Risa Hayami

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Risa Hayami
Risa Hayami
  • Risa Hayami
RōmajiHayami Risa
  • Female
  • Career
OrganizationSOL Technologies
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 14: "An Invitation"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
  • Rachel Slotky[1]
  • Chihiro Ikki[2]
Hayami, Risa

Risa Hayami (はや Hayami Risa)[3][notes 1] is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is a subordinate of Akira Zaizen at SOL Technologies.



Hayami is a thin, pale-skinned woman with green eyes. She has long light brown hair that she ties behind her ears with red hairclips, save two neck-length sidetails. She dresses in a charcoal suit with a white shirt and a pink tie.


Hayami has a crush on Akira Zaizen and is fiercely loyal towards him, going as far as to bombard Soulburner and The Gore with explosives to prevent Akira from being demoted again for failing to capture Flame.



Hayami joined SOL Technologies three years before the events of the series. She developed a crush on the chief of security, Akira Zaizen.

Knights of Hanoi[edit]

After Zaizen was demoted, Hayami served him coffee one day, but she spilled it by accident. Zaizen forgave her, and asked about her work history, but Hayami told him she had only been employed for three years.[2]

Hayami alerted Zaizen about Blue Angel Dueling a Knight of Hanoi. Zaizen was shocked to see this, and asked why Skye would even do this.[4] Zaizen and Hayami nervously watched the Speed Duel between Blue Angel and the Knight, Baira. After witnessing Blue Angel being slightly injured, Zaizen became worried that she would be Deleted again, and decided to log into LINK VRAINS and stop the Duel. Hayami stopped him and encouraged him to watch the Duel instead. To their relief, Blue Angel won, obtaining the cure for the Deleted from Baira.[5]

After the emergence of the Tower of Hanoi, Hayami alerted Zaizen about a footage of a Duel in LINK VRAINS. He came to the computer, finding that Skye was Dueling Specter, the Knight who had defeated Kitamura.[6] Although Hayami encouraged Zaizen to believe in Blue Angel, to their horror she was brutally defeated by Specter and badly injured, and Zaizen quickly left.[7]


Following the redistribution of Zaizen's staff and his return to director of security, Hayami was promoted to his assistant. Hayami admitted George Gore, Kenchi and Yozaka to Zaizen's office, telling them that the final Bounty Hunter had yet to arrive.[8] During a Speed Duel between two mysterious Duelists, one of whom held an Ignis, Hayami analyzed their cards, and found that they were Cyberse monsters, but that they did not exist in the SOL Tech database. She was shocked by the ability of the Ignis's Duelist to perform a Reincarnation Link Summon.[9]

After the Duel, The Shepherd came to Zaizen's office with the other Bounty Hunters. He and Gore quickly began butting heads, much to Hayami's discomfort, and she asked Zaizen if this was okay. Zaizen reassured her that he hadn't expected them to get along.[10] The Gore's team later found Playmaker and the other Duelist with an Ignis, who Hayami was able to identify as Soulburner. She celebrated The Gore's early lead over Soulburner, but began to worry that Zaizen would be demoted again if they failed.[11] Refusing to allow that to happen again, she unleashed a rain of traps on the Speed Duel, but to her shock, Gore blocked one of the blasts from hitting Soulburner. Zaizen heard Hayami gasp, and he took her tablet from her and saw what she'd done as Hayami sobbed that she didn't want him to be demoted again. Zaizen reassured her that he'd be fine and warned her not to interrupt a Duel before asking her to come to his office after the Duel. However, the Duel ended in Soulburner's victory.[12] Later, Hayami informed Zaizen that the research team that had been sent through the gate in the bottom of the Restricted Area had awoken.[13]

Playmaker and Soulburner were later lured into LINK VRAINS by a trap set by The Shepherd, and Zaizen noted that Shepherd had been able to alter the Ignis program. Hayami suggested that The Shepherd was fooling his allies to fool his enemies, but Zaizen remarked in amusement that he doubted Shepherd considered them allies. Hayami watched as Playmaker easily defeated Kenchi.[14] Later, Zaizen left for his office, leaving Hayami in charge. One of the staff found a potential clue in the search for the Ignis; a chat message from someone claiming to be the Earth Ignis, though Hayami dismissed it as a hoax. Zaizen returned from his meeting, asking if there had been any updates, and Hayami told him there had been none.[15]

Hayami assisted in monitoring The Gore's progress in his training, though she was worried for his health in initial tests and tried to have him see a doctor. Despite this, Gore eventually began winning his Duels against SOL Tech's virtual Playmaker, much to Hayami's amazement, though Zaizen wanted the experiments stopped as he believed Gore's health to be at risk. However, he was overruled by Queen.[16]

Hayami received word of the Ignis's location from the Knights of Hanoi and she rushed to tell Zaizen, who confirmed that he had seen it too. The message showed them Playmaker and Soulburner pursuing a Duelist with a new Ignis, and Zaizen ordered Hayami to have the Bounty Hunters sent to investigate. Hayami expressed concern that it might be a Hanoi trap, but Zaizen reminded her that was also the Hunters' job to investigate.[17]

Hayami continued to monitor The Gore's training, and she was impressed by his successive winrate against the virtual Playmaker even though the process was only 70% complete. Queen ordered The Gore to be sent to LINK VRAINS to capture the Earth and Water Ignis, and Hayami wound up having to tell Zaizen when he asked who had sent Gore to LINK VRAINS.[18] Hayami watched the Duel between Gore and the Earth Ignis nervously, as Zaizen pointed out that Gore was no longer the person that they knew. The Duel became too taxing on Gore's body, but he successfully acquired the Earth Ignis.[16] The Shepherd later stormed into Zaizen's office, despite Hayami's attempts to stop him, but Zaizen reassured Hayami that it was all right and dismissed her.[19]

Zaizen later began looking into LINK VRAINS' security protocols without the approval of his superiors, an action which concerned Hayami. Zaizen reassured her that it was necessary to prevent a calamity in LINK VRAINS.[20] As they checked the security protocols, LINK VRAINS was scanned by a powerful program that revealed a ghostly duplicate of LINK VRAINS, and Hayami wondered if this was the calamity that Zaizen had meant.[21] Zaizen left Hayami in charge, heading to LINK VRAINS to monitor the situation.[22] LINK VRAINS began to glitch and quake, preventing people from logging out; Hayami tried to access the program to log the users out, but someone had taken over the systems, preventing Hayami from doing so.[23] Hayami witnessed Blue Maiden's loss to Bohman, and Zaizen immediately ordered her to use all of SOL Technologies' resources to rescue her, but soon relented and ordered Hayami to help the users trapped in LINK VRAINS.[24]

An Ignis algorithm appeared in LINK VRAINS and began attacking the trapped users, removing their consciousness. Hayami monitored the situation, informing Zaizen that the number of logins had increased due to reports attracting curious people.[25] Zaizen explained that the algorithm was a Neuron Link and had Hayami prepare to log everyone out once he destroyed it. The Neuron Link was eventually deactivated, and Hayami swiftly ordered the remaining users logged out, calling desperately for Zaizen, but receiving no response.[26]


After Bohman's defeat, Zaizen was promoted to Executive Director of SOL Technologies for his role in saving LINK VRAINS, and he kept Hayami as his personal assistant. Hayami was enamoured with her superior's actions, watching the footage of them every day. She helped him oversee the sales of the SOLtiS androids, stating that they were selling amazingly, though Zaizen worried over the changes the SOLtiS were causing to society. Hayami claimed Zaizen didn't need to worry about that and compared his duties to a captain sailing his ship and stated she would accompany him on his journey, though Zaizen didn't understand her metaphor.[27]

Queen was attacked and left comatose while promoting the SOLtiS' on a cruise liner, and Hayami and Zaizen went to the scene of the crime. The ship's captain revealed that the culprit had left data behind claiming responsibility and showed them a message he had left.[27] The culprits were Ai and Roboppi, who claimed that they would come for Zaizen's code key in three days, which would give them control over SOL Technologies. Zaizen was called to an emergency meeting, and once he was finished, Hayami asked who he'd been meeting with. Zaizen explained he had been talking with the Kings, the company's three major stockholders, bitterly remarking that they had the power to instruct him however they felt. He enlisted Hayami's help in his protection in the real world, allying with Playmaker and his allies and the Knights of Hanoi, who gave Zaizen an anti-Ignis A.I., Pandor, to inhabit a SOLtiS. Hayami and Pandor watched over Zaizen and Skye's bodies while they were logged into Central Station on an airplane, while Playmaker, the Knights and their allies defended Zaizen from Ai and Roboppi in the network.[28][29] However, Ai was able to enter the plane physically, destroying the cargo door and putting Hayami to sleep as she recognized him as Queen's attacker, asking her if she really thought they would be able to evade him.[29]


  1. The full name was only shown spelled in Latin characters, so the kanji corresponding to "Risa" are unknown.


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