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SEVENS is a book in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS found in Goha Library. It is speculated that it served as the inspiration for Otes to create the "Sevens Road" Duel Monsters cards while he worked at Goha Enterprises.[1]


SEVENS is a story about how a magician traveled around the stars and finally found the remaining "Sevens". On a massive rock formation under a crescent moon, an old wizard told the magician that there were others in their world who held the same power of "Seven" that he did, and he must find these holders of "Seven"; the "Sevens". The wizard explained that when all the "Sevens" gathered on a night when the moon is full enough to be hardly recognizable, a man will carve open a new path and guide the world as the King of Duels.

The magician traversed various natural hazards to gather the "Sevens". Once he had, they stood on a magical symbol as the old wizard declared that now they had gathered the "Sevens", the walls, the mountains, and even the planets that blocked their way could have a road carved open through them all that would lead the people to peace. The old wizard declared that the seven roads that had been carved and united there would lead towards a happy future, and the name of that guiding beacon was "Sevens Road".

However the subsequent pages have been ripped out, and the magician is shown standing alone with the bodies of the "Sevens" behind him following the events depicted in the missing pages.

Later, with the help of Skipjack, Yujin Goha managed to procure more copies of the books with the missing pages for the siblings to scan and decipher.[2]

According to Yuo Goha, the full story of SEVENS is as follows.

Under the guidance of an old wizard, a young magician traveled the stars to find six companions - the remaining "Sevens" - to save the world from chaos. In their quest, the "Sevens" emerged from the shadows, carved open the earth, split the seas, crossed through flames, shook the heavens with wind and used the light of the constellations to aid them in their journey toward the moon, where the Lord of Chaos resided. During their battle against the Lord of Chaos, all but one of the "Sevens" - the young magician who started it all - perished, and the young magician found out that the old wizard who guided them had been the Lord of Chaos all along. The Lord of Chaos told the young magician that this world in chaos must be destroyed, and now that the "Sevens" had carved open a new road by destroying darkness, earth, water, fire, wind and light during their journey, what's left is to destroy the moon, and the "Sevens Road" shall finally be completed. After the revelation, the young magician destroyed the moon, tears falling from his eyes.

Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin realized that the plot development of the story is extremely similar to the situation they're going through, and hypothesized that Yuga is the real-world equivalent of the young magician and Otes is the real-world equivalent of the Lord of Chaos.[3]


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