Romin Kirishima

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Romin Kirishima
Romin Kirishima
  • Romin Kirishima
Japaneseきりしま ロミン
Base霧島 ロミン
Furiganaきりしま ロミン
RōmajiKirishima Romin
  • Female
Roa Kirishima
  • Career
  • Education
SchoolGoda 7th Elementary
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 001: "Let's Go! Rush Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Tomori Kusunoki[1]
Kirishima, Romin

Romin Kirishima (きりしま ロミン Kirishima Romin) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. She is Yuga Ohdo's classmate, and a talented student and sportswoman who is the lead guitarist of RoaRomin, the Elementary School Band.[1] She often crosses paths with Yuga and his friends, despite not liking Dueling herself.



Full body view of Romin.

Romin is a slim young girl with purple hair and light blue eyes. She commonly wears several different outfits during the series. In her first and most advertised outfit, Romin wears a short-sleeved black top with exposed shoulders, a short dark red skirt with two brown belts around it that appear to hold a Deck case, lilac tights with a brown belt around her left thigh, and red and black heels. Regardless of outfit, Romin is often seen carrying her guitar over her shoulder in a black case emblazoned with her band's logo in gold.

Romin is seen in two other outfits that debuted during during "Nanananananana". Her third outfit she is seen wearing in the series is an orange top with exposed shoulders over a sleeveless black top, a short blue skirt, yellow tights, and lilac heeled shoes. The second is a cream hoodie with short sleeves and a green lining over a black shirt, ruffled black shorts, pink and purple striped stockings, and red wedge-heeled shoes, which she wore during her youth at a concert before its present day debut.

Romin in several different outfits for her music videos.

Romin has also been seen in a number of other outfits during her music videos.


Romin is much quieter and more aloof than Yuga and his friends, though she is easily flustered; when Yuga teases her over likely losing to him if they Rush Dueled, Romin was quick to claim that wouldn't be certain unless they tried, despite her claimed dislike for Dueling.[2][3] Romin also doesn't appear to like singing, though she defensively denies being incapable of doing so.[4] She is inquisitive, taking photos of Yuga, Gakuto and Rook talking about Rush Duels and later hiding in the underground chamber as Yuga installed his rules until Rook spotted her, although she claimed to only have been there to practice guitar. She seems to have an interest in Yuga and Rush Dueling, though it is unclear why.[2]

Although talented at most things she puts her mind to, Romin claims to not be interested in Dueling and she shows less knowledge of it than her friends. Despite her claims, she also demonstrates knowledge of some surprising facets of Dueling, though she quickly denies it when questioned by Rook.[2] Romin is very attached to her "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" card, keeping it in her guitar case as a good luck charm and despite her disinterest in Dueling, she enthusiastically sings a summoning chant for it when she Tribute Summons it for the first time. She later admits that while she isn't interested in Dueling, she enjoyed her Rush Duel with Yuga.[3]

Although she is famous in their school for her intelligence, athleticism and place in RoaRomin, Romin does not seem to let this get to her head; she politely thanks another student who congratulates her on RoaRomin's new song and accept's Kaizo's request for an autograph without question.[2][3]


Romin's surname means "Mist Island".[1]



Romin attended a live show for a guitarist who she looked up to. The guitarist threw a Duel Monsters card into the crowd during the show, "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", and Romin caught it. Although she wasn't interested in Dueling herself, she kept the card in her guitar case as a good luck charm.[3]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

After releasing a new song for RoaRomin, Romin noticed Yuga Ohdo and Gakuto Sogetsu talking about new Dueling rules at school one day. She spotted Rook spying on them and took photos of the group with her smartphone. After school that day, she apparently went to the roof of the building containing the Hologram Man's chamber to practice with her guitar, but eventually went to the basement where she found Yuga, Rook and Gakuto; the former two installing Yuga's Dueling rules into his Duel Disk. Her presence was noticed by Rook, and a Goha Corporation Drone warned them all that they would be penalized if they didn't close Yuga's Duel Disk. Rook deactivated the drone simply by touching it, much to Romin's surprise, but it soon reactivated. Romin suggested that Yuga could use Real-Time Duel Programming to install his rules, so Yuga challenged the Hologram Man to a Rush Duel. Romin demonstrated unfamiliarity with the different facets of Dueling, including the notability of Yuga repeatedly Summoning monsters and the legendary status of the Hologram Man's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". She watched as Yuga was able to come back with his ace monster, "Sevens Road Magician", defeating the Hologram Man and installing his Rush Duel rules. Romin took a photo of the installation, and watched as everyone's Duel Disks transformed into the form Yuga's had taken for Rush Dueling and the Hologram Man caused a path to appear.[2] Romin continued taking photos as Rook attempted to take the path (criticizing him for his quick decision alongside Gakuto), but Rook simply walked right into the Hologram Man's dais; the Hologram Man had simply created a holographic door. Romin asked what the King of Duels was, and Rook claimed that they dictated the rules of Duel Monsters and outlined an outlandish plan to get him and Yuga employed by the Goha Corporation. Romin and Gakuto were taken back by Rook's apparent belief in his plan.[5]

The next day at school, Yuga told his friends about Rush Dueling, prompting Rook to barge in and yank him under the desk to try to convince him to keep it a secret. Romin suggested that they settle their argument with a Duel, and she joined them outside to watch the Duel. Before they started, Rook used his power to deactivate everyone's phones and prevent them from recording the Duel. Romin watched the Duel with concern for Yuga, though he was able to survive Rook's attacks and bring out "Sevens Road". Romin was initially confused by Yuga's move, but watched in anticipation as Yuga set himself to win with the same move he'd used against the Hologram Man, only to fail to send enough Attributes to the Graveyard to power up "Sevens Road", leaving Rook with 100 LP. Rook defeated Yuga the next turn with his "Rush Dragon Dragears". As Rook told Yuga to keep his promise, Romin alerted them that everyone on the net was talking about their Rush Duel, though she denied responsibility for leaking it. Yuga revealed that he'd had the modified Drone from the previous night livestream the Duel, causing Romin to worry that her account would be banned. Rook came to believe that Yuga had let him win on purpose to show him the correct path to using Rush Duels, though Romin and Gakuto privately agreed that Yuga had probably lost for real.[5]

One morning, Romin took photos of Yuga and Rook discussing the removal of the Rush Dueling videos, suggesting that they hurry to avoid being late to school. Yuga, Rook and Gakuto later approached Yuga with one of Yuga's Roads, a lie detector, though it didn't work as planned. Yuga invited Romin to his Road Laboratory, and Romin agreed to come along after learning that Yuga had invented Rush Duels there. When they arrived, the modified Drone asked Romin for an autograph, and Romin asked Yuga who to sign it to; Yuga eventually named the Drone "Kaizo". Yuga showed Romin his various Roads, though he claimed his best was Rush Dueling. Romin declined the chance to try it, and Yuga claimed that she likely wouldn't have won anyway, annoying Romin enough to agree to Duel after Kaizo offered her a Duel Disk and Yuga lent her his spare Deck. Romin refused to let Kaizo store her guitar case away, taking "Prima Guitarna" from it and adding it to the Deck Yuga had given her for the Duel. Romin managed to draw "Prima Guitarna" on her first turn, but didn't draw enough low-Level monsters to Summon it, while Yuga was able to bring out "Sevens Road Magician" and reduce Romin to 1300 LP. On her next turn, Romin drew enough monsters to both Tribute Summon "Prima Guitarna" and empower both it and all of her monsters to the maximum, destroying all of Yuga's monsters and reducing him to 600 LP. Romin explained the card's history to them, asking Yuga how it felt to be on the other end of a comeback. Yuga was able to shuffle "Sevens Road Magician" back into his Deck and redraw it, before powering it up with its "Elemental Road" effect to destroy "Prima Guitarna" and defeat Romin. Romin was disappointed at losing the Rush Duel, but she admitted that she'd enjoyed it.[3]

Rook asked Romin to play a backing track for a Rush Dueling promo video, but revealed that he wanted Romin to sing as well when they told Gakuto about the video; Romin had been unaware of Rook's intentions and refused to sing. They managed to film without Gakuto's help; though Romin initially believed the video wouldn't attract much attention, she was proven wrong when Yuga used Kaizo to boost its like count. Yuga and Rook went to ask Gakuto about allocating time for Rush Dueling, but Gakuto revealed that he would be prohibiting Rush Dueling. Yuga instead suggested that Gakuto Rush Duel him to settle the matter. Rook added the condition that Gakuto had to step down if he lost, much to Romin's disapproval, and she and Yuga left Rook behind as he fantasised about becoming Student Council President himself. Gakuto took a while to show up; Romin noticed he was filling in on the school's rugby team, but he eventually returned to the Student Council Office to Duel Yuga. Romin watched the Duel, with Rook explaining more terminology to her. Despite being pushed into a corner, Yuga was able to bring out "Sevens Road Magician" using the effect of "Sevens Road Witch" and defeat Gakuto. As he had promised, Gakuto stepped down, but easily won his position back in the re-election.[4]

Romin spotted Yuga, Rook and Gakuto being interviewed by the Newspaper Club, and she approached her friends afterwards with concerns about the Club's integrity. Romin's fears were proven right when the Newspaper Club published an unflattering article about Rush Dueling the next day; she was quick to distance herself from her friends as she hadn't been involved in the interview. Despite this, she accompanied them to the Newspaper Club after school to request the article be changed, and when they refused, she and Yuga suggested Goha Corp could shut down the Club, freaking out Bakuro Shinjitsu, the Newspaper Club's chief. He suggested a Duel to decide the article's content, and Rook volunteered to Duel Bakuro. Before the Duel, Kaizo expressed appreciation for Nico's glasses and suggested Romin try them sometime; Romin asked Yuga to do something about the Drone, so Yuga took Kaizo away and tied him up. Romin was worried that Bakuro might win after he brought out three "News Flash Machine Toughroids", but Rook was able to destroy all of them and defeat Bakuro with "Rush Dragon Dragears". After the Duel, Romin cheekily "interviewed" Bakuro and the rest of the Newspaper Club, but Bakuro vowed to report the truth from then on and published an article praising Rush Dueling, though Romin was sickened to find that Rook had requested an image of him lording over Romin and the others.[6]


Romin does not own a Deck of her own, but she acquired "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" from a guitarist who she looked up to and kept the card as a good-luck charm. For her first Rush Duel, she uses Yuga's spare Spellcaster Deck, adding "Prima Guitarna" to it and focusing on Summoning it as quickly as possible to empower her monsters.



Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 3 Lose


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