Seto Kaiba (The Sacred Cards and Reshef of Destruction)

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Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba
English name
  • Seto Kaiba
Japanese name
RōmajiKaiba Seto
  • Male
Mokuba Kaiba (brother)
Appears in
Game Boy Advance
Kaiba, Seto

Seto Kaiba is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction. This is a video game depiction of Seto Kaiba from the manga and Seto Kaiba from the anime.


The Sacred Cards[edit]

Kaiba invented the Duel Computer and allowed Mokuba Kaiba to test it.

Kaiba organised the Battle City tournament. At the Clock Tower Square, he welcomed its participants and went over the rules, before declaring that the tournament would start at 9:00 am.

At some point, Kaiba defeated a generic Duelist, who then decided to take a break from Dueling and went to the arcade in the building. The opponent was impressed by Kaiba's skill and felt he should consider the Duel a cherished memory.

Kaiba defeated a generic Duelist at the bridge underpass and was unimpressed with their skill. He then spotted the player and asked him to tell Yugi Muto that he would accept his challenge any time and there was no need to wait until the tournament finals.

Yugi asked Kaiba to help locate Joey Wheeler, who had been kidnapped by the Ghouls, since Kaiba could locate all tournament Duelists using the transponder in their Duel Disks. Kaiba did not care to help Joey, but strongly disliked the Ghouls and hoped to sanction them, so he ran the scan and located Joey at Area F, Sector 5362, which was the vicinity of the pier.

Ishizu Ishtar was willing to entrust "Obelisk the Tormentor" to a worthy Duelist, who would stop Marik Ishtar. She considered both Kaiba and the player and arranged for them to meet at the art gallery, where they Dueled for the card. Although Kaiba lost, he remained confident he could still win the tournament.

Kaiba qualified for the final rounds of Battle City and met up with the other quarterfinalists at the stadium site, where they boarded the airship for the next stage of the tournament.

Kaiba felt that the player was destined to lose to him. Before the player's quarterfinal with Odion, who was posing as Marik, Kaiba instructed the player to crawl his way to him.

Reshef of Destruction[edit]


The Sacred Cards[edit]

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF Qty
003 Hitotsu-Me Giant MonsterFiend Beast-Warrior4 1200 1000 3
005 Ryu-Kishin MonsterWind Fiend3 1000 500 3
023 The Wicked Worm Beast MonsterEarth Beast3 1400 700 3
034 Saggi the Dark Clown MonsterDark Spellcaster3 600 1500 3
077 Grappler MonsterWater Reptile4 1300 1200 3
090 Gyakutenno Megami MonsterLight Fairy6 1800 2000 2
091 Mystic Horseman MonsterForest Beast4 1300 1550 3
303 Dark Energy Magic 1
315 Dragon Treasure Magic 1
332 Mountain Magic 1
427 Kaiser Dragon MonsterLight Dragon7 2300 2000 1
555 Tyhone #2 MonsterFire Dragon6 1700 1900 2
561 Lesser Dragon MonsterFiend Dragon4 1200 1000 3
603 Fairy Dragon MonsterLight Dragon4 1100 1200 3
661 Crush Card Magic 1
686 Widespread Ruin Trap 1
782 Anti Raigeki Trap 1
866 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon MonsterDivine Dragon12 4500 3800 1
887 Blue-Eyes White Dragon MonsterLight Dragon8 3000 2500 3
895 Monster Reborn Magic 1

Reshef of Destruction[edit]


The following card can be won from Kaiba by the ante rule, provided the player does not wager a low-level ante card. The chance of winning a card is indicated by the "%" (chance out of 100) and "2048th" (chance out of 2048) columns.

The Sacred Cards[edit]

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF % 2048th
866 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon MonsterDivine Dragon12 4500 3800 99.95 2047

Reshef of Destruction[edit]