Shoma Yusa

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Shoma Yusa
Shoma Yusa
Japanese しょう
Base遊佐 尚磨
Furiganaゆさ しょうま
RōmajiYusa Shōma
  • Male
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures Chapter 0011: "Struct Start!!"
Appears in
MangaYu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures
Yusa, Shoma

Shoma Yusa ( しょう Yusa Shōma)[1] is the main character of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures manga. He is a soft-spoken and shy boy who only recently moved to the big city at the invitation of his older sister Ageha, but is more than ready to throw himself into the card game he loves.


Shoma started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! at the age of three, with his older sister Ageha. However, he and his family lived in the countryside, away from both other potential players and a nearby card shop. As a result, Shoma usually had to wait a week or more to see any new releases, and only ever had his sister as an opponent. Eventually though, Ageha moved away from home to Tokyo for work, leaving Shoma alone to build his Decks and play them solo. One day though, his sister came to visit, and invited him to come live with her in Tokyo for a while, in her apartment located close to a card shop. Shoma jumped at the opportunity.

On his first day in Tokyo, which just so happened to be the same day as the release of Rising Rampage in the Official Card Game, rather than unpacking his clothes in his new home, Shoma set out for the Satellite Shop, a specialty store for everything Yu-Gi-Oh!-related. Nervous at being around so many people, Shoma entered the shop, enthralled by the sight of all the holograms projected by everyone's Duel Disks. Almost immediately, he was challenged by Strong Jukyu, who had been left without a Dueling partner for the Rising Rampage Deck Construction event that day due to an odd number of participants. Shoma accepted the challenge eagerly. A friendly part-timer at the shop named Des helped Shoma register for his Duelist ID card and explained to him the rules of the day's event, open to anyone with a purchase of a box of Rising Rampage.

The event began, and Shoma was required to build a 40-card Deck using at least 20 of the cards he had obtained from his box and any cards he brought with him. Among the Deck themes present in the set, Shoma choes the "Tenyi" theme for the day's event. Shoma dove into building his Deck, visualizing the process as a conversation between himself and his cards. He asked the "Tenyi" monsters their opinions on which cards he should include, and how many. When he realized he didn't appear to have enough, the monsters suggested finding other cards among his personal collection to make up the difference. Soon enough, Shoma's Deck was complete, and his first Duel of the day against Jukyu began.

Jukyu took the first turn, and immediately used his "Simorgh" Deck to perform his "God Strong Wind" combo, Summoning three high-level monsters in a single turn. Shoma started his first turn modestly with only a single monster, but promised to bring down all of Jukyu's monsters in that turn. Jukyu and Des were skeptical of his claim, but soon enough, he made good on his promise, using his array of "Tenyi" monster effects to destroy Jukyu's powerful monsters even without a high-ATK monster.

Jukyu responded by immediately rebuilding his "God Strong Wind" combo on his next turn to overpower Shoma's monsters, but by that point, Shoma had too many of his Effect Monsters in play, as well as the "Yang Zing" monsters he put in his Deck to make up for the "Tenyi" cards he was missing, and soon enough he was the winner. Jukyu was blown across the room at his defeat, worrying Shoma that he hurt him, but Des assured him that Jukyu's penchant for theatrics, not the Virtual Solid Vision, was to blame. Indeed, Jukyu took his defeat in stride, and the two soon bonded over their Duel. Soon enough, Shoma had made his first friend in Tokyo. At the cost of his sister's patience, having left the house without warning and staying at the Satellite Shop until after nightfall without checking in.


Note: The following are full Deck lists provided in the chapter(s) the Deck is used. Not every card listed is showcased during the chapter itself.

Shoma has built and used multiple Decks since he started playing, and owns a large number of cards to match. In the series, he regularly changes Decks depending on both what's been released recently, and his own fancy.


Shoma's first seen Deck is a "Tenyi" Deck, that he built during a release event for Rising Rampage and used against Jukyu Goriki. Later, Shoma refines this Deck in time for his Duel against Yami Kuroda.

FIRE Warrior[edit]

Shoma's next Deck is a FIRE Warrior Deck based around "Immortal Phoenix Gearfried". For his first Duel with it, against Saiko Tendo, the Deck is mostly limited to the cards contained in 3 copies of Structure Deck R: Warriors' Strike. He later refines this Deck as well for his Duel against Tsukiko Kuroda.


During an exhibition Duel against Anna Des to showcase the recent Master Rule revisions, Shoma uses a "Gaia The Fierce Knight" Deck.

Virtual World[edit]

During the Team Battle event at the Satellite Shop, Shoma uses a "Virtual World" Deck in a rematch against Saiko Tendo.


During his Duel against Ohza Akaboshi, Shoma uses a "Magikey" Deck.


For the "Challenge the World Champion" event, Shoma builds an "Ursarctic" Deck, wishing for his rematch with Ohza.

Starry Knight[edit]

During the finals of the "Challenge the World Champion" event, Shoma uses a "Starry Knight" Deck for his match against Jukyu.


During his Duel against Motokariya, Shoma uses a "P.U.N.K." Deck.


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Jukyu Goriki 1-2 Win
Yami Kuroda 3-4 Win
Saiko Tendo 5-6 Lose
Tsukiko Kuroda 7-8 Win
Anna Des 10-11 Win
Saiko Tendo 14-16 Win
Ohza Akaboshi 22-23 Lose
Yami Kuroda 24-26 Win
Jukyu Goriki 27-29 Win
Ohza Akaboshi 30-34 Win
Shiori Motokariya 35-??? TBD


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures Chapter 0022: "Tenyi VS Simorgh"