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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

The Signers are the only group that can summon the legendary Crimson Dragon, the embodiment of the red star. There are six people in the world that have the Mark of the Dragon and Signer Dragons that fit into the legend. Each birthmark represents a part of the Crimson Dragon, as these marks themselves are actually broken pieces of the Crimson Dragon itself, that later were divided into six parts.

The present day Signers in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's include Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, Akiza Izinski, Luna and Leo. In the dub, Rex Goodwin stated that he is the fifth Signer; in the original Japanese version, he only becomes the fifth Signer when he later infuses Roman's arm onto himself. The Signers' powers were awakened by Rex Goodwin himself through the Fortune Cup. According to Goodwin, he did it so that they would defeat their archenemies, the Dark Signers, and close the door to the Netherworld.

According to the Star Guardian, the Signers are locked to a "fate", derived from the Dragon Star, from which they cannot escape. That fate caused the four Signers (Yusei, Jack, Akiza, and Luna) to come together. Thus, the Fate of the Signers unites their destinies in order to guide them all. According to Goodwin, the four of them are reincarnations of the ancient Signers themselves; it was predicted thousands of years ago the four of them would encounter one another.


Identity Character Mark of the Dragon Deck Signer Dragon Special Skill Time frame
Yusei Fudo Yusei Fudo.png Tail
Mark of the Dragon - Tail.jpg
Warrior / Synchron Stardust Dragon Clear Mind /
Over Top Clear Mind
Episodes 5-64
Mark of the Dragon - Head.jpg
Episodes 64-154
Jack Atlas Jack Atlas.png Wings
Mark of the Dragon - Wings.jpg
Power / Resonator Red Dragon Archfiend Blazing Soul Birth-Episode 154
Akiza Izinski Aki Izayoi.png Foot
Mark of the Dragon - Foot.jpg
Plant Black Rose Dragon Psychic Power Early childhood-Episode 154
Luna Luka.png Hand
Mark of the Dragon - Hand.jpg
Spirit Ancient Fairy Dragon Duel Spirit Interaction Early childhood-Episode 154
Crow Hogan Crow Hogan.png Tail
Mark of the Dragon - Tail.jpg
Blackwing Black-Winged Dragon N/A Episodes 64-154
Leo Lua.png Heart
Mark of the Dragon - Heart.jpg
Morphtronic Life Stream Dragon Spiritual Connection with Luna Episodes 142-154
Legendary Signer 5Dx113 Legendary Signer.jpg Dragon
Crimson Dragon's newest seal.png
N/A N/A Blazing Soul N/A
Roman Goodwin Rudger.png Head
Mark of the Dragon - Head.jpg
Spider N/A N/A Birth-Zero Reverse
Rex Goodwin RexGodwin.png Head
Mark of the Dragon - Head.jpg
Inca N/A N/A Episode 62
Crimson Dragon's newest seal.png
Episodes 62-64


Before "Black-Winged Dragon" was revealed as a Signer Dragon, "Life Stream Dragon" was shown participating in the ancient battle between the Crimson Dragon and the Earthbound Immortals. It is unknown what exactly happened to "Black-Winged Dragon" after the battle against the Crimson Devil, Red Nova. The same goes for "Life Stream Dragon" after the battle against the Earthbound Immortals before it was encased in armor to form "Power Tool Dragon".

Yusei Fudo's mark was originally the Tail, Jack Atlas's represents the Wings, Akiza Izinski and Luna's each represent a claw (the former's being the Foot and the latter's being the Hand), and Roman Goodwin's was the Head. However, during the ultimate Shadow Turbo Duel against Rex Goodwin, the Tail and Head Marks are transferred: the Head is now under the possession of Yusei while the Tail (formerly Yusei's) chooses Crow Hogan as its new owner, making him the new fifth Signer (the Head Mark signifies a leader of sorts, choosing Yusei as its new owner). Ultimately, a new mark, the Heart (seen on the full Dragon Mark in the claws of the Crimson Dragon), was bestowed to Leo when he sacrificed himself during his Duel against Aporia alongside Luna and Jack and was revived, making him the new sixth Signer.

Both Jack and Roman had their marks from birth, whereas Akiza got her mark at a young age, Luna received hers after she went to the Spirit World the first time, Yusei did not receive his until Episode 5 and it was not permanently burnt in until Episode 25, and Crow and Leo received theirs in Episodes 64 and 142 respectively.

Unlike their Dark Signer counterparts whose Mark of the Shadows and Earthbound Immortals are connected, a Signer's Mark of the Dragon and Signer Dragon are connected only to the Signer and not to each other, as shown when Yusei inherited the Head Mark but kept "Stardust Dragon".

A Signer's mark throbs and glows while they are in close proximity of one of the Dragons when it is fighting with a great deal of determination, particularly for the sake of their Signer. A Signer's mark glows and painfully digs into their arm, when they are in the presence of a Dark Signer.

A Signer's mark also glows while in the company of the Team Ragnarok.


  • Prior to appearing in the anime, the Heart Mark of the Crimson Dragon debuted in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2009: Stardust Accelerator when the player was transported to the temple under his mansion.
  • Originally, it was planned for Leo to receive a Signer Mark earlier on, while Crow would play a different role. However, due to unknown reasons, this was changed so that Crow became a Signer instead of Leo.
  • Kazuki Takahashi initially wanted the Signers to meet up via their Duel Runners from different locations around the globe, but he admitted that had this been the case it would have taken them at least half a year to come together.[1]
  • Despite Roman being born a Signer, he didn't seem to hold any connection to any of the Signer Dragons: "Black-Winged Dragon" was inside Crow's Duel Runner that he inherited from Robert Pearson, "Ancient Fairy Dragon" seemed to always hold a connection to the later-born Luna, and "Life Stream Dragon's" downgraded form as "Power Tool Dragon" ended up becoming Leo's before the latter became a Signer. The remaining three Signer Dragons never seemed to have belonged to Roman either, but rather to Dr. Fudo.


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