Serenity's nurse

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Serenity's nurse
Serenity's nurse
English name
  • Nurse
Japanese name
  • Female
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! episode 05858: "Espa Roba - The ESP Duelist, Part 1"
Appears in
Japanese voice
Serenity's nurse

Serenity's nurse, or Shizuka's nurse in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. She tended to Serenity Wheeler, while she was in hospital.


The nurse helped Tristan Taylor set up a laptop to monitor Battle City Duels over the internet, so that Tristan could give Serenity updates on her brother, Joey Wheeler's, Duels. Serenity had bandages over her eyes following an operation, so could not see for herself.[2]

The nurse came into Serenity's ward again later to take her temperature and Tristan waited outside. The nurse reported that Serenity was getting better. Serenity then asked her to let her know who was winning the Duel on the laptop, confirming her suspicions that Tristan had been lying that Joey was winning, so as to not disappoint her.[3]

While checking Serenity's blood pressure, the nurse noticed she looked very happy. Serenity explained that it was because Joey made it to the Battle City finals and that she decided she wanted to see him there. The nurse asked if that meant Serenity had decided to remove the bandages from her eyes. Serenity replied that if she meets her brother, she will have the courage. (In the English dub, the nurse said that she heard that it was Serenity's last day with them and that the doctor had said it was okay for her to remove her bandages. Serenity said that she could not wait and that her brother Dueling was be the first thing that she planned on seeing. Serenity explained that Joey had made it to the Battle City finals. The nurse replied that her brother must mean a lot to her and that he was lucky to have her as a sister, but Serenity insisted that she was the lucky one.)[1]


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