Sealed Pack Tournament

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Sealed Pack tournaments are different from most tournaments in that you bring no cards of your own. There are two different kinds of Sealed Pack tournaments: Sealed Deck, and Booster Draft. In Sealed Deck, each player receives 5 booster packs with which to make a Deck of at least 20 cards in the 15 minutes allotted to this purpose. In Booster Drafts, it is slightly different. Every player sits at a big table and receives three booster packs. To start off, they open two booster packs, choose two cards out of the lot, and pass the rest to the player to the left, who does the same. This continues until all the cards in the first two booster packs are used. Players then open the third booster pack, pick 1 card, and pass the rest to their right. After all the cards have been received, players are given 15 minutes to build a Deck of at least 20 cards. In all Sealed Pack tournaments, players get to keep the cards they receive/chose.