Shiroba and Kayama Express Home Delivery Service

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The corporation's logo.

The Shiroba and Kayama Express Home Delivery Service (しろばとかやまたくはい便びん Shiroba to Kayama Takuhaibin) is a corporate entity in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS that is apparently run by a family of rock pigeons, including Trapigeon Kayama and his adopted human brother Chevelle Kayama. It is a well-known family business.


Trapigeon's family running the business.

Chevelle and Trapigeon often helped with delivery for the company. One day they were delivering in the North Area when they were caught in a snowfall and rescued by Asana Mutsuba and her great-grandfather.[1]


  • The company's name is a reference to "Kuroneko Yamato Delivery", or "Yamato Transport" in English, a real-life Japanese delivery company. The word kuroneko translates to "black cat", while shirobato translates to "white pigeon" (the to is used as the word "and" in the company name).


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