Silence game

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Silence game
Silence game
EnglishSilence game


Chinmoku gēmu

Game details
GameShadow Game
Winner(s)Dark Yugi
Penalty GameBeat Festival
LocationKaraoke bar
Chapters3: "Hard Beat!"

The silence game[1] was a Shadow Game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

Dark Yugi and Sozoji sat at opposites ends of a table with Sound Pierrot dolls in front of them. The dolls dance when they detect noise. Whoever caused their doll to dance lost.


Prior events[edit]

Sozoji forced Yugi Mutou and Tomoya Hanasaki to sell tickets to his concert, Sozoji's All Night Solo Live Show. However, both boys were shy, and weren't keen on making someone listen to Sozoji's terrible music.

Yugi learned that Hanasaki had also been asked to sell tickets when Hanasaki tried selling him one. Yugi said he couldn't afford the ticket, but knowing neither of them would be able to sell any, he offered to take Hanasaki's tickets to sell, so only one of them would have to suffer. Sozoji saw this and wasn't impressed.

On the day of the concert, only Yugi showed up. Sozoji forced Yugi to listen to horrible music full blast and then showed him Hanasaki, who he had beaten up, and blamed Yugi for taking his tickets. Yugi then switched to Dark Yugi and challenged Sozoji to a game, accusing him of being a coward should he refuse to play.

The game[edit]

Two Sound Pierrot dolls which would dance upon detecting sound were placed at opposite ends of a table, with each player sitting in front of them. The first to make their doll dance loses.

Sozoji noticed that, when Dark Yugi took off his headphones, the audio jack landed on the rim of a glass. If this was to fall, it would make a noise and cause Yugi to lose. Sozoji got excited waiting for the jack to fall, causing his heart to beat heavily. However he didn't realize that he was holding his microphone next to his chest, causing the sound of his heart beating to be amplified on a nearby speaker, causing his doll to dance.

Dark Yugi inflicted the Beat Festival Penalty Game on Sozoji, causing him to hear his heart beat getting louder and louder.