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Corresponding cardSky Striker Ace - Roze
  • Female
  • Career
OrganizationSpectra Union
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! OCG Stories Chapter 0033: "Loss"
Appears in
MangaYu-Gi-Oh! OCG Stories

Roze (ロゼ Roze) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Stories manga, and one of the main antagonists the "Sky Striker" story. She is based on the card "Sky Striker Ace - Roze".

As Raye's Sky Striker equipment vastly outclasses AI in combat but can only be used by a human operator, Roze was created by the pillars of Spectra solely to go toe-to-toe with her by using the same technology.



Roze appears as a young girl with pale skin, red eyes, and long gray hair tied up into twintails.

Her normal attire consists of a coat resembling a military uniform, gloves, tights, boots, a peaked cap, a scarf, and a small purse hanging from the coat's belt. The overall outfit is black with silver trims, and the latter three pieces all bear the Spectra crest.

When using the Sky Striker technology, she instantly changes into a black full-body bodysuit with silver and pink trims (some parts of which appears to be padded or armored), a pink translucent visor, and high-heeled shoes. The suit appears to have several integrated utilities, such as reels of cable attached on the hips and jets on the lower back. In addition, a red sword with white glowing stripes appears in her hands.


Roze appears to be emotionless but violent, immediately attacking Raye as soon as they met and only speaking in single words like "die" and "kill" while relentlessly trying to slash her. Himmel speculated that due to her accelerated aging process and being raised only for the goal of defeating Raye and Karma, with no regard for humans' need of receiving love and affection, Roze probably lacks any conscience that would allow her to think in peaceful or diplomatic terms.[2] As a result of the aforementioned accelerated aging, Roze is clueless about human interactions and customs, as she learned from Ciela that humans are creatures who live by their hearts, and did not know what an apple was and why Raye gave one to her after their battle until Ciela told her.[3]


Roze was genetically engineered specifically to use the Sky Striker tech, and to mature to an age where she could actually do so as quickly as possible. As such, she's significantly stronger and faster than Raye in spite of her petite appearance, to the point that the naturally-aged girl was struggling to hold her own and had to resort to using the "Afterburners" maneuver for the first time to drive Roze back.[2]


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