Royal Cookpal

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Royal Cookpal
Reed Pepper with "Royal Cookpal Queen Omelette", "Royal Cookpal Princess Pudding", "Royal Cookpal Prince Curry", "Royal Cookpal Knight Pasta" and "Royal Cookpal King Burger"
  • RCMロイヤル・クックメイト
  • RCM (base)
  • ロイヤル・クックメイト (ruby)
  • Roiyaru Kukkumeito (romanized)
  • RCM
  • Loyeol Kugmeiteu (romanized)
Anime appearances

"Royal Cookpal", known as "Royal Cookmate" (RCMロイヤル・クックメイト Roiyaru Kukkumeito) in Japan, is a "Cookpal" sub-archetype used by the Reed Pepper in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.



The "Royal Cookpal" crest

All "Royal Cookpal" monsters are mixes of a recipe and a royal position (Princess, Knight, King, etc.).

Playing style[edit]

Despite being high-Level monsters, the "Royal Cookpal" monsters have generally low ATK and DEF, but when the opponent Summons a monster, they can return themselves to the player's hand in order to destroy the Summoned monster. They can be quickly Special Summoned back with "Regal Recipes", creating a Summon-Lockdown. Furthermore, all "Royal Cookpal" monsters have an effect that allow them to double the ATK of another "Royal Cookpal" in exchange for not attacking that turn, allowing a "Royal Cookpal" to reach up to 4800 ATK.