Seto Kaiba pack (Link Evolution)

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Seto Kaiba pack
Seto Kaiba pack
  • Seto Kaiba pack
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
Video games

Seto Kaiba pack

The Seto Kaiba pack is a Booster Pack available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. It becomes available in the Card Shop after completing the A Duel of Tears scenario in the Yu-Gi-Oh! section of the campaign.

Notable archetypes are A-to-Z, Blue-Eyes, Cubic, Fairy Tale, Herald and Thunder Dragon. With support for Egyptian God and Legendary Knight.

Each pack costs 400 DP and contains 8 cards (7 Commons and 1 Rare).


Name Rarity
"A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon" Common
"A-Assault Core" Common
"A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon" Rare
"ABC-Dragon Buster" Rare
"Agave Dragon" Rare
"Agido" Common
"An Owl of Luck" Common
"Ancient Lamp" Common
"Ancient Rules" Common
"Anti-Magic Arrows" Common
"Apprentice Piper" Common
"Aqua Madoor" Common
"Assault Wyvern" Common
"Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon" Rare
"B-Buster Drake" Common
"Barox" Common
"Battle Footballer" Common
"Battle Ox" Common
"Beacon of White" Common
"Beast of Talwar" Common
"Bingo Machine, Go!!!" Rare
"Blade Garoodia the Cubic Beast" Common
"Block Attack" Common
"Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie" Common
"Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon" Rare
"Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon" Rare
"Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon" Rare
"Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" Rare
"Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon" Rare
"Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon" Rare
"Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon" Rare
"Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" Rare
"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Rare
"Burst Breath" Common
"Burst Stream of Destruction" Common
"Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth" Common
"C-Crush Wyvern" Common
"Card of Safe Return" Rare
"Castle of Dragon Souls" Common
"Cestus of Dagla" Common
"Champion's Vigilance" Common
"Chaos Form" Common
"Cipher Soldier" Common
"Cloning" Common
"Cobraman Sakuzy" Common
"Cost Down" Common
"Counter Gate" Common
"Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord" Common
"Crimson Nova Trinity the Dark Cubic Lord" Rare
"Crush Card Virus" Rare
"Cubic Karma" Common
"Cubic Mandala" Common
"Cubic Rebirth" Common
"Cubic Wave" Common
"D. Tribe" Common
"Dark Blade" Common
"Dark Blade the Captain of the Evil World" Common
"Dark Blade the Dragon Knight" Common
"Dark Garnex the Cubic Beast" Common
"Dark Zebra" Common
"Dawn of the Herald" Common
"De-Spell" Common
"Deck Devastation Virus" Rare
"Decoy Dragon" Common
"Deep-Eyes White Dragon" Rare
"Des Feral Imp" Common
"Des Lacooda" Common
"Destruction Dragon" Common
"Different Dimension Dragon" Common
"Dimension Fusion" Common
"Doom Virus Dragon" Rare
"Doriado" Common
"Draco Face-Off" Rare
"Dragon Capture Jar" Common
"Dragon Piper" Common
"Dragon Revival Rhapsody" Common
"Dragon Seeker" Common
"Dragon Shield" Common
"Dragon Shrine" Rare
"Dragon Spirit of White" Rare
"Dragon Statue" Common
"Dragon's Fighting Spirit" Common
"Dragon's Gunfire" Common
"Dragon's Mirror" Rare
"Dragon's Rage" Common
"Dragon's Rebirth" Common
"Dragoncarnation" Common
"Dragonic Tactics" Common
"Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel" Common
"Embodiment of Apophis" Common
"Eradicator Epidemic Virus" Rare
"Evenly Matched" Rare
"Exarion Universe" Common
"Exchange of the Spirit" Common
"Fairy Meteor Crush" Common
"Final Attack Orders" Common
"Full Force Virus" Rare
"Gadget Soldier" Common
"Geira Guile the Cubic King" Common
"Genesis Dragon" Common
"Giant Axe Mummy" Common
"Glass Slippers" Common
"Glife the Phantom Bird" Rare
"Golden Castle of Stromberg" Rare
"Golem Dragon" Common
"Grappler" Common
"Gravi-Crush Dragon" Common
"Gray Wing" Common
"Great Angus" Common
"Greed Quasar" Common
"Grinning Grave Virus" Common
"Guiding Light" Common
"Gyakutenno Megami" Common
"Heavy Mech Support Armor" Common
"Herald of Creation" Rare
"Herald of Green Light" Rare
"Herald of Orange Light" Rare
"Herald of Perfection" Rare
"Herald of Pure Light" Rare
"Herald of Purple Light" Rare
"Herald of the Abyss" Rare
"Herald of the Arc Light" Rare
"Herald of Ultimateness" Rare
"Hexe Trude" Rare
"Hiro's Shadow Scout" Common
"Hitotsu-Me Giant" Common
"Hyo" Common
"Hyozanryu" Common
"Illusionist Faceless Mage" Common
"Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor" Common
"Induced Explosion" Common
"Infinite Cards" Common
"Infinite Dismissal" Common
"Interdimensional Matter Transporter" Common
"Invitation to a Dark Sleep" Common
"Iron Cage" Common
"Iron Hans" Common
"Iron Knight" Common
"Jowls of Dark Demise" Common
"Judge Man" Common
"Judgment of Anubis" Common
"Kaibaman" Common
"Kaiser Glider" Common
"Kaiser Sea Horse" Common
"Kaiser Vorse Raider" Common
"Keeper of Dragon Magic" Common
"Kelbek" Common
"Keldo" Common
"King Dragun" Common
"King Tiger Wanghu" Common
"Kiryu" Common
"Krokodilus" Common
"Krystal Avatar" Common
"Krystal Dragon" Common
"La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp" Common
"Lady of D." Common
"Lady Panther" Common
"Last Turn" Common
"Legacy of the Duelist" Rare
"Legendary Fiend" Common
"Loop of Destruction" Common
"Lord of D." Common
"Lullaby of Obedience" Common
"Luminous Soldier" Common
"Luster Dragon #2" Common
"Mad Sword Beast" Common
"Magic Drain" Common
"Magical Ghost" Common
"Magna-Slash Dragon" Common
"Maiden with Eyes of Blue" Rare
"Majesty with Eyes of Blue" Common
"Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Rare
"Man Eater" Common
"Masked Dragon" Common
"Master with Eyes of Blue" Common
"Mausoleum of White" Common
"Mavelus" Common
"Maxx "C"" Rare
"Mesmeric Control" Common
"Mind Crush" Rare
"Mirage of Nightmare" Common
"Mirror Force" Rare
"Mirror Force Dragon" Rare
"Mirror Force Launcher" Common
"Monster Reborn Reborn" Rare
"Monster Recovery" Common
"Ms. Judge" Common
"Mudora" Common
"Mystic Clown" Common
"Mystic Horseman" Common
"Mystical Beast of Serket" Common
"Mystical Knight of Jackal" Common
"Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" Rare
"Neutron Blast" Common
"Nightmare's Steelcage" Common
"Nuvia the Wicked" Common
"Obelisk the Tormentor" Rare
"Offerings to the Doomed" Common
"Oilman" Common
"Oracle of the Herald" Common
"Paladin of White Dragon" Common
"Pandemic Dragon" Common
"Patrician of Darkness" Common
"Peten the Dark Clown" Common
"Pitch-Dark Dragon" Common
"Poison Mummy" Common
"Priestess with Eyes of Blue" Common
"Prime Material Dragon" Common
"Prinzessin" Rare
"Protector with Eyes of Blue" Common
"Pumpkin Carriage" Common
"Rabid Horseman" Common
"Rabidragon" Common
"Rage with Eyes of Blue" Common
"Red Archery Girl" Common
"Return of the Doomed" Common
"Rider of the Storm Winds" Common
"Ring of Destruction" Rare
"Riryoku" Common
"Royal Keeper" Common
"Rude Kaiser" Common
"Ryu-Kishin" Common
"Ryu-Kishin Clown" Common
"Ryu-Kishin Powered" Common
"Ryu-Ran" Common
"Sacred Sword of Seven Stars" Common
"Sage with Eyes of Blue" Rare
"Saggi the Dark Clown" Common
"Sebek's Blessing" Common
"Seismic Crasher" Common
"Shadow Spell" Common
"Shrink" Common
"Silver's Cry" Common
"Solidarity" Rare
"Soul Exchange" Common
"Soul Transition" Rare
"Spear Dragon" Common
"Spell Absorption" Common
"Spring of Rebirth" Common
"Stamping Destruction" Common
"Stone Armadiller" Common
"Stop Defense" Common
"Super Rejuvenation" Rare
"Swordstalker" Common
"Temple of the Kings" Rare
"The Dragon's Bead" Common
"The Fang of Critias" Rare
"The Flute of Summoning Dragon" Common
"The Judgement Hand" Common
"The King of D." Common
"The Melody of Awakening Dragon" Common
"The Ultimate Creature of Destruction" Common
"The White Stone of Ancients" Common
"The White Stone of Legend" Common
"The Wicked Worm Beast" Common
"Thunder Dragon" Common
"Thunder Dragon Colossus" Rare
"Thunder Dragon Discharge" Rare
"Thunder Dragon Fusion" Common
"Thunder Dragon Titan" Rare
"Thunder Dragondark" Common
"Thunder Dragonduo" Common
"Thunder Dragonhawk" Common
"Thunder Dragonmatrix" Common
"Thunder Dragonroar" Common
"Thunder Dragons' Hundred Thunders" Common
"Thunder End Dragon" Rare
"Timidity" Common
"Total Defense Shogun" Common
"Totem Dragon" Rare
"Trade-In" Rare
"Trap Master" Common
"Trial and Tribulation" Common
"Tribe-Infecting Virus" Rare
"Tribe-Shocking Virus" Rare
"Troop Dragon" Common
"Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon" Common
"Two-Man Cell Battle" Common
"Tyhone" Common
"Tyrant Burst Dragon" Rare
"Tyrant Dragon" Common
"Tyrant Wing" Common
"Unification of the Cubic Lords" Common
"Union Hangar" Rare
"Union Scramble" Common
"V-Tiger Jet" Common
"Vanguard of the Dragon" Common
"Vijam the Cubic Seed" Common
"Virus Cannon" Common
"Vorse Raider" Rare
"Vulcan Dragni the Cubic King" Common
"VW-Tiger Catapult" Common
"VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon" Rare
"W-Wing Catapult" Common
"Waking the Dragon" Common
"Wall of Illusion" Common
"Wattaildragon" Common
"Wattkid" Common
"Wetlands" Common
"White Dragon Ritual" Common
"Widespread Ruin" Common
"Windstorm of Etaqua" Common
"Wings of Wicked Flame" Common
"X-Head Cannon" Common
"XY-Dragon Cannon" Common
"XYZ-Dragon Cannon" Rare
"XZ-Tank Cannon" Common
"Y-Dragon Head" Common
"Yashinoki" Common
"Yomi Ship" Common
"YZ-Tank Dragon" Common
"Z-Metal Tank" Common
"Zeta Reticulant" Common
"Zolga" Common