Goha 7th Elementary students, forcing Rinnosuke to reveal himself as well. One of the students, Galient Tazaki, asked them why they were listening, and though Rinnosuke tried to defuse the situation, Galient refused to let them past unless they Dueled him, but they would have to join the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club if they lost. Ranze refused, prompting Galient to accuse them of cowardice, much to Rinnosuke's anger, and Ranze accepted his challenge, Rinnosuke holding her cards for her as she Dueled with Sogetsu style. Ranze started with her usual cautious strategy, but Galient's "Drilling Mandrill" proved to be the perfect counter to it and Ranze only barely survived the turn by changing Galient's monsters to Defense Position. Ranze was able to Summon two copies of "Flower Fang Kunoichi Etranzer", though Galient believed she would be unable to damage his LP that turn. Ranze and Rinnosuke proved him wrong by using "Greater Piercing!!" to allow her "Etranzer" to inflict piercing battle damage, though she was unable to defeat Galient that turn. Galient was able to revive "Drilling Mandrill" on his next turn and flip "Etranzer" face-down, defeating Ranze with the effect of "Mandrill", and he welcomed the twins to the Heavy Cavalry Club.[15]

Rinnosuke and Ranze were forced to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary and were claimed to be on vacation at the hot springs with their family.[16][17] They accompanied the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to the old Goha 6th Elementary campus to expose the Dark Rush Duel Tournament, but they were not allowed to contact Gakuto and the other 7th Elementary students who had been caught as well until Asana Mutsuba defeated Yuga with a Maximum Summon, and they tearfully ran over to reunite with Gakuto, explaining how they had also been forced to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary.[17]

The harsh morning ritual at the beginning of the school day at Goha 6th proved to be not to Gakuto's tastes, and he complained that it would impair his Student Council duties, only to be reminded by Galient that he was no longer a Student Council President and sending him into a spasm that Rinnosuke dubbed "Presidency Withdrawal Syndrome". Ranze snapped Gakuto out of his daze by hitting him with "Fiendish Commander Yameruler", though in her desperation she forgot to use honorifics when she did until Rinnosuke reminded her, though Gakuto still thanked her regardless for reminding him he was still the heir to Sogetsu Style. Yuga asked Rinnosuke and Ranze about what Galient had been looking for when they found him, and at the end of the school day decided to challenge them to a Rush Duel. Gakuto challenged Galient to avenge Ranze's loss, managing to gain an early lead with "Yameruler", but Galient changed it face-down to dispel its effect. Galient then revived "Shield Boring Kong" instead of "Drilling Mandrill", destroying "Yameruler" and gaining ATK as Galient attacked Gakuto's "Mountain Hermit Yur" instead, sending Gakuto into another seizure. Fortunately Gakuto was able to change "Shield Boring Kong" to Defense Position, and Gakuto defeated Galient on his next turn, destroying Galient's Heavy Cavalry GG03, and Galient left Goha 6th Elementary as a result. However, Asana prevented them from leaving and sent them to the Abandoned Dorm due to Yuga and Kaizo distributing Roads across the campus that she viewed as stomping on their traditions, though Yuga explained that he'd wanted to be sent there to uncover the secrets of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club in the mine at the dorm.[18]

While they worked at the mine, Galient joined them in their labors, having decided to start from the basics. When they broke for lunch, Yuga explained to them that the high security only applied to them, but not to Sebastian and Kaizo, who he had sent to find Nail to ask where Asana had received her Maximum Monsters while disguising Roads as them, though they had to stop the oblivious Luke from trying to get a massage from Sebastian. Later that day an alarm went off, causing the group to realize that Kaizo and Sebastian had escaped successfully, and Rinnosuke and his friends seized their chance to escape into the mine, using their Duel Disk lights to see in the darkness.[19] As they moved through the mine, Yuga revealed that he was using Kaizo's spare parts to trace their steps, though it was to no avail as Luke had been thoughtlessly picking them up to make a monster. They soon began to tire, though fortunately Hunt arrived with Kaizo, having been sent by Nail to help them find a cache of prototype Duel Disks buried in the outskirts of Goha City that Nail theorized could explain Asana's Maximum. To Rinnosuke's confusion, Hunt began sniffing around, which Gakuto explained was how his excavation ability worked, and his sneeze opened an underground hallway.[20]

As they headed down the hallway, Ranze slipped in a puddle, much to Rinnosuke's alarm, though Yuga was able to catch her and Rinnosuke noticed that his sister was becoming infatuated again. The hallway led them to the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum, where Chevelle, Trapigeon and an exhausted Galient were waiting for them. Galient challenged them to a Duel to prevent them from passing with his place at Goha 6th Elementary on the line, but he passed out and Ranze caught him, then challenged them in his place. Realizing that Ranze had fallen for Galient after he praised her as having a strong master, a mortified Rinnosuke asked to be allowed to Duel Ranze to prevent her from embarrassing herself, and Gakuto arranged for Luke to serve as his Sogetsu style attendant. Ranze gained an early lead with the effects of her "Flower Fang Festival Jasmines" by switching Rinnosuke's Set monsters to Attack Position and assembling three of her "Etranzer", though Rinnosuke was able to remain in the game. Terrified that his friends would realize Ranze's true motivations, he exploited Ranze's field to retrieve the monsters he needed to Summon and activate the effect of "Flower Fang Shinobi Gatring", destroying Ranze's "Etranzers" and depleting most of her LP, trying to make her realize that Yuga and Galient wouldn't fight over her and that she was just deluded by fantasy. Although Ranze was able to Tribute Summon "True Flower Fang Kunoichi Garrand" and revive two "Etranzer", Rinnosuke manipulated his "Gatring" using his Trap Cards to end the Duel in a DRAW, finally causing Ranze to realize that she was falling for boys without any consideration of their feelings. After the Duel, Rinnosuke reassured Ranze that they were in their struggles together and she apologized to him, but in an ironic twist of fate, Rinnosuke began crushing on Romin after she praised his kindess.[3] As there had been no victor, Chevelle insisted on another Duel, and Luke accepted his challenge as he felt responsible for falling for Asana's trap, though Trapigeon ended up Dueling Luke instead of Chevelle, his Trap Cards quickly putting pressure on Luke. Fortunately Chevelle and Trapigeon began arguing after Chevelle made a move on his own and Luke was eventually able to snap out of his funk and Tribute Summon "Miragias the Fantastriking Dragon" and defeat Trapigeon as a result of Chevelle's error, allowing the group to continue on.[21]

Rinnosuke and his friends finally reached the mine, where Hunt quickly uncovered a prototype Duel Disk. As Yuga and Hunt dug up enough prototype Duel Disks for Yuga to extract three Duel ID cards and add them to his Deck, Rinnosuke and Ranze asked if it wasn't strange that Maximum Monsters could be found in the Duel Disks, and Gakuto and Yuga explained to them how Maximum Monsters had been created originally, theorizing that Asana had likely created her own Maximum with Duel ID cards from the mine. Asana and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club then arrived and she confirmed Yuga's theory, informing them that most of the Duel ID cards in the Duel Disks couldn't be used due to their age. Asana challenged Yuga to another Duel, agreeing to allow the students of Goha 6th Elementary to Rush Duel freely if she lost as she had when they last Dueled, but with the condition that Rush Dueling would be banned at all elementary schools in Goha City if she won. Yuga was barely able to fend off "Wurm Ex-Cavator", and Asana revealed that she knew Yuga was planning on using "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree" against her and urged him to Summon it, though Yuga confirmed that he'd added the three Duel ID cards to his Deck and was gambling on being able to recreate "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road". To Rinnosuke's joy, Yuga succeeded in drawing and Maximum Summoning "Magnum Over Road", and Rinnosuke celebrated the ATK it was able to gain when Yuga powered it up and attacked "Wurm Ex-Cavator". However, Asana was able to make the ATK of their Maximum Monsters equal, and as they destroyed one another Asana and Yuga's Maximum cards began to disintegrate; Gakuto ruling that whoever's Maximum was destroyed first would take the ATK of the other.[22] Eventually the two Maximums disintegrated at the same time, allowing the Duel to continue, but as Asana pushed Yuga into a corner, her Heavy Cvaalry R6 began to break down due to its parts no longer being in production; Asana had made a deal with the Goha Corporation to have the parts remanufactured if she was able to crush Rush Dueling. Yuga was able to survive and bring out "Steeltek Deity Mirror Innovator", which could increase its ATK based on the Levels of the cards that shared its Type in his Graveyard, though Rinnosuke noted that the Machine "Magnum over Road" cards weren't in Yuga's Graveyard. Fortunately Yuga was able to change the Type of "Mirror Invader" to Spellcaster and strengthen it that way, defeating Asana and destroyed R6 despite the efforts of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. After the Duel, Yuga uncovered a room containing R0, a mobile Duel Device created by Mutsuba Heavy Machinery that had been modified by its creators, convincing Asana to accept Rush Duels and the idea of modification.[23]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

As a result of Asana's defeat, Rinnosuke and his friends were allowed to return to Goha 7th Elementary, but he and Gakuto were shocked to find the Student Council had become disheveled while they were away. As he suggested they help fix the mess, he noticed Ranze staring off into the distance and had to encourage her to assist them.[24] Ranze eventually confided to Rinnosuke that she intended to leave the Student Council and the Sogetsu Style, as she believed she was holding Gakuto back, and though Rinnosuke was aware that she was simply seeing the situation more dramatically than usual again, he allowed his sister to make her own decision, though he questioned it after she told Gakuto and he challenged her to a Rush Duel over the situation. Rinnosuke, Yuga and Romin attended the Duel, and Rinnosuke was mortified by his sister's mocking of Gakuto throughout the Duel as she gained an advantage over him, eventually confiding his sister's dramatic tendencies to Yuga, Romin and Gakuto. Gakuto was able to make a comeback and bring out a new ace monster, "Demonic Hermit Vessel Icezark", finally causing Ranze to realize that she had been wrong, and Rinnosuke returned her kuroko uniform to her that she had thrown away as Gakuto defeated her. Despite her loss and the fact that she had made her decision to leave Gakuto's service while she wasn't in her right mind, Ranze still did so, much to Rinnosuke's dismay.[25]

Gakuto, Romin and Luke entered the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal as Team Luke King Luke Kings, and Rinnosuke tailed Gakuto throughout the first day of the tournament. He watched Yuga's Duel with Hunt, where Hunt Maximum Summoned "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix", a Maximum Monster he had created from Duel ID cards he had mined in Maximum Mountain, and was surprised when Ranze revealed she had offered her services to Nail following her departure. Yuga was able to defeat Hunt with his own new Maximum, "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", and after the Duel Rinnosuke told Ranze he was glad to see she was okay. Hunt then revealed he had been assisted in excavating the Duel ID cards that he had used by an individual called "Goha 66".[26]

Rinnosuke and his friends decided to investigate Goha 66; Yuga, Nail and Roa searching for any mention of them in the Goha Corporation database and Gakuto, Romin and Luke heading to Maximum Mountain on the second day of the tournament. Aware that they would likely need backup, Rinnosuke sent a message to Nick Yagi via arrow, sending him, Menzaburo, Sushiko, and the Newspaper and Post-Apocalyptic Clubs to aid Gakuto, Romin and Luke.[27]

Rinnosuke watched the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal between Gakuto and Yuga's team on the third day of the tournament. After Romin defeated Roa, Gakuto Dueled Nail, but to Rinnosuke's dismay he adopted a rapper-styled persona he dubbed "Gakuting" in an attempt to win Ranze back to his side. As a result of his actions, Rinnosuke believed that Gakuto had brought shame to Sogetsu Style and would have to be removed from the style, telling Gakuto so as he supported him after "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree" pushed him into a corner. The power in the arena suddenly went out and once it returned, Gakuto vowed to Duel in a way that would not shame his family, requesting Rinnosuke's assistance in redressing in his kimono. Gakuto almost managed to defeat "Yggdrago" by powering up his "Demonic Hermit Vessel Kachisuzaku", but Nail prevented the destruction of "Yggdrago" and destroyed all of Gakuto's monsters on his next turn. Facing with a direct attack from "Yggdrago", Gakuto used "Refined Rulers - The Three Fiendish Commanders" to end the Duel in a DRAW. As Rinnosuke looked over Gakuto in concern, Ranze joined him at Gakuto's side and admitted he had Dueled in a distinguished manner. As she began to return to Nail, Rinnosuke asked if serving Sogetsu Style hadn't brought her immense pride, and to his joy she agreed that it had and asked to be released from Nail's service, returning to Gakuto and Rinnosuke.[28]


Rinnosuke uses a Flower Fang Deck composed of Plant monsters and a high number of Trap Cards. His strategies and Deck composition are very similar to his sister's; Setting monsters at the beginning of the Duel and playing defensively, but his ace monster "Flower Fang Shinobi Gatring" focuses on destroying his opponent's monsters rather than Ranze's strategy of Summoning multiple high-Level monsters.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Ranze Nanahoshi 36 DRAW


  1. A third copy of this card is sent from the hand to the GY to activate the effect of "Flower Fang Shinobi Gatring" in episode 36.
  2. A third copy of this card is sent from the Deck to the GY by the effect of "Flower Fang Oni Yuri" in episode 36.


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