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"Runick Fountain"
  • 神碑ルーン
  • 神碑 (base)
  • ルーン (ruby)
  • Rūn (romanized)
  • Rune (translated)
  • Runick
  • Runisch
  • Runick
  • 루닉
  • Rúnika(o)
  • Rúnico/a

Challenge the mysteries of the world with "Runick"!

— The archetype's tagline in promotional material

"Runick", known as "Rune" (神碑ルーン Rūn) in Japanese, is an archetype introduced in Deck Build Pack: Tactical Masters/Tactical Masters.


The runic alphabet was a writing system used by ancient Germanic people before the adoption of the Latin alphabet. The Japanese name of the archetype uses the kanji characters 「神碑」 (Shinpi), literally meaning "Divine Runestone" (most likely referring to "Runick Fountain"), and has a forced reading of 「ルーン」 (Rūn). 「神碑」 is also homophonous and visually evokes the word「神秘」 (Shinpi, "Mystery").


The "Runick" monsters are based on Norse mythology and Germanic runes. They also feature elements from video games, primarily action RPGs.

The artworks of all "Runick" Spell Cards are drawn from a first-person perspective, usually with the hand of the POV character being visibly in frame. This is likely intended to mimic the appearance of a first-person RPG. Their artworks also each depict a different weapon/ability being used by the POV character, and have different settings.

The "Generaider" monsters, which are also based on Norse mythology and video games, are related to this archetype, as evidenced by "Loptr, Shadow of the Generaider Bosses" appearing in the artwork of "Runick Allure", and the same characters appearing in both "Generaider Boss Fight" and "Runick Dispelling".


Spell Cards[edit]

The "Runick" Quick-Play Spell Cards are based on various spells and equipment that incorporate specific runes.

Runick Rune Meaning Norse origin
Tip The god Týr Sigrdrífumál
Flashing Fire Sun -
Destruction Hail -
Dispelling Man -
Freezing Curses Yew tree -
Slumber Birch -
Golden Droplet Gift Draupnir
Smiting Storm The god Thor Mjölnir
Runick Norse origin
Fountain Mímisbrunnr
Allure Gylfaginning

Fusion Monsters[edit]

Runick Rune Meaning Norse origin
Hugin the Wings & Munin the Wings Cattle, wealth Huginn and Muninn
Geri the Fangs & Freki the Fangs Geri and Freki

Playing style[edit]

"Runick" is an archetype almost entirely made up of Spell Cards (especially Quick-Play Spells), with an exclusive focus on a Deck out victory condition. The archetype has no Main Deck monsters, only one monster with non-zero ATK (who cannot deal battle damage), and the effects of all its Quick-Play Spells cause the player to skip their next Battle Phase, forcing the archetype to entirely forgo combat to focus on Deck out.

All "Runick" Quick-Play Spells can be activated only once per turn, and each allows choosing between one of two effects: a unique effect that provides consistency/disruption/Deck milling and then banishes a varied number of cards from the top of the opponent's Deck, or a shared effect to Special Summon 1 "Runick" monster from the Extra Deck to the Extra Monster Zone. Activating either effect of a "Runick" Quick-Play Spell requires the player to skip their next Battle Phase.

The "Runick" Extra Deck monsters serve as the archetype's defensive strategy, providing additional resource searching or cycling, and some protection against battle or effects.

The key card to the archetype's resource loop is their Field Spell "Runick Fountain", which lets the player activate "Runick" Quick-Play Spells from the hand during the opponent's turn, and once per turn (during either player's turn) it can place up to 3 "Runick" Quick-Play Spells from the Graveyard to the bottom of the Deck and have the player draw that many cards.

Though "Runick Fountain" functions best when the archetype is played pure, the archetype's ability to easily Special Summon low-level Fusion Monsters also enables the Summoning of Synchro, Xyz, or Link Monsters requiring low-Level extenders if the archetype is hybridized with other engines.

Recommended cards[edit]


  • Since this archetype focuses mostly on Spell Cards, cards that counter them, such as "Imperial Order", "Anti-Spell Fragrance", and "Secret Village of the Spellcasters", can be extremely dangerous.
  • The archetype critically depends on its Field Spell "Runick Fountain" to maintain its card advantage, making it a prime target for the opponent's removal effects.
  • The archetype has almost no Monster Zone presence, and is almost entirely dependent on randomly drawn "Runick" Quick-Play Spells to provide disruption and protection, making it quite fragile.
  • Utilizing external engines, or even external cards in general, reduces the chances of the player drawing into additional "Runick" cards off of "Runick Fountain", slowing down the Deck's tempo significantly.
  • The Deck's playstyle is countered by anti-Graveyard floodgates like "Macro Cosmos", who can prevent "Runick Fountain" from returning cards to draw cards.
  • Decks with cards that activate their effects when banished, like the "Shiranui" monsters, could use this archetype's strategy of banishing the opponent's cards to their own advantage.
  • Cards like "Invader of Darkness" can shut down this archetype's strategy completely.