Russian Roulette Dinner

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Russian Roulette Dinner
Russian Roulette Dinner
EnglishRussian Roulette Dinner


Shi no Ryōri Roshianrūretto

English (Asia)Cuisine of Death Russian Roulette
Game details
Winner(s)Dark Yugi
LocationKaiba Manor
Chapters26: "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 02626: "Russian Roulette""

Russian Roulette Dinner, known as Cuisine of Death Russian Roulette in the Japanese version, is a game Mokuba Kaiba played with Yugi Mutou and Katsuya Jonouchi in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

It is a variant of the dangerous game russian roulette. The game involves a rotating tabletop with a number of meals on it, some of which are poisoned. Players take turns spinning the table and eating the meal that stops before them.


Prior events[edit]

Yugi and Jonouchi had been invited to Kaiba's mansion for the grand opening of his theme park Kaiba Land. Although Kaiba's true motive was to force Yugi into taking part in Death-T.

Mokuba invited Yugi and Jonouchi to a meal at the mansion. He took them to the setup of the game. Yugi and Jonouchi had been expecting some high quality food, but were disappointed to find meals a child would love.

Mokuba initially lied that the food wasn't poisoned and said that there was a treasure in one of the meals and whoever found it was the winner.

The game[edit]

Jonouchi spun the turntable first. Using a switch hidden in a syrup bottle, Mokuba made the table stop spinning when he wanted. Since he knew which meals had been poisoned, he forced Jonouchi to eat a poisoned kiddie lunch. Mokuba said that Yugi needed to win the game to get the antidote to save Jonouchi. Dark Yugi then emerged to finish the game.

Dark Yugi spun and got the spaghetti, which he fearfully ate and found it hadn't been poisoned. Mokuba laughed and said that the joy of finding you are still alive made it the best meal ever.

As Mokuba took his turn, Dark Yugi noticed Mokuba ate his meal, the chocolate parfait, without any fear of it being poisoned, deducing that Mokuba knew which ones were poisoned. He also noticed Mokuba touching the syrup bottle.

As Dark Yugi spun the turntable for his next turn, he tied the Millennium Puzzle to it, causing the syrup bottle to shatter as it got hit by the puzzle. The hamburger stopped in front of Mokuba and the pancakes stopped in front of Dark Yugi. Mokuba was too afraid to eat the burger. After finishing the pancakes, Dark Yugi reminded Mokuba that the rules were he had to clear his plate. Mokuba reluctantly ate some of the burger and fell over poisoned.


Dark Yugi claimed the antidote to save Jonouchi, while the butler rushed over to help Mokuba.