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A. General[edit]

Sealed Deck events feature Decks that are constructed entirely of cards provided at that tournament. Duelists may not add in cards from any other source, unless instructed that they may do so by a judge (e.g. Sneak Peek promos).

Unlike Constructed Decks, Sealed Deck tournaments have no restrictions on the number of any specific card in the Deck. A Duelist may include as many copies of any card he or she likes, even more than three, provided all copies of those cards were obtained from the product given to that Duelist for that tournament.

The minimum Main Deck size in any Sealed Deck event is 20 cards. The minimum Main Deck size may be raised to a higher number if announced ahead of time before the scheduled event. The minimum Main Deck size should never be below 20. There is no maximum Main Deck size.

B. Sealed Pack[edit]

Each Duelist will receive a standardized amount of a specific card product, and will use only the product given for that event to construct a Deck. Duelists may not trade the cards they received in their product with other Duelists until the tournament is over, and they may not add cards they already own.

C. Sealed Pack Swap[edit]

In certain Sealed Pack events, the Tournament Organizer or Head Judge may require that Duelists perform a Deck Swap before constructing their Decks. Duelists will be required to register the contents of the card pool that they open on a Deck List. Once this has been completed, Judges will randomly distribute the registered product to all Duelists.

If a player chooses to drop from the tournament before completing the Deck Swap, they will be enrolled in the first round, receive a Match Loss for the first round, and then be dropped from the tournament.

D. Booster Draft[edit]

Card product will be shared amongst a specific group of Duelists, and Duelists will select cards for their Decks from that product according to the format dictated by the judge.
Cards may not be traded or exchanged with other Duelists once they have been selected.

E. Side Deck & Extra Deck for Sealed Deck Events[edit]

  1. Side Deck: Any cards not included in the Sealed Main Deck or Extra Deck may be treated as the Side Deck.
  2. Extra Deck: Any Fusion, Synchro, and/or Xyz Monster Cards that are not in the Side Deck may be treated as the Extra Deck.

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