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Skip Boyle
Skip Boyle
English name
  • Skip Boyle
Other namesSyuzou[1]
Japanese name
Japaneseひいらぎ しゅうぞう
Base柊 修造
Furiganaひいらぎ しゅうぞう
RōmajiHīragi Shūzō
Korean name
Song Sucheol
TranslatedSong Soochul
Other language names
Skip Boyle
Skip Boyle
  • Male
Zuzu Boyle (daughter)
OccupationOwner of You Show Duel School
SchoolYou Show Duel School
Anime DeckGutsmaster
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episode 0011: "Swing Into Action: Part 1"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
English voice
Japanese voice
  • Mitsutaka Itakura
Boyle, Skip

Skip Boyle, known as Syuzo Hiiragi[2] (ひいらぎ しゅうぞう, Hīragi Shūzō) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. He is Zuzu Boyle's father, and owns You Show Duel School, which his daughter attends.



Full body view of Skip.

Skip Boyle has dark blue eyes and brown/orange hair. He often wears a red/orange jumpsuit with a green trim and red fire design. Underneath Skip wears a dark blue shirt with another fire design. He also wears a white whistle. In his past as a Professional Duelist, Skip wore similar attire to Yusho Sakaki, including a baby carrier to hod Zuzu.


Skip is an enthusiastic and passionate person, often using the catchphrase "nekketsu", meaning "fired up", whenever he's excited. He is quite goofy and dramatic at times, causing Zuzu to hit him with her paper fan, but he can be serious if the situation calls for it. He takes great pride in You Show Duel School and does everything he can to make it prosper. While it seems like he can be desperate to get more students, and receive their tuition to pay the bills, he is a very caring and responsible person, who cares about Yuya, his daughter and the students more than the money.

According to Yoko Sakaki, Skip has the skills to become a Pro Duelist, but he believes that winning isn't everything in a Duel. In addition, Skip acts as mentor and somewhat father-figure to Yuya Sakaki in the place of his good friend, Yusho Sakaki.


His Japanese name "Shuzo" may refer to a former professional Japanese tennis player Shuzo Matsuoka who is also known for being hot-blooded and energetic, similar to Skip. Furthermore Skip also plays a sport-related Deck ("Gutsmaster") and wears gym-like attire. Shuzo Matsuoka hosts the "Shuzo Challenge", an annual tennis camp for young children, while Skip Boyle owns the "You Show Duel School" for young Duelists.


Skip has a high-pitched voice and has a tendency to use the phrase "fired up" when he is excited.



Skip taking care of a baby Zuzu.

Skip was a professional Duelist, as well as a good friend of Yusho Sakaki and Yoko Sakaki. Despite his job, Skip managed to balance his time Dueling and raising his daughter, Zuzu. Later, Skip helped the Sakakis found the You Show Duel School.[3] After Yusho's disappearance, Skip eventually took on the role of Yuya's father figure.

Pre-Arc League Chamionship[edit]

Skip witnesses Zuzu destroying the Solid Vision machine.

Skip ran into the ARC System machine's room when Zuzu accidentally destroyed it. Afterward, he was in a state of panic, as he bemoaned that his teaching career and the school would be over. He refused to let Yuya Duel against The Sledgehammer, but was excited when Nico Smiley offered the school the newest ARC System for free. However, Zuzu smacked him on the head with her paper fan and criticized him for going against his word. Later, Skip, Zuzu, and Gong Strong went to the Dueling arena to watch Yuya's Duel against The Sledgehammer.[4] After the Duel, Skip returned to You Show Duel School, where he saw Zuzu defeat Yuya in a Duel. Tate signed up for the school, which excited Skip.[5] Not long after those events, Skip hosted a Duel between Yuya and Sora Perse, who claimed that he would soon enter You Show Duel School. Skip chose "Wildest West" as the Action Field, but Sora complained about it because it was boring, so Skip changed it to "Sweets Island". Sora lost the Duel to Yuya, and much to Skip's joy, enrolled in You Show Duel School.[6]

Soon after that, Skip was teaching his six students more about Duel Monsters. He was surprised when Zuzu asked him if he could teach You Show Duel School how to Xyz Summon. Skip responded that Xyz summoning was too complicated for him to teach.[7] Later on, Henrietta Akaba arrived at You Show, blaming Yuya for Sylvio's injuries. Skip said that Yuya wouldn't harm anyone and agreed to Henrietta's deal: if LID defeated You Show, it would belong to LID, and vice versa. Skip chose "Cosmic Sanctuary" for Yuya and Dipper's Duel,[7] resulting in a embarrassment for Skip, because Dipper would thrive in the Duel's Action Field. Skip was near the Solid Vision machine and loudly asked Yuya to pardon his foolish act. Skip was happy that Yuya won the Duel,[8] and got disappointed when his daughter lost to Julia. Sora refused to Duel Kit, so Gong was Skip's last hope.[9] Gong tied in his Duel with Kit, causing Skip to worry about You Show's future.[10] He witnessed Yuya Duel Declan and was surprised to see the LID president Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and even Pendulum Summon, stating that none of those Summoning types were in Declan's profile.[11] Skip's worry returned when Yuya's Duel was stopped but was relieved that Henrietta and the other LID members left.[12] Skip soon after had a serious talk with an upset Yuya and playfully mocked that Yuya now wasn't the only person who could Pendulum Summon, which angered the girls. Skip and Yuya Dueled, and during the match, Skip managed to take control of Yuya's Pendulum Monsters for a short while to prove his point, but he eventually lost. He was glad that Yuya finally got back to being his normal self, not before playing dead and being whacked by Zuzu for it.[1]

Skip later found out that Zuzu was taking Fusion Summoning lessons from Sora, upsetting him as he assumed that she thought that her father's Dueling teachings weren't good enough for her. He told her about her bracelet after she got upset about it, but had no idea why Zuzu got upset when she got home.[13] Afterwards Skip frantically practiced drawing cards, upset over losing Zuzu's trust, and Yuya came to him for advice, but Skip was too caught up in his own misery.[14]

Some time after that, Skip, his You Show students, and Yoko secretly watched Yuya's Duel against Gong. Skip accidentally spoke loudly at one point during the match, and Sora shushed him as they did not want Yuya to find out that they were watching the Duel, much to Skip's embarrasment. He was later shocked to see Gong Synchro Summon and was overjoyed when Yuya won and he and Gong settled things amicably, crying tears of happiness and forcing Zuzu to whack him with her fan in an attempt to calm him down.[15][16]

Arc League Championship[edit]

Skip told his students that he was very proud of their skills. He told them in which groups they would participate during the championship, but they left after hearing him talk too much, something Skip was oblivious to. He and the You Show students traveled to the Paradise City stadium to watch the Arc League Championship.[17] Skip proudly watched each of his student's Duels on the first day of the Championship; Frederick defeated his opponent, but Allie lost to Riley Akaba.[18] To his joy and pride, Zuzu was able to defeat Julia Krystal in their rematch.[19]

On the second day, Skip watched Gong's Duel with Grizzlepike Jones and Yuya's Duel with Sylvio Sawatari.[20] Sylvio Pendulum Summoned during the Duel, just as Skip had predicted would eventually happen, but he was pleased when Yuya won.[21][22] He cheered Sora on to win them a third match against Shay Obsidian, but to his shock, Sora began exhibiting stranger traits during the Duel, throwing a temper tantrum and moving acrobatically; Skip encouraged him to keep his head cool and his fire in his heart. Shay brutally defeated Sora, badly injuring him.[23][24] They visited Sora at LID, Skip reassuring the kids that the medics there would take good care of Sora. Skip and Yoko walked the younger kids home, leaving Yuya, Zuzu and Gong at the hospital with Sora, but Skip was called back by Zuzu after Sora vanished from the hospital.[25]

Yuya was found later that night by Zuzu unconscious in the Central Park, but Sora remained missing.[26] He watched Yuya's Duel with Iggy Arlo, but to his shock, Yuya became colder and swiftly defeated Iggy with "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon". The stadium remained in shock, with only Skip to nervously congratulate Yuya.[27] After the second round concluded, Skip, Yoko, Gong and his students watched the Duel News that listed the Top 16, and he urged his students to win to frustrate Sora enough to bring him out of hiding.[28]

The next day, Skip watched as Nico announced that the third round of the Arc League Championship would be a Battle Royal with Pendulum Cards scattered throughout. Skip noted that this meant that everyone would be able to Pendulum Summon.[28] He watched the Duels with Yoko and the kids, pleased with Zuzu's initial victories, but angered by Dennis McField getting too close to her and defeating her.[29] To his surprise, the feed suddenly cut out, and he reacted with displeasure at the fact that Yoko was enjoying the attention that Reed Pepper was getting and that he couldn't see what was happening with Yuya and Zuzu.[30] He pursued the kids as they tried to go into the city to watch the Battle Royal themselves, but Henrietta Akaba stopped them from leaving, explaining that they were keeping the spectators in the stadium for the night out of concern for their safety, though Skip noted her evasiveness.[31] Skip watched Tate's Duel with Riley in the finals of the Youth Arc League Championship, admitting that he wanted Tate to win, but was concerned for Yuya and Zuzu.[32]

Friendship Cup[edit]

After the Battle Royal concluded, the victorious Duelists returned; Yuya, Gong, Dennis, Shay, Zuzu, Moon Shadow and to Skip's surprise, Sylvio and Aura Sentia, despite their elimination from the Championship. He was pleased that Yuya and Zuzu had made it through, but noted that they seemed tired. To Skip's shock, Henrietta Akaba and Declan Akaba cancelled the Championship, revealing that they had been attacked by Duelists from another dimension who sealed people into cards, and though the video footage that Henrietta showed them, he learned that Yuya had Dueled Sora, and he concluded that Sora was their enemy now. He witnessed Henrietta announce the creation of the Lancers[33]

After the announcement, Yuya, Gong, and Aura met with Skip, Yoko, and the kids, and Yuya gave Skip Zuzu's clothes. He explained that Zuzu had gone missing and apologized for failing to save her; the girl that Skip had seen in the stadium with Yuya was Celina, a girl who resembled Zuzu. Distraught over his daughter's disappearance, Skip demanded to join the Lancers in search for her, but Yuya explained that they would be going to another dimension to search for her. Skip stood by as Yoko Dueled Yuya to sort his head out, and he recalled Yoko's past as she related it to them.[33] Yuya was able to win the Duel, vowing that he would rescue Zuzu and stop the dimensional war, and Skip bid him and Gong farewell the next day, watching their travel with Allie, Frederick, and Tate from the riverbank as Nico Smiley joined them. Nico stated that he believed that Yuya would be fine, admitting that he regretted potentially losing the chance to manage him.[3]

Duel Academy[edit]

Weeks later, a massive dragon appeared in a dimensional rift, and Skip tried to keep Allie, Frederick, and Tate calm.[34] He and the kids spotted Gong Dueling through the rift, and Skip wondered if the invasion from the Fusion Dimension had finally started. He worried about Gong when "Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing" destroyed all of his monsters.[35] Skip quickly became worried about Zuzu, and when he saw a monster that resembled "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", he wondered whether it had a connection to Yuya. He was surprised when "Odd-Eyes" protected the huge dragon, and when the rift that they were watching the Duel through expanded and transported Paradise City to the Fusion Dimension. Skip then noticed people in the air.[36] When Zarc claimed that he was the true founder of Pendulum Summoning, Skip protested that Yuya performed the first Pendulum Summon. Skip was worried when Zarc almost defeated Declan and surprised when he thought "Zarc" killed him. When Riley activated "En Flowers", Skip and the others watched as flowers appeared around them.[37]

Following Zarc's defeat and the rebirth of the Standard Dimension into the "Pendulum Dimension", Skip lost of his memories of Zuzu and people from other dimensions. One day, Yuya arrived three minutes late at You Show Duel School, and Skip smacked him with Zuzu's fan, but he found himself unable to remember why he hit him or why he had it, eventually deciding that it always happened to Yuya, before ordering Yuya to Duel Tate, Allie, and Frederick. Skip interrupted the Duel with an invitation from Declan for Yuya to the Junior Arc League Championship and he quickly sent Yuya off. While the kids went to watch Yuya's Duel, Skip remained behind examining Zuzu's fan and trying to remember the name of the fruit sculpted on the pommel.[38] Eventually giving up and deciding to watch Yuya's Duel, he went to store the fan in a storage room, but as he was about to open the door he remembered Zuzu shouting at him to knock, and he realized that it was Zuzu's room. His memories of Zuzu restored, he went to the stadium and wrenched Nico Smiley's microphone away, informing Yuya and everyone else that Zuzu was missing.[39] All of Skip's memories returned when Yuya mentioned Zarc's name and Skip learned that the reason for reenacting the Arc League Championship was to return Riley's smile and save the world through Yuya's Dueltaining. He watched Yoko futilely try to motivate Yuya, and watched the remainder of the Duel. Skip applauded and cried for Yuya's victory.[40]

He is later seen watching Yuya's Duel against Jack Atlas with Gong, Sylvio, Aura, Yoko and his students. When Yuya announced his fear of harming Zuzu should he Summon the Four Dimensional Dragons, Skip mused on the possibility and wondered if Yuya was right. He was quite shocked by Yoko's enthusiastic encouragement of Yuya.[41] After Yuya won his subsequent Duel against Declan, Skip was transported to the center of Paradise Stadium, where to his joy he witnessed Ray Akaba's revival as Zuzu.[42]


Skip uses a "Gutsmaster" Deck, which focuses on Swarming and forcing his opponent to play with their hand revealed. A key focus of his monsters is that their effects require them to be in Attack Position to be applied.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yuya Sakaki 14 Lose

Character other appearances[edit]


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