Seven Hells Hall

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The Seven Hells Hall (ななめいかん Nanameikan) is a disused event venue in Goha City in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. It is an old building, having been constructed forty years before the events of the series.[1]


Seven Hells Hall was constructed forty years ago, but an urban legend told of a guitarist who had passed away at the site fifty-three years ago and haunted the building to this day. Ushiro Omaeno spoke of many other ghost stories native to the building, but it is unclear as to whether he was making up or re-purposing them to scare Luke. Due to this history, Roa Kirishima chose to use the building as the venue for a RoaRomin concert to intimidate Luke during his Duel as part of his scheme to obtain the rights to Rush Dueling.[1]


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