Rose Dragon

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Rose Dragon
"Black Rose Dragon"
  • ローズ・ドラゴン
  • Rōzu Doragon (romanized)
  • Dragon Rose
  • Rosendrache
  • Drago Rosa
  • 로즈 드래곤
  • Rojeu Deuraegon (romanized)
  • Dragão da Rosa
  • Dragón de la Rosa
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"Rose Dragon" (ローズ・ドラゴン Rōzu Doragon) is an archetype of Dragon monsters based around "Black Rose Dragon", Akiza Izinski's signature card in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. It is a sub-archetype of the "Rose" archetype.

"Black Rose Dragon" appears as character in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena.


"Rose Dragon" monsters appear as black serpentine creatures, whose bodies are (appropriately enough) covered in thorns, leaves, and flower petals. Every member has in the name a color that can occur in Rose flowers, which matches the hue of its own petals (except "Black Rose", which has crimson petals instead).

Playing style[edit]

Despite being Dragons, "Rose Dragon" monsters are designed to synergize with Plant monsters. They focus on swarming the field and gaining advantage when used as Synchro Materials, as well as setting up the "Black Garden" Field Spell.

"White Rose Dragon" can Special Summon a "Rose Dragon" from the hand or GY when Normal Summoned, acting as a starter. It's second effect allows it to Special Summon itself from the hand if you control a Dragon or Plant Tuner monster, allowing it to also act as an extender. It's third effect sends a level 4 or higher Plant monster from the deck to the GY when used as Synchro Material, setting up further plays with cards such as "World Carrotweight Champion". "Red Rose Dragon" Special Summons a "Rose Dragon" from hand or deck when used as Synchro Material, acting as an extender, but if you used it to Synchro Summon "Black Rose Dragon" or a Plant Synchro Monster, then you also get to search "Frozen Rose" or "Blooming of the Darkest Rose". "Blue Rose Dragon" acts as recovery from the mass destruction effect of "Black Rose Dragon", allowing you to still have a monster after wiping the board.

The archetype also features a Link Monster, "Crossrose Dragon", which has a Quick Effect to Tribute itself and a Plant monster to Special Summon a "Rose"/Plant Synchro Monster from the Extra Deck, treating it as a Synchro Summon, allowing you to trigger the effect of "Black Rose Dragon" on the opponent's turn. "Crossrose's" second effect allows you to banish it from the GY to Special Summon a "Rose Dragon" from the GY when a monster(s) you control is destroyed, allowing further recovery from the effect of your own "Black Rose Dragon".

"Garden Rose Maiden is a level 5 Synchro Monster that can search "Black Garden" when Special Summoned, or banish itself from the GY to revive a "Rose Dragon" or Dragon Synchro Monster from the GY. "White Rose Cloister" is a Field Spell that lets you Special Summon a "Rose Dragon" or Plant monster from your hand if you control no monsters, acting as another play starter. It's also searchable by the effect of "Rose Princess" a Plant monster with an effect to Special Summon itself it only the opponent controls a monster, it being treated as a Tuner while it is face-up on the field. "Frozen Rose" can act as a searcher or draw power for the deck, depending on the type of monster you send to the GY with it's effect; If you send a Non-Plant monster, you can add 1 level 4 or lower Plant Monster from your deck to your hand. If you send a Plant monster, you draw 2 cards, then discard 1 card. "Blooming of the Darkest Rose" is a Trap card designed to have synergy with Black Garden, allowing you to further fill the field with "Rose Tokens".

Recommended cards[edit]