Seven Stars (arc)

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Seven Stars

Seven Stars (arc)

Japanese translated

Seven Stars


Rise of the Sacred Beasts (second half)

Anime storyline


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Original run

6 October 2004 – 28 September 2005



Followed by

Society of Light

Seven Stars is the first arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, encompassing the first season of the series.[1] The dubbed version splits it into two arcs, with Rise of the Sacred Beasts encompassing the second half.


The story begins with Jaden Yuki obtaining the card, "Winged Kuriboh", from Yugi Muto, on his way to take his entrance exam to Duel Academy. Jaden arrives late, but is permitted take the exam. He defeats Vellian Crowler in the Dueling Exam, but due to his poor Written Exam score, he is placed in the Slifer Red dormitory.

Jaden quickly becomes close friends with Syrus Truesdale, Bastion Misawa and Chumley Huffington, and becomes well-known throughout Duel Academy for defeating Dr. Crowler. Upset by his defeat, Dr. Crowler makes it his business to either find someone to defeat Jaden in a Duel, or put Jaden at the risk of expulsion. Through Crowler's antics and strange happening at Duel Academy, Jaden ends up Dueling many powerful Duelists, the vast majority of them ending in his victory.

After hearing rumors about the Abandoned Dorm, Jaden and his friends do to investigate, where they meet Alexis Rhodes, who is in search of her brother, Atticus Rhodes, who disappeared in the Abandoned Dorm. Alexis is captured by Titan, whom Jaden Duels, and defeats in order to rescue her.

For leaving his dormitory at night, and going to the Abandoned Dorm, Jaden and Syrus are faced with almost certain expulsion; they must Duel and defeat opponents hand-picked by Dr. Crowler in a Tag-Team Duel, in order to stay. Dr. Crowler selects the famous Paradox Brothers, Para and Dox, as their opponents. Syrus is too timid, and lacks the confidence to defeat the Paradox Brothers. Fearing they'll both be expelled because of him, he attempts to withdraw himself from the Duel to save Jaden, but Jaden encourages Syrus, and together they defeat the Paradox Brothers.

Subsequent filler episodes pitted Jaden against many Duelists for either personal reasons, or for their own wrong doings.

Chazz Princeton, who lost to both Jaden and Bastion, loses his name as a powerful Duelist, and loses his rank in Obelisk Blue, and he was threatened with demotion to Ra Yellow. He was saved from demotion by Bastion, who refused to be promoted to Obelisk Blue. Irritated by his losses and pressure from his brothers Slade and Jagger, he arrives at North Academy. Here, he effortlessly Duels and defeats fifty students, and then the school's Champion, in order to prove himself worthy, and make it into North Academy as their Champion. He thus becomes North Academy's Dueling Representative in the inter-school Duel (termed "The School Duel") with Duel Academy.

Chazz faces Jaden in the School Duel. His brothers Slade and Jagger give him rare and powerful cards to use, but Chazz sticks with his own Deck, which now contains North Academy's prized "Armed Dragon" cards. Jaden understands the pressure Chazz is under to win, but encourages Chazz to Duel for fun, and to stand up to his brothers. Although Chazz loses, he takes Jaden's advice and tells his brothers off. Seeing Duel Academy as his home, he stays there rather than return to North Academy. However, since he was re-admitted, he starts as a Slifer Red student, and occupies the Slifer Red dormitory.

Jaden and his companions face the Shadow Riders. This part of the season revolves around three all powerful cards named the Sacred Beasts. These cards were deemed so powerful, that all three of them were locked away deep in the heart of Duel Academy. During Jaden's first year at Duel Academy, seven Duelists, named the Shadow Riders, set a goal on unlocking the Sacred Beasts and using their power to destroy the world. As a result, Jaden Yuki, along with Chazz, Alexis, Bastion, Crowler, Lyman Banner, and Zane Truesdale are chosen to guard seven keys specifically made for unlocking the Sacred Beasts from their prison. Jaden is forced into fighting the first Shadow Rider. If he doesn't step his game up his friends will fall into lava. If he loses his soul gets trapped up in a card. After Jaden wins the shadow rider's mask falls off and they find out it is Alexis's long lost brother. Crowler and Zane lose their keys to Camula, only to be defeated by Jaden. Bastion then challenges Tania to a Duel, but becomes quite smitten with her and loses. One by one many of the Duelists lose their keys.

Eventually all seven keys fall into the hands of the Superintendent of Duel Academy, Kagemaru, and Jaden has to Duel him and the Sacred Beasts, only for Kagemaru to get defeated, preventing the rise of the Sacred Beasts.

The Duel exams then begin. Chumley Huffington must Duel Dr. Crowler, which will earn him a spot in Industrial Illusions, as long as he wins. Chumley loses, however Crowler allows him to work there regardless, seeing his growth in Dueling.

During Zane Truesdale's graduation Duel, he must Duel one student of his choice, his choice being Jaden. Initially, Jaden was using too much strategy during the Duel instead of having fun, though eventually started having fun after a talk from Zane. The Duel eventually ends in a DRAW.


Screenshot Number Names Japanese air date English air date
Series001.jpg Episode 1 Japanese 遊戯を継ぐ者
(Yūgi o Tsugumono)
6 October 2004 10 October 2005
The One Who Succeeds Yugi
English The Next King of Games
Series002.jpg Episode 2 Japanese フレイム・ウィングマン
(Fureimu Winguman)
13 October 2004 11 October 2005
Flame Wingman
English Welcome to Duel Academy
Series003.jpg Episode 3 Japanese エトワール・サイバー
(Etowāru Saibā)
20 October 2004 12 October 2005
Etoile Cyber
English A Duel In Love
Series004.jpg Episode 4 Japanese 5重合体! VWXYZ
(Go Jūgattai! Vi to Zi)
27 October 2004 13 October 2005
5 Polymers! V-to-Z
English Raring To Go
Series005.jpg Episode 5 Japanese 闇のデーモンデッキ
(Yami no Dēmon Dekki)
3 November 2004 17 October 2005
Demon Deck of Darkness
English The Shadow Duelist, Part 1
Series006.jpg Episode 6 Japanese ハネクリボーの奇跡
(Hane Kuribō no Kiseki)
10 November 2004 18 October 2005
Winged Kuribo's Miracle
English The Shadow Duelist, Part 2
Series007.jpg Episode 7 Japanese 翔の乗り物デッキ
(Shō no Bīkuroido Dekki)
17 November 2004 19 October 2005
Sho's Vehicroid Deck
English Duel and Unusual Punishment
Series008.jpg Episode 8 Japanese 最強! サイバーエンド・ドラゴン
(Saikyō! Saibā Endo Doragon)
24 November 2004 20 October 2005
The Strongest! Cyber End Dragon
English For the Sake of Syrus
Series009.jpg Episode 9 Japanese 撃必殺! ちゃぶ台返し
(Ichigeki Hissai! Chabudai Gaeshi)
1 December 2004 21 October 2005
One-Hit Certain Kill! Flipping the Table
English Family Business
Series010.jpg Episode 10 Japanese 十代&翔! タッグデュエル (前編)
(Jūdai to Shō! Taggu Dyueru (Zenpen))
15 December 2004 25 October 2005
Judai & Sho! Tag Duel (First Part)
English Tag Team Trial, Part 1
Series011.jpg Episode 11 Japanese 十代&翔! タッグデュエル (後編)
(Jūdai to Shō! Taggu Dyueru (Kōhen))
15 December 2004 25 October 2005
Judai & Sho! Tag Duel (Second Part)
English Tag Team Trial, Part 2
Series012.jpg Episode 12 Japanese 酸素+水素=H²Oドラゴン
(Sanso Purasu Suiso Ikōru Wōtā Doragon)
22 December 2004 26 October 2005
Oxygen + Hydrogen = H²O Dragon
English Formula for Success
Series013.jpg Episode 13 Japanese 野性解放! SALデュエル
(Yasei Kaihō! Saru Dyueru)
29 December 2004 27 October 2005
Release of the Wilderness! SAL Duel
English Monkey See, Monkey Duel
GX14.png Episode 14 Japanese VS サイコショッカー!?
(Vāsasu Saiko Shokkā!?)
5 January 2005 28 October 2005
VS Psycho Shocker!?
English A Spirit Summoned
Series015.jpg Episode 15 Japanese 青春のデュエルテニス
(Seishun no Dyueru Tenisu)
12 January 2005 14 November 2005
Duel Tennis of Youth
English Courting Alexis
Series016.jpg Episode 16 Japanese 闇夜のキングゴブリン
(Yamiyo no Kingu Goburin)
19 January 2005 15 November 2005
King Goblin of the Dark Night
English The Duel Giant
Series017.jpg Episode 17 Japanese ドロー!ドロー!ドロー!
(Dorō! Dorō! Dorō!)
26 January 2005 16 November 2005
Draw! Draw! Draw!
English Nature of the Draw
YGOGx018.png Episode 18 Japanese VS 遊戯デッキ (前編)
(Vāsasu Yūgi Dekki (Zenpen))
2 February 2005 17 November 2005
VS Yugi's Deck (Part 1)
English The King of the Copycats, Part 1
Series019.jpg Episode 19 Japanese VS 遊戯デッキ (後編)
(Vāsasu Yūgi Dekki (Kōhen))
9 February 2005 18 November 2005
VS Yugi's Deck (Part 2)
English The King of the Copycats, Part 2
Series020.jpg Episode 20 Japanese 恋する乙女は強いのよデッキ!
(Koisuru Otome wa Tsuyoi no yo Dekki!)
16 February 2005 21 November 2005
The "Maiden in Love is Strong" Deck!
English The Maiden in Love
Series021.jpg Episode 21 Japanese 融合封じ! 十代VS三沢(前編)
(Yūgō Fūji! Jūdai Vāsasu Misawa (Zenpen))
23 February 2005 22 November 2005
Fusion Seal! Judai VS Misawa (First Part)
English The Duel Off, Part 1
Series022.jpg Episode 22 Japanese ワイルドマン召喚! 十代VS三沢(後編)
(Wairudoman Shōkan! Jūdai Vāsasu Misawa (Kōhen))
2 March 2005 23 November 2005
Summon Wildman! Judai VS Misawa (Second Part)
English The Duel Off, Part 2
MokeyMokeyKing-JP-Anime-GX-NC.png Episode 23 Japanese 脱力! もけもけデュエル
(Datsuryoku! Moke Moke Dyueru)
9 March 2005 8 December 2005
Exhaustion! Moke Moke Duel
English The Little Belowski
Series024.jpg Episode 24 Japanese 復活! 万丈目サンダー
(Fukkatsu! Manjōme Sandā)
16 March 2005 9 December 2005
Revival! Manjome Thunder
English The New Chazz
Series025.jpg Episode 25 Japanese VS万丈目サンダー(前編) アームドドラゴンの脅威
(Vāsasu Manjōme Sandā (Zenpen) Āmudo Doragon no Kyōi)
23 March 2005 12 December 2005
VS Manjoume Thunder (First Part) - The Threat of Armed Dragon
English The School Duel, Part 1
Series026.jpg Episode 26 Japanese VS万丈目サンダー(後編) アームドドラゴンLV7
(Vāsasu Manjōme Sandā (Kōhen) Āmudo Doragon Reberu Sebun)
30 March 2005 13 December 2005
VS Manjoume Thunder (Second Part) - Armed Dragon LV7
English The School Duel, Part 2
GX-27.png Episode 27 Japanese 課外授業は闇のデュエル!?(前編)
(Kagaijugyō wa Yami no Dyueru!? (Zenpen))
6 April 2005 14 December 2005
The Extra-Curricular Lesson is a Duel of Darkness!? (First Part)
English Grave Risk, Part 1
Series028.jpg Episode 28 Japanese 課外授業は闇のデュエル!?(後編)
(Kagaijugyō wa Yami no Dyueru!? (Kōhen))
13 April 2005 15 December 2005
The Extra-Curricular Lesson is a Duel of Darkness!? (Second Part)
English Grave Risk, Part 2
Series029.jpg Episode 29 Japanese VS ダークネス(前編)真紅眼の黒竜の挑戦
(Vāsasu Dākunesu (Zenpen) Reddo Aizu Burakku Doragon no Chōsen)
20 April 2005 30 January 2006
VS Darkness (First Part) - Red-Eyes Black Dragon's Challenge
English Doomsday Duel, Part 1
Series030.jpg Episode 30 Japanese VS ダークネス(後編)真紅眼の闇竜の攻撃
(Vāsasu Dākunesu (Kōhen) Reddo Aizu Dākunesu Doragon no Kōgeki)
27 April 2005 31 January 2006
VS Darkness (Second Part) - Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon's Attack
English Doomsday Duel, Part 2
Series031.jpg Episode 31 Japanese クロノスVS吸血美女カミューラ
(Kuronosu Vāsasu Vanpaia Kamyūra)
4 May 2005 1 February 2006
Cronos VS Vampire Camula
English Field of Screams, Part 1
Series032.jpg Episode 32 Japanese カイザーVSカミューラ 幻魔の扉発動!
(Kaizā Vāsasu Kamyūra Genma no Tobira Hatsudō!)
11 May 2005 2 February 2006
Kaiser VS Camula - Phantom Demon's Gate Is Activated!
English Field of Screams, Part 2
Series033.jpg Episode 33 Japanese 輝け! シャイニング・フレア・ウィングマン
(Kagayake! Shainingu Furea Winguman)
18 May 2005 3 February 2006
Shine! Shining Flare Wingman
English Field of Screams, Part 3
Series034.jpg Episode 34 Japanese 湯けむり旅情! 青眼の白龍
(Yukemuri Ryojō! Burū Aizu Howaito Doragon)
25 May 2005 6 February 2006
A Steaming Traveler's Mood! Blue-Eyes White Dragon
English The Fear Factor
Series035.jpg Episode 35 Japanese 兄弟の結束! おジャマデルタハリケーン
(Kyōdai no Kessoku! Ojama Deruta Harikēn)
1 June 2005 7 February 2006
Union of Brothers! Ojama Delta Hurricane
English Sibling Rivalry
Series036.jpg Episode 36 Japanese 三沢っちVSアマゾネスムコとり決闘
(Misawa-chi Vāsasu Amazonesu Mukotori Dyueru)
8 June 2005 8 February 2006
Misawa-chi VS Amazoness, Marry-Off Duel
English Duel Distractions, Part 1
AmazonessArena-JP-Anime-GX-NC-2.png Episode 37 Japanese 肉弾決闘(デュエル)! アマゾネスのデスリング
(Nikudan Dyueru! Amazonesu no Desu Ringu)
15 June 2005 9 February 2006
Human-Bullet Duel! Amazoness Death Ring
English Duel Distractions, Part 2
Series038.jpg Episode 38 Japanese 水中デュエル! 伝説の都アトランティス
(Suichū Dyueru! Densetsu no Miyako Atorantisu)
22 June 2005 5 February 2006
Underwater Duel! Legendary Capital Atlantis
English Get Yarr Game On!
Series039.jpg Episode 39 Japanese 名探偵サンダーVS黒サソリ盗掘団
(Meitantei Sandā Vāsasu Kurosasori Tōkutsu-dan)
29 June 2005 26 February 2006
Great Detective Thunder VS The Black Scorpion Grave-Robber Squad
English The Dark Scorpions
Series040.jpg Episode 40 Japanese H・E・R・Oフラッシュ!
(Eichi-Ī-Aru-Ō Furasshu!)
6 July 2005 28 February 2006
H-E-R-O Flash!
English A Lying Legend
Series041.jpg Episode 41 Japanese 闇の闘牛場発動! 明日香VSタイタン
(Dāku Arīna Hatsudō! Asuka Vāsasu Taitan)
13 July 2005 1 March 2006
Dark Arena Is Activated! Asuka VS Titan
English A Reason to Win
Series042.jpg Episode 42 Japanese 学園祭デュエル! ブラマジガール乱入
(Gakuensai Dyueru! Buramajigāru Rannyū)
20 July 2005 2 March 2006
School-Festival Duel! Blamagigirl Barges In
English Duel Monsters Spirit Day
GambleAngelBunny-JP-Anime-GX-Effect.png Episode 43 Japanese 明日香にセカンド・ラブ・チャンス!?
(Asuka ni Sekando Rabu Chansu!?)
25 July 2005 3 March 2006
Second Love Chance for Asuka!?
English Hearts Are Wild
Series044.jpg Episode 44 Japanese 7人目の影
(Shichininme no Kage)
3 August 2005 27 March 2006
The Shadow of the Seventh
English The Seventh Shadow Rider
Series045.jpg Episode 45 Japanese VSアムナエル! Eヒーロー絶対封じ
(Vāsasu Amunaeru! Erementaru Hīrō Zettai Fūji)
10 August 2005 28 March 2006
VS Amnael! Absolute Seal of Elemental Hero
English Amnael's Endgame, Part 1
Series046.jpg Episode 46 Japanese 地水炎風融合! エリクシーラー
(Tsuienfū Yūgō! Erikushīrā)
17 August 2005 29 March 2006
Earth/Water/Fire/Wind Fusion! Elixirer
English Amnael's Endgame, Part 2
Series047.jpg Episode 47 Japanese 明日香VS万丈目! サイバー・エンジェル-弁天-
(Asuka Vāsasu Manjōme! Saibā Enjeru Benten)
24 August 2005 30 March 2006
Asuka VS Manjome! Cyber Angel -Benten-
English Chazz-anova
Series048.jpg Episode 48 Japanese VS影丸(前編)2つの幻魔
(Vāsasu Kagemaru (Zenpen) Futatsu no Genma)
31 August 2005 31 March 2006
VS Kagemaru (Part 1) - Two Phantom Demons
English Rise of the Sacred Beasts, Part 1
Series049.jpg Episode 49 Japanese VS影丸(後編)三幻魔覚醒
(Vāsasu Kagemaru (Kōhen) Sangenma Kakusei)
7 September 2005 3 April 2006
VS Kagemaru (Part 2) - Awakening of the Three Phantom Demons
English Rise of the Sacred Beasts, Part 2
Series050.jpg Episode 50 Japanese 隼人VSクロノス!エアーズロックサンライズ
(Hayato Vāsasu Kuronosu! Eāzu Rokku Sanraizu)
14 September 2005 4 April 2006
Hayato VS Cronos! Ayers Rock Sunrise
English Magna Chum Laude
Series051.jpg Episode 51 Japanese VSカイザー(前編)パワー・ボンド×サイバーエンド
(Vāsasu Kaizā (Zenpen) Pawā Bondo ando Saibā Endo)
21 September 2005 5 April 2006
VS Kaiser (First Part) - Power Bond and Cyber End
English The Graduation Match, Part 1
Series052.png Episode 52 Japanese VSカイザー(後編)ファイナル・フュージョン
(Vāsasu Kaizā (Kōhen) Fainaru Fyūjon)
28 September 2005 6 April 2006
VS Kaiser (Second Part) - Final Fusion
English The Graduation Match, Part 2