Shota Geki

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Shota Geki
Shota Geki
English name
  • Shota Geki
Other namesShouta[1]
Japanese name
RōmajiGeki Shōta
  • Male
TeamTeam Fire Stars
Manga DeckFire Fist
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL Chapter 0088: "Opening of the Duel Tournament!!"
Appears in
MangaYu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL
Geki, Shota

Shota Geki is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL manga. He is a member of the Team Fire Stars, who enters the Team Duel Tournament.


Shota is seen with his team at the opening of the Team Duel Tournament. Yuma, excited about the tournament, accidentally clashes with him. Kotori asks who they are, and they introduce themselves as Team Fire Stars; however, no member of Team ZEXAL knew them, and he is awkward. Gauche then starts explaining the rules, interrupting them.

Later, Team Fire Stars faces Team ZEXAL in the tournament for their first match, with Shota starting a Duel against Yuma.[2]


Shota uses a "Fire Fist" Deck.


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Yuma Tsukumo 8-9 Lose


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  1. This card is added to his hand via "Fire Formation - Tenki" in chapter 8.
  2. a b This card is shown in his opening hand.