Secret Shiny Box

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Secret Shiny Box
Secret Shiny Box
JapaneseSECRETシークレット SHINYシャイニー BOXボックス
Furiganaシークレット シャイニー ボックス
RōmajiShīkuretto Shainī Bokkusu
Set information
TypeCollector's Set
  • SSB1-JP (jp)
Number of cards46
Release dates
  • December 25, 2021

Secret Shiny Box is a set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game.


Each Secret Shiny Box contains:

  • 2 of 6 Secret Rare promotional cards (2 "Sky Striker" new cards, 2 "Mayakashi" new cards, or 2 "Witchcrafter" new cards)
  • 5 Special Packs with 5 cards each. The 4 new cards that were not included as promotional cards are guaranteed to be included within those 5 packs. The set contains 40 cards (not all are in the same box).
  • 1 of 6 Acrylic Stands (there are 2 different designs each of "Sky Striker", "Mayakashi", and "Witchcrafter")
  • 1 of 6 sets of 70 card sleeves (there are 2 different designs each of "Sky Striker", "Mayakashi", and "Witchcrafter")
  • 1 of 3 Storage Boxes (there is 1 design each of "Sky Striker", "Mayakashi", and "Witchcrafter")
  • 1 set of 70 thick large-sized card sleeves

All the contents of a box have the same design ("Sky Striker", "Mayakashi", or "Witchcrafter").



Secret Shiny Box
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Promotional cards[edit]

Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategoryPrint
SSB1-JPS01"Strategic Striker - H.A.M.P."せんじゅつへいH.A.M.P.ハンプSecret RareEffect MonsterNew
SSB1-JPS02Secret RareNew
SSB1-JPS03Secret RareNew
SSB1-JPS04Secret RareNew
SSB1-JPS05Secret RareNew
SSB1-JPS06Secret RareNew

Special Packs[edit]

Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategoryPrint
SSB1-JP001"Strategic Striker - H.A.M.P."せんじゅつへいH.A.M.P.ハンプSuper RareEffect MonsterNew
SSB1-JP002Super RareNew
SSB1-JP003Super RareNew
SSB1-JP004Super RareNew
SSB1-JP005Super RareNew
SSB1-JP006Super RareNew
SSB1-JP007"Sky Striker Ace - Raye"せんとう-レイ」Normal Parallel Rare
Secret Rare
Effect MonsterReprint
SSB1-JP008"Sky Striker Ace - Shizuku"せんとう-シズク」Normal Parallel Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link MonsterReprint
SSB1-JP009"Sky Striker Ace - Hayate"せんとう-ハヤテ」Normal Parallel Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link MonsterReprint
SSB1-JP010"Sky Striker Maneuver - Afterburners!"せんとうじゅつしき-アフターバーナー」Normal Parallel Rare
Secret Rare
Normal SpellReprint
SSB1-JP011"Sky Striker Mecha Modules - Multirole"せんとうかん-マルチロール」Normal Parallel Rare
Secret Rare
Continuous SpellReprint
SSB1-JP012Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP013Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP014Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP015Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP016Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP017Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP018Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP019Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP020Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP021Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP022Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP023Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP024Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP025Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP026Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP027Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP028"Millennium-Eyes Restrict"「ミレニアム・アイズ・サクリファイス」Normal Parallel RareEffect Fusion MonsterReprint
SSB1-JP029"Relinquished Anima"「サクリファイス・アニマ」Normal Parallel RareEffect Link MonsterReprint
SSB1-JP030Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP031"Knightmare Cerberus"「トロイメア・ケルベロス」Normal Parallel RareEffect Link MonsterReprint
SSB1-JP032Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP033Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP034"Instant Fusion"簡易融合インスタントフュージョンNormal Parallel RareNormal SpellReprint
SSB1-JP035Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP036Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP037Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP038Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP039Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP040Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP041Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP042Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP043Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP044Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP045Normal Parallel RareReprint
SSB1-JP046Normal Parallel RareReprint

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