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SOL Technologies

SOL Technologies




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SOL Technologies

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SOL Technologies

SOL Technologies is an organization that appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. They are in charge of LINK VRAINS. They seek to capture Ai to regain access to the Cyberse, and compete with the Knights of Hanoi to accomplish this goal. In the second season, they hire Bounty Hunters to hunt for the Ignis after the destruction of the Cyberse, intending to unite them into improved A.I.


As the organization in charge of LINK VRAINS, they have access to technologies that overlook the network, including City Scan and Log-Out Prevention programs.

City Scan[edit]

City Scan (シティー・スキャン Shitī Sukyan), rather than a technology, is an action to purge the network to search for something. This came at the cost of the security level of LINK VRAINS. The city scan has only been conducted only once so far in order to search for Ai, but was not used again as it allowed a Knight of Hanoi to physically attack LINK VRAINS and Ai's location had been determined to be with Playmaker.

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