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Ancient Warriors
"Valiant Zhang De", "Virtuous Liu Xuan", and "Loyal Guan Yun" in the artwork of "Ancient Warriors Saga - Three Visits"
  • せん
  • 戦華 (base)
  • せんか (ruby)
  • Senka (romanized)
  • Warring Flower (translated)

  • Guerriers Anciens

  • Alte Krieger

  • Antichi Guerrieri

  • 전황
  • Jeonhwang (romanized)

  • Guerreiros Antigos

  • Antiguos Guerreros


OCG Sets

"Ancient Warriors", named "Warring Flower" (せん Senka) in Japanese, is an archetype introduced in Ignition Assault made up of WIND, WATER, and FIRE Beast-Warrior monsters.


"Ancient Warriors" monsters are human warriors wearing clothes or armor that based on certain beasts, which explains their Beast-Warrior typing.

The artworks of all "Ancient Warriors" monsters depicts animal feathers or fur scattered in the air, which are distinct for every Attributes: white feathers for the WATER "Ancient Warriors", red and fiery feathers for the FIRE "Ancient Warriors", and the WIND "Ancient Warriors" might show certain beast fur instead.


The theme's Japanese name seems to be a portmanteau to せん senka, "the fires/horrors of war", and ちゅう chūka, the Japanese spelling of a poetic name for China that means "The Central Flower", hence "the Flower at war". Each of the monsters is named after a character from the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which chronicles the wars between several Chinese states from 169 to 280 CE, and the Spell/Trap Cards are based on events from the same.

Most monsters are of three Attributes, each representing one of the Three Kingdoms: the WIND monsters are from Shu Han, the WATER monsters from Eastern Wu and the FIRE monsters from Cao Wei.


Attribute Monster Origin Courtesy name Beast reference
WATER.svg WATER Graceful Zhou Gong Zhou Yu Gongjin Swan
Masterful Sun Mou Sun Quan Zhongmou Turtle and snake
Eccentric Lu Jing Lu Su Zijing Snake
WIND.svg WIND Valiant Zhang De Zhang Fei Yide White Tiger
Loyal Guan Yun Guan Yu Yunchang
Virtuous Liu Xuan Liu Bei Xuande Dragon
Ingenious Zhuge Kong Zhuge Liang Kongming
Double Dragon Lords
FIRE.svg FIRE Ambitious Cao De Cao Cao Mengde Phoenix
Fearsome Zhang Yuan Zhang Liao Wenyuan Demon
Deceptive Jia Wen Jia Xu Wenhe Bird
DARK.svg DARK Rebellious Lu Feng Lü Bu Fengxian Demon


Card Origin
Defense of Changban Battle of Changban
Sun-Liu Alliance Alliance between Sun Quan and Liu Bei against their common foe, Cao Cao
Borrowing of Arrows The Borrowing of Arrows in the Battle of the Red Cliffs
Three Visits Three visits to the thatched cottage
East-by-South Winds Zhuge Liang summons an eastern wind

Playing style[edit]

All "Ancient Warriors" monsters with different Attributes have different playing style to each other. The WATER "Ancient Warriors" monsters have common effect that activates if your other "Ancient Warriors" monster's effect is activated outside the Damage Step. Their strategy is more into control-type, as their effects revolves around searching and recovering the right "Ancient Warriors" cards to the hand, and also bouncing an opponent monster, sealing the effects of their monster, even back-row removal.

The WIND "Ancient Warriors" monsters all have effects to activate if your opponent controls more monsters than you do (however, the newly revealed "Ancient Warriors - Ingenious Zhuge Kong" has its own unique effect within his own team). Their strategy is battle-based and kind of an aggressive-type; for instance: ATK boosting, double attacking, and rewarding you to draw 1 card when an attack is declared involving them.

Meanwhile, the FIRE "Ancient Warriors" monsters have an effect that triggers if a card(s) your opponent controls is destroyed by battle or card effect. Their effects can be considered to be passive-aggressive, ranging from reducing opponent's monsters' ATK to stealing the monsters they defeated under your control.

"Ancient Warriors" monsters in every Attribute (or faction) seem to be categorized into leaders, fighters, and tacticians, which beside possessing their Attribute-based effects, also have their own unique characteristics and strategy for the gameplay based on this category. The leaders of each faction would gain protection from attacks ("Sun Mou" and "Liu Xuan") or card effects ("Cao De") as long as they are accompanied by another "Ancient Warriors" monster. The fighters, which are the high-leveled ones, all can be Special Summoned by their own effects under certain conditions. "Cao De" is unique in this case, since it has both self-protecting effect as a leader and self-Special Summoning similar to the fighters. For the tacticians, they are all Level 4 monsters whose DEF is higher than their ATK, and they need to send a Continuous Spell/Trap you control to the GY to activate their effect. While the three tacticians "Zhou Gong", "Lu Jing", and "Jia Wen" sends the Spell/Trap to the GY as a part of their effects, "Zhuge Kong" does it as a cost instead.

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