Sky Striker

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Sky Striker
"Sky Striker Ace - Kaina" and "Sky Striker Ace - Roze" in the artwork of "Sky Striker Maneuver - Scissors Cross"
  • せんとう
  • 閃刀 (base)
  • せんとう (ruby)
  • Sentō (romanized)
  • Flash Sword (translated)
  • Assaut de l'Air
  • Himmelsjäger
  • Assaltatrice del Cielo
  • 섬도
  • 閃刀 (Hanja)
  • Seomdo (romanized)
  • Força Celeste
  • Celestial Force (translated)
  • Caza del Cielo
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OCG Sets

Startup! Transform! Mow down!

— The theme's tagline in promotional material.

"Sky Striker" (せんとう Sentō, literally "Flash Sword") is an archetype of female monsters and Spell Cards that debuted in Deck Build Pack: Dark Savers (in the OCG) and Dark Saviors (in the TCG).


The crest on Raye's dress, presumably belonging to her country.


Sword Maneuvers, sally forth!! ERADICATE 'EM!!

In order to fight against a powerful enemy nation, a new type of weapon, "Sky Striker Mecha", was developed using advanced military tech. The sword "Sky Striker", the ignition device for these weapons, was entrusted to the girl "Raye". To protect the people of her homeland, she flies solo into the heart of the enemy forces!!

"Raye", the girl trained to defeat a powerful nation!!

By activating the power of Sky Striker, she can open special gates, and from there launch an assault with the "Sky Striker Mecha".

Meet any and all battle conditions! Sky Striker Mode Change!!

"Raye" opens the gates with Sky Striker at maximum output, changing into a decisive battle mode to fit the situation. She mows down her enemies with overwhelming firepower!!

Sword Defense Mode (Sky Striker Ace - Shizuku)

A defense-based mode. It can generate barriers to prevent all attacks.

Flash Eradication Mode (Sky Striker Ace - Kagari)

An enemy force eradication mode. It is said that none who look upon her in this form return alive.

Finishing Sky Striker Maneuver Activate!!

Each of her modes has an ultimate attack, a "Sky Striker Maneuver", unleashed without regard for her own safety. [1]


Each of the "Sky Striker" Spells are armaments that "Sky Striker Ace - Raye" utilizes. The Link Monsters of the archetype are "Raye" wearing elemental powered armor. Each monster and Spell depicting an equipment seems to have a code written somewhere over it.

Card Code Description
Raye / Roze / Engage 000 Pilots
Zeke Z-000 Battle mecha
Shizuku X-002 Defensive armor
Kagari X-003 Offensive armor
Hayate X-004 Long-range combat armor
Kaina X-005 Short-range combat armor
Eagle Booster S-015 Evasive jetpack
Hornet Drones / Token S-018 Holographic decoy and intel drones
Shark Cannon S-028 Gun
Widow Anchor S-061 Grappling hook with EM disruptor
Hercules Base S-130 Airship
Afterburners --- High-power attack
Jamming Waves --- Deflector shield
Scissors Cross --- Mechanical combat arms
Vector Blast --- Railgun
Multirole --- Deployment portal
Area Zero --- Mission plan


The Japanese name of the archetype is a multiple-layer wordplay. The kanji 「せん」 (Sen) can mean "flash", but is also the basis of the verb 「ひらめかす」 (Hiramekasu), which means "to brandish", tying onto the following kanji "sword". Together, they form a homophone for 「せんとう」(Sentō) "battle", referencing the apparent status of "Raye" as an elite soldier.

The sub-archetype "Sky Striker Ace" adds the kanji 「」 (Ki) at the end. It usually means "princess", or an otherwise young lady of noble birth. This forms a second homophone itself, this time with 「せんとう」 (Sentōki), meaning "Fighter aircraft". This might be a quip on how a flight-capable powered armor can be considered equivalent to such a plane. The official description of Dark Saviors somewhat acknowledges the pun with the remark "Her high-tech arsenal includes transforming power armor that lets her fly faster than a fighter jet"[2].

Lastly, "Sky Striker Ace" monsters are named after the Japanese name of things that relate to their Attribute or their appearance: "Kagari" means "bonfire", "Shizuku" means "droplet", "Hayate" means "gale", and "Kaina" means "arm". "Raye" is a French-like alteration of "Rei", which means "zero" or "nought", referencing both the DARK Attribute and her being the armor-less basic form.

Playing style[edit]

The Link Monsters "Sky Striker Ace - Kagari" and "Sky Striker Ace - Shizuku" strengthen themselves through the use of having multiple Spell Cards in the GY. "Kagari" gains ATK for every Spell Card in the GY, while "Shizuku" lowers the opposing monsters' ATK for every Spell Card in the GY. "Hayate" does not manipulate ATK; but instead can attack directly. They also all share an effect to manipulate "Sky Striker" Spell Cards; "Kagari" can add one from the GY to the hand when Summoned; "Shizuku" can add one from the Deck to the hand during the End Phase of the turn it was Summoned; and "Hayate" can send one from the Deck to the GY when it inflicts battle damage.

The "Sky Striker" Spell Cards all share the activation requirement that there must be no monsters in the Main Monster Zone to activate, except "Sky Striker Mecha Modules - Multirole" and "Sky Striker Airspace - Area Zero". In addition, each "Sky Striker" Spell Card has an extra effect when there are 3 or more Spell Cards in the GY, varying from additional card destruction ("Sky Striker Maneuver - Afterburners!" and "Sky Striker Maneuver - Jamming Waves!") to hand and/or field advantage ("Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage!" and "Sky Striker Mecha - Widow Anchor").

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