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Skye Zaizen
Skye Zaizen
  • Skye Zaizen
Japanese translatedAoi Zaizen
OtherBlue Angel (ブルーエンジェル, Burū Enjeru)
Blue Girl (ブルーガール, Burū Gāru)
Blue Gal (dub)
Blue Maiden (ブルーメイデン Burū Meiden)
Japaneseざいぜん あおい
Base財前 葵
Furiganaざいぜん あおい
RōmajiZaizen Aoi
Other languages
Skye Zaizen
  • Female
  • Education
SchoolDen City High School
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 0011: "Link into the VRAINS"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
Zaizen, Skye

I just want my brother to know that I can hold on my own.

— Skye[5]

Skye Zaizen, known as Aoi Zaizen (ざいぜん あおい, Zaizen Aoi) in the Japanese version, is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is Yusaku Fujiki's classmate and the younger step-sister of Akira Zaizen. In LINK VRAINS, she is a popular Celebrity Duelist under the alias Blue Angel (ブルーエンジェル, Burū Enjeru). During the second season, Skye allies with Emma Bessho, taking up the alias of Blue Gal (ブルーガール, Burū Gāru, Blue Girl in the Japanese version). After allying herself with Aqua and the other Ignis, Skye later changes her LINK VRAINS alias to Blue Maiden (ブルーメイデン Burū Meiden).



Full-body image of Skye

Skye is a fair-skinned young woman with light brown hair in a bob-cut and yellow eyes. Her standard attire is the Den City High School girls uniform that consists of a slate-colored jacket with a light blue trim, which she wears over a light yellow jumper. Underneath, she has a white dress shirt with a blue tie and heart-shaped clip. Skye's uniform also includes a short black skirt with black socks that reach below her knee and brown shoes. In the dub, she wears tights instead of socks.

When she was younger, Skye would wear a yellow dress with a green shirt underneath. Her hair was styled similarly to her Blue Angel persona. Skye also carried a doll of "Evilswarm Mandragora". At home, Skye's casual clothes include a blue and white t-shirt with pink accents, light blue shorts, and baby blue slippers.

Blue Angel
Blue Gal
Skye's first and second avatars: Blue Angel and Blue Gal

As Blue Angel she takes on a appearance of magical girl, true to her name, she has very long blue hair with aquamarine highlights which reaches her chest and is tied into two long strands with blue ribbons. Her eyes and eyebrows are also blue and she has a green clover tattoo on her right cheek. She wears a blue choker and pink heart-shaped winged earrings. Her outfit consists of a white sleeveless shirt with a blue necktie. Underneath, she wears a blue and pink dress with wing-shaped frills, and dark blue thigh-high socks. She wears dark and light blue boots with wings attached to each one. Lastly, she has a pair of white wings with pink heart-shaped and lavender clover-shaped patterns on each wing. When she uses her Skill, "Trickstar Trick", the pink parts of her outfit glow.

Young Skye

As Blue Gal, she wears a more form-fitting and practical outfit and she clips her hair back with a pink clover-shaped clip, leaving four long bangs hanging over her left eye. She wears a predominantly white one-piece garment that is white across the shoulders and down her front, dark blue with sideways pink hearts over each side of her chest and extending to her back with a white star shape at the middle of her spine, and pink at her ribs and in the interior, with a blue strip separating the pink and darker blue at her sides and blue cuffs at her legs. She wears an aquamarine sleeveless top below this with a pink clover tab; both of her tops are fastened with dark blue zippers. Blue Gal also wears long blue sleeves that reach to just under her arms with pink clover symbols at the tops, and darker blue finger-less gloves over them with aquamarine cuffs that reach mid-forearm and have pink heart symbols on the back of the hand. Similarly, she wears dark blue leggings with aquamarine cuffs that reach to mid-thigh under mid-calf length blue boots with pink soles, dark blue toes, and white straps, with aquamarine heart symbols on the cuffs. She accessorizes with an aquamarine belt that has twin Deck boxes at her hip and a golden buckle in the shape of a "B", blue heart-shaped ear studs; she retains her cheek tattoo. She uses a different Duel Disk and Duel Board that are less stylized than those she used as Blue Angel. When she uses her Skill, "Trickstar Gig", the pink symbols and cuffs of her outfit glow.

Skye's third Avatar, Blue Maiden

As Blue Maiden, her hair lightens and lengthens again to the small of her back, becoming shot through with a darker blue and with a bang of pink. She wears a short dark blue dress with a white front, a blue collar, a pink section over her cleave pattern with blue drops, a lighter blue section below the white, and the front of her skirt is pink. Below her belt, the sides of her dress split away from the rest, with a lighter blue lining to the dark blue. She wears a golden belt with a pink, heart-shaped buckle, a thin blue choker, and leggings with a lighter blue section covering the top third of her thighs, a pink line separating it from a shade of dark blue, and lighter blue line separating that from a pink calf section. She also wears dark blue gauntlets with pink wrist cuffs and lighter blue elbow cuffs adorned with small wings, and boots in the same style. Her cheek tattoo becomes teardrop-shaped, she wears a black band set with a pink jewel in a manner resembling the Eye of Wdjat around her left bicep, and she wears pink earrings similar to those she wore as Blue Angel, but inverted and lacking the wings. When using her Skill, "Shape of Sea", she materializes her Blue Angel wings and revives her monster in a waterspout. She can use these same wings to fly, even in an area lacking in Data Material.


Skye is described as being very nice, polite, timid, and reserved on first sight. As a child, based on a picture of her, she is a shy girl, holding onto her mother. However, as a Celebrity Duelist, Skye becomes very active in LINK VRAINS. As Blue Angel, she presents a personality that is very bubbly, energetic and she is a smiling idol with a cheerful demeanor. She is very obedient to her older step-brother, Akira, but also wants to prove herself and is willing to show him that she can handle something on her own. She seems very distrustful of others, as she thinks most people only approach her for her connections to SOL Technologies. Despite this she is shown to be very grateful for people who have helped and saved her and she is also eager to help them in return.

Skye was shown to get annoyed and angry when Emma lectured her. This carried on inside LINK VRAINS as Blue Angel said she was in a bad mood and felt like beating someone. When Blue Angel worked out that Baira was behind the virus which infected her, Blue Angel became more determined to beat her and said she couldn't forgive her.[6] In the dub, from this point onwards Skye is markedly more willful and defiant in her speech, particularly in the second season. She is generally quicker to take offense to something she doesn't like or agree with and after partnering with Aqua she is significantly more confident and arrogant. She is also somewhat more sarcastic, but she still maintains utmost respect towards Akira.


"Aoi" (葵) means "hollyhock", a plant associated with abundance and great fortune and was also the emblem of the Tokugawa family. "Aoi" may also be derived from (青い), a Japanese word for "blue", reflected by her alias, "Blue Angel". The characters that form "Zaizen" (財前) can be translated as "before wealth". Her first name in the dub, "Skye", also ties into her color theme of blue.


In LINK VRAINS as Blue Angel she can summon and create a blue energy whip.[7] In LINK VRAINS and even in the Data Material-deprived Mirror LINK VRAINS as Blue Maiden, she can re-materialize her Blue Angel wings and use them to fly.

In a Speed Duel, Blue Angel can use the Skill "Trickstar Trick", which allows her to discard a "Trickstar" monster during the opponent's turn in order to force them to draw until they have three cards in their hand. Blue Gal can use the Skill "Trickstar Gig", which sends cards from the top of her Deck to her Graveyard for each "Trickstar" monster she opponent controls and then allows her to add a "Trickstar" card from her Graveyard to her hand. As Blue Maiden, her Skill is "Shape of Sea", which activates when she takes battle damage and allows her to Special Summon a WATER monster from her Graveyard whose ATK is less than or equal to the damage taken.



Young Skye waits outside for Akira.

Ten years prior to the story, Akira and Skye's parents were married, and the two became siblings. But on their way to an anniversary, their parents died in a car accident.[2] This left Akira and Skye alone and their possessions were sold, including their manor. To provide a living for him and his sister, Akira often broke the law, but Skye made him happy, and Akira swore to protect her smile.[1] Skye cried a lot for the disappearance of her parents, feeling alone and miserable. To cheer her up, Akira read her the story of "Blue Angel", which made Skye happier. This also motivated her to become a hero of LINK VRAINS as a Celebrity Duelist, under the alias of Blue Angel.[8]

Skye only had a single friend as a child, Miyu Sugisaki. One day Miyu lost her mother's ring, and Skye took the blame for its loss, resulting in Miyu's mother preventing them from seeing one another again, though Akira reassured Skye that he didn't blame her for the ring's loss.[9]

Knights of Hanoi[edit]

Blue Angel saved by Playmaker

Blue Angel was preparing to face another Duelist in LINK VRAINS, but before she was able to begin the Duel, a Knight of Hanoi appeared and began attacking LINK VRAINS with his "Cracking Dragon". She fled from the Knight in fear, and was about to be attacked by "Cracking Dragon", but Playmaker arrived in time to save her.[3] She then watched the Duel between Playmaker and the Knight, and when Playmaker fell from his Duel Board, she returned her debt to him by throwing him back his Duel Board with an energy whip she summoned.[7] After Playmaker defeated the Knight she and The Gore approached him and challenged him to a Duel. He refused their challenge, claiming that he had no interest in either of them and left, much to their dismay.[10]

Akira refused to allow Skye to Speed Duel. Despite this, Blue Angel eventually participated in one, defeating another Duelist to the cheers of her fans. Afterwards, she logged out of LINK VRAINS and went to watch the sunset. When Skye went to the Duel Club the next day, they were joined by a new member, Yusaku Fujiki. Skye introduced herself to Yusaku, who asked about the new Duel Disk model everyone in the club used. Shima started bragging about how Akira had given them all the new Duel Disks, and Skye shot him a stern glare. Skye noticed that Yusaku's Duel Disk was a card-loading model, the same as Playmaker's. She asked to see Yusaku's Deck, and Yusaku handed it to her, a basic LIGHT Deck. After she looked at the cards, she politely handed it back with a word of thanks, but Shima snatched it up and started laughing at the cards. She looked on as the club's president scolded Shima for insulting the Deck, and Shima apologized and gave it back to Yusaku. After school, Skye returned to her apartment, and the housemaid robot there told her that Akira would not come home because of work. She turned on the TV and saw Akira deflecting press questions about Playmaker's Duel against The Gore. When he was asked if Blue Angel would Duel Playmaker next, he said no, prompting Skye to turn the TV off.[5]

Spectre throws the tainted card to Blue Angel.

That evening, she got a call from Akira, who asked her why she was unhappy. Skye claimed that she wasn't, and Akira then told her to stop Speed Dueling because it was dangerous, in addition to warning her not to let anyone learn that she was Blue Angel, as it could jeopardize his position. She timidly replied that she understood and hung up, but reflected on her resolve to show him that she could hold her own, and she decided to Duel Playmaker. She entered LINK VRAINS and, after turning down several Duel requests, issued a public challenge to Playmaker to come out and Duel her. She waited in vain for Playmaker to show up, and was instead approached by Spectre, who claimed to be a fan of hers, but she realized he was lying. He told her he wanted her to defeat Playmaker, and gave her a card, which he told her would free her hidden desires. After he left, she wondered what she was doing there, apparently having no memory of the incident. She bumped into Yusaku again the next morning at school. As Skye and Yusaku walked to class, she asked him why he had joined the Duel Club, not believing it was because he loved Dueling. Yusaku asked her about her brother, and she angrily told him that people only ever talked to her because they wanted favors from her brother. She told him not to bother asking because her brother wouldn't trust her, and ran off.[5]

Blue Angel under Hanoi's influence

While Skye was in class, she received a text from Playmaker accepting her challenge. She excused herself, claiming she needed to go to the infirmary, but instead went to the rooftop to enter LINK VRAINS, though when she met up with Playmaker, he claimed that he hadn't challenged her. Nevertheless, he agreed to Duel Blue Angel, and as the Duel started, she felt a wave of excitement when she heard her fans cheering her on.[5] Blue Angel started off splendidly, chipping away at a considerable amount of Playmaker's LP and destroying "Decode Talker" despite his attempts at defense. However, when Blue Angel drew "Dark Angel", she began to fall under the influence of the Knights of Hanoi. Playmaker took advantage of her continued attacks on his LP, allowing him to use his "Storm Access" Skill, bringing out "Encode Talker". As he prepared to attack, Blue Angel used her Skill in tandem with her cards to attempt to defeat Playmaker, but was foiled. She was forced to use "Dark Angel", infecting her with a virus created by the Knights of Hanoi that caused her to go berserk, screaming in agony. Playmaker managed to defeat her in a single attack, just as she lost consciousness from the mental damage she had received.[2]

Blue Angel in a coma

After the Duel, Blue Angel fell into a coma. Playmaker caught her and made sure she was okay before he logged out. Yusaku Fujiki found the comatose Skye on the roof of the school, calling the paramedics, who rushed her to the hospital. The doctors were unable to identify the reason or cure for Skye's condition. Blue Angel remained unconscious within LINK VRAINS, and after disguising herself as her, Ghost Gal captured Playmaker and brought him to Blue Angel, as Akira tortured Playmaker for the cure. Varis, the leader of the Knights of Hanoi who had controlled Blue Angel, arrived, claiming responsibility for Blue Angel's condition and that he had an antivirus for her condition, which he would only relinquish if Playmaker defeated him in a Duel.[11] With Skye's fate dependent on Playmaker's victory over Varis, Akira remained by his sister's avatar, lamenting that he couldn't protect her.[12][13][14]

Playmaker uses the virus-removal program on Blue Angel.
Skye wakes up from her coma.

Playmaker was able to defeat Varis, who relinquished the program needed to remove the virus from her. Playmaker returned to the church, approached Blue Angel's avatar and released the program, causing her to disappear as she logged out. Akira came to Skye's bed at the hospital, and watched as she woke up from her coma. Skye apologized for her actions, but Akira just asked her to rest, weeping tears of joy, and Skye smiled, seeing how much her brother cared for her.[15]

Blue Angel winks at her victory.

Following the incident in LINK VRAINS, Akira prevented Skye from going to school or entering LINK VRAINS in an attempt to protect her. She took her tablet and accessed LINK VRAINS in the shape of a butterfly. She overheard the conversation between Ghost Gal and Akira. After Akira logged off, Ghost Gal recognized the butterfly as Blue Angel, and offered her a chance to regain her reputation. She logged into LINK VRAINS and used her energy whip to stop Prototype Red-B. She swore that she would be the one to defeat Playmaker, and ordered the AI to stop its attack. The AI prototype vowed to eliminate her too, and Blue Angel promised to take them on and defeat them.[16] She explained that she had come to repay Playmaker for curing her. Playmaker claimed he never indebted her; regardless, Blue Angel started a Speed Duel with the Red-B. Blue Angel started with her usual tactics; assembling "Trickstar Light Stage", "Trickstar Holly Angel", "Trickstar Narkissus", and "Trickstar Lycoris", beginning to slowly sap its LP. To counter Blue Angel's strategy, the Red-B used "Abyss Invitation" to inflict 200 damage back to Blue Angel whenever Red-B was damaged. It Link Summoned "Tentacluster Nautilus", and used the effects of two "Tentacluster Blastsucker" to inflict a total of 1200 LP damage. Blue Angel noted that the prototype fought her using effect damage, and she would retaliate in a similar manner. Red-B brought Blue Angel's LP to 400, while it had 1500 LP left, then brought back a "Tentacluster Blastsucker", and attacked "Trickstar Lycoris", which Blue Angel noted would destroy "Blastsucker" on purpose and banish it to win the Duel. Blue Angel negated the attack, preventing the AI's victory. On her nest turn, Blue Angel Link Summoned "Trickstar Black Catbat", and her "Trickstar" Link Monsters defeated the AI prototype, banishing it. Blue Angel cheered and winked for her victory.[17]

Blue Angel is shocked by Playmaker's story.

She made it to the data bank and hid behind, seeing her brother and Ghost Gal confronting Playmaker. She learned that Akira had been demoted for helping her during Varis's attack, and of the illegal work he had done to provide for her in their youth.[1] As Akira tried to persuade Playmaker to stand down, Blue Angel revealed herself, surprising Akira with her arrival. Blue Angel asked to know about Playmaker's past, admitting that she did not know what to Duel for, and felt this story would focus her on continuing forward. Blue Angel listened in shock as Akira explained about the Lost Incident, originally known as the Hanoi Project, where six children underwent cruel experiments. She was also shocked to hear that SOL Technologies' data bank contained the name of the mastermind behind the Project.[18] Blue Angel was amazed to see Playmaker turn the Duel around with one card. "Firewall Dragon" attacked "Tindangle Acute Cerberus", and Blue Angel rushed to her brother to protect him, but he took the attack himself and collapsed in defeat. Akira saw he could not do anything to stop Playmaker, but Blue Angel corrected him, as she knew what Akira was feeling. She noted nobody would stand up to Playmaker, and nobody would prevent her brother from protecting her.[19]

Blue Angel makes a pact with Playmaker and The Gore.
Skye is split at either staying home or joining the fight.

When the Deleted incident began, Skye watched The Gore battle Dr. Genome, and even logged into LINK VRAINS. After Gore won, Blue Angel was present when Gore suggested that they and Playmaker ally to stop the Knights of Hanoi, but she did not give them an answer. At school, Skye went to the Duel Club, where Shima voiced his concern of the Knights of Hanoi destroying LINK VRAINS. Hosoda forbade Shima or anyone else to fight the Knights of Hanoi, and disbanded the club until the problem was solved, and Skye shushed Shima from protesting. Skye left, but listened how Shima boasted about Playmaker fighting the Knights of Hanoi. At evening, Skye and Akira ate dinner, as Akira was home earlier earlier due to his demotion. They saw Kitamura announcing that he had developed an A.I. army to confront the Knights of Hanoi, and Akira reminded them unlike Skye, the A.I. could not be Deleted. He forbade Skye from logging into LINK VRAINS, and though saddened by Akira's demand, Skye accepted it. They watched as Kitamura's A.I. army battled the Knights of Hanoi, but lost to two of their elite members. Akira went back to work afterwards to help combat the Knights, while Skye wondered if she should join her friends in the fight, or stay home under Akira's protection.[20]

After leaving school, Skye overheard some students wondering why Blue Angel hadn't shown up in LINK VRAINS for a long time. She was then approached by Emma Bessho, who wanted to talk to her. Skye ignored her until Emma called her Blue Angel, and Skye realized that Emma was Ghost Gal. Emma asked Skye if she was done being Blue Angel, noting that many were waiting for her to show up in LINK VRAINS. Skye claimed it was an exaggeration and that she only fought for herself and not for others. Emma reminded her the reason she became Blue Angel was because she wanted to gain her brother's attention, and suggested that she didn't need Blue Angel anymore after realizing that Akira loved her. Emma told Skye it was better she stop being Blue Angel unless she was not committed to her work, and encouraged her to do things that would make her happy before leaving.[6]

Blue Angel proceeds to Link Summon, Dueling against Baira.

Returning home, Skye was angered by Emma's words and she decided to log into LINK VRAINS. She found Baira about to Delete Frog and Pigeon and aggressively challenged Baira to a Duel, claiming that she was in a very bad mood. Baira admitted that she was surprised that Blue Angel had shown up in LINK VRAINS, and Blue Angel angrily asked if Baira was going to lecture her. Baira revealed that she was the creator of the Deleted virus and that Blue Angel had been used as a test subject. Enraged by these revelations, Blue Angel vowed to defeat Baira. They Speed Dueled in a Data Gale, and Blue Angel quickly Link Summoned "Trickstar Holly Angel" and began inflicting damage to Baira. Baira warned Blue Angel that her Deck had become too well known and infected her monsters with "Current Corruption Virus", negating the effects of all of Blue Angel's monsters with 2000 or less DEF and reducing their DEF to 0 for three turns. Baira then Link Summoned "Dark Mummy Surgical Forceps", attacking "Holly Anegl", but Blue Angel was able to protect it with "Trickstar Perennial" by sending another "Trickstar" card to her Graveyard, though the attack blasted her off her Duel Board and into a building.[6]

Skye smiles after Akira praises her.

Baira's "Surgial Forceps" and "Virus" cards continued to press Blue Angel back; by drawing a Trap Card, the effect of "Surgical Forceps" inflicted 500 damage to Blue Angel, and by using her "Malevolent Malpractice" Skill, she brought out two "Dark Mummy Infusers" to protect "Surgical Foreceps" from Traps and trigger her "Root Ransom Virus" to sap the ATK of Link Monsters to zero and negate their effects. Baira attacked "Holly Angel", depleting most of Blue Angel's LP, but Blue Angel protected "Holly Angel" once again with "Trickstar Perennial". Blue Angel used her Skill on her next turn, allowing her to discard "Trickstar Mandrake" and trigger its effect to Special Summon itself, but which would allow Baira to draw three cards and put Blue Angel at risk from the effect of "Surgical Forceps". Fortunately, Baira didn't draw any Trap Card, and Blue Angel was able to draw another monster on her next turn and Link Summon "Trickstar Bella Madonna" and destroy the "Infuser" linked to "Surgical Forceps", allowing Baira's own "Virus" to affect "Surgical Forceps", though "Bella Madonna" herself was unaffected and defeated Baira. After the Duel, Baira approached her, observing that Blue Angel was back. Blue Angel replied that all she did was defeat her and get revenge on Baira, claiming she only fought for herself and was back only for today. Baira then revealed that she had activated the removal program, curing the Deleted victims. Blue Angel asked her why she activated the program, and Baira claimed that Blue Angel was able to change her heart, and that though she may have fought for herself, she could change those around her. Baira encouraged Blue Angel to carry her hopes on to others and stated that she would be fighting for everyone if she did that, before vanishing. The next day Skye and Akira watched the news about the Deleted being cured while they were eating breakfast. Skye felt guilty for disobeying Akira and attempted to apologize, but Akira told her that he was proud of her and praised her for saving the Deleted. This made Skye genuinely happy and she cheerfully smiled at Akira.[21]

Skye watched as an ominous tower appeared in LINK VRAINS, and wondered what was going on. She watched in horror as the Avatars of people logged into LINK VRAINS were absorbed by the Tower, and she realized that they couldn't log out. She watched a Knight of Hanoi, Spectre, erasing Kitamura, and threaten to do so to anyone that dared enter LINK VRAINS. Angered by his threat, Skye logged into LINK VRAINS. Blue Angel quickly met up with The Gore, Playmaker, and Ai, Playmaker's A.I., declaring that she was fighting for everyone, as they looked up to her, and Gore exclaimed the same, since he was the hero that needed to protect LINK VRAINS. Playmaker explained that he had come to stop the Tower of Hanoi, rescue Ghost Gal and confront Varis. Blue Angel was shocked to hear that Ghost Gal had been defeated by Varis and absorbed by the Tower. Playmaker explained that Varis intended to destroy LINK VRAINS with the Tower of Hanoi, and Blue Angel realized that all the people absorbed would be destroyed too. Gore asked how to stop the tower, and Playmaker explained that Varis had to be defeated. Ai warned them that they had six hours before the Tower was completed. Gore and Blue Angel promised to go there, but Playmaker replied it was better if they stayed home in safety. This actually motivated Gore and Blue Angel even further, and Playmaker claimed not to care, but asked them to be careful. He reminded them that one of them had to defeat Varis, who according to Ghost Gal, wielded a powerful card. The trio promised to meet up against and departed in different directions towards the Tower of Hanoi. Blue Angel soon found opposition in Spectre, who introduced himself and reminded Blue Angel that it was the second time they'd met, revealing that he had given her the "Dark Angel" that Deleted her. He claimed to be her fan, and Blue Angel demanded an explanation, but Spectre refused to answer, believing that an idol like her would not understand his noble ideals. Although he had been ordered to crush anyone that wanted to stop them, Spectre offered to let Blue Angel escape. Blue Angel refused, swearing to defeat him and Varis, and Spectre told her that a weakling like her could not defeat Varis, warning her that a far worse fate than a computer virus awaited her should she lose, revealing that she would be absorbed by the Tower if she did. Blue Angel nevertheless promised to protect LINK VRAINS from the likes of him. They Master Dueled, and Spectre began by Normal Summoning "Sunseed Genius Loci", and used it to Link Summon "Sunavalon Dryas".[22]

Spectre explained his monster could not be attacked, and Blue Angel suspected there was more to it than that. Blue Angel asked about Ghost Gal's whereabouts, prompting Spectre to joke that he hoped he would be Ghost Gal's friend with a name like that, before explaining that as Varis had defeated her, her data was part of Tower of Hanoi. He assured Blue Angel she would become part of the Tower too. Blue Angel swore she would not allow Spectre to do that because she'd defeat him, which amused Spectre. Blue Angel combated Spectre with her Field Spells, "Trickstar Light Stage" and then "Trickstar Light Arena" to prevent Spectre from activating his Set card, and brought out "Trickstar Holly Angel". As Baira had, Spectre took note of the effects of "Holly Angel", as Blue Angel noted being too popular had its drawbacks. She revived "Trickstar Lilybell" and inflicted damage to Spectre, noticing that "Dryas" had started reacting. Spectre ordered her to continue., and "Lilybell" attacked Spectre directly, triggering the effect of "Dryas" and allowing Spectre to Special Summon a "Sunvine" Link Monster, "Sunvine Gardna", and restore his LP. Spectre noted that Blue Angel drew inspiration from the Blue Angel book and conjured a copy before them. Spectre admitted it was a good book and read it aloud, claiming the character "Blue Angel" shared the traits of Skye Zaizen herself, and that to prevent that, Skye had become Blue Angel, a hero of LINK VRAINS. Blue Angel was angered that Spectre had dug into her past and likened him to the evil monsters in the book, as a "sad excuse for a human". She swore to defeat Spectre, who claimed it would be an honor. "Holly Angel" attacked "Sunvine Gardna", which protected Spectre by reducing the damage from the attack and ending Blue Angel's Battle Phase. Blue Angel realized Spectre played a defensive Deck, and he boasted that it was an absolute defense. Blue Angel ended her turn, planning to use "Trickstar Reincarnation" in combination with her two "Trickstar Lycoris" to inflict 2000 damage to Spectre, but during the End Phase the effect of "Light Arena" expired, allowing Spectre to activate his Set "Sunvine Burial", banishing all Blue Angel's "Trickstar Reincarnation". Spectre claimed he'd opened Blue Angel's heart, observing that Skye's loneliness as a child after the death of her parents, which had been soothed when Akira read the "Blue Angel" book to her.[8]

Seeing Akira was her "treasure", Spectre knew that Skye fears losing him the most and he proclaimed that Blue Angel would lose everything after she lost to him. Spectre drew, triggering the effects of Blue Angel's two "Lycoris", damaging him and triggering the effect of "Sunavalon Dryas" again, this time bringing out "Sunvine Healer", which restored his LP again. He evolved "Sunavalon Dryas" into "Sunavalon Dryades", claiming that his "Sunavalon" protected him as Akira protected his sister. Blue Angel sensed that Spectre was also alone as he loved the Blue Angel book, but unlike her had not been loved and became destructive. Spectre found Blue Angel strange to have noticed this, but decided that Blue Angel knew her purpose, and claimed that found it bad that she would not live up to that. He Link Summoned "Sunvine Thrasher" and it and "Holly Angel" destroyed one another, but the effect of "Thrasher" allowed Spectre to revive "Holly Angel" to a zone "Sunavalon Drydes" pointed to. "Holly Angel" destroyed one of Blue Angel's "Trickstar Lycoris", and Spectre asked her how it felt to be attacked by her own ace monster. Blue Angel wondered if there was a way to destroy his "Sunavalon", and upon looking at her hand, she found a new strategy.[8]

Blue Angel Link Summoned "Trickstar Crimson Heart" and regained a bit of her LP. To stop "Sunavalon Dryades", Blue Angel attempted to return it to the Extra Deck with "Trickstar Temptation", claiming that Spectre bore love towards the tree, but hatred as well that the tree concealed. Spectre admitted he sought love, but that love was never fulfilled, though he claimed that he was fine, even if he was scarred. He tempted Blue Angel, who fought for those that were hurt, to fight for him too, negating "Trickstar Temptation" with "Sunvine Maiden". Blue Angel was displeased that her strategy had failed, a failure Spectre attributed to her lack of desire to understand him. He claimed he felt alone, and told she would never defeat him if she did not understand that. He evolved "Dryades" further into "Sunavalon Dryanome", and Link Summoned another "Sunvine Thrasher", who destroyed and stole "Crimson Heart", thoug Blue Angel was able to restore her LP with "Trickstar Light Arena". Defenseless, Blue Angel was attacked by both of her "Trickstars", reducing her to 1000 LP.[23]

On her next turn, Blue Angel brought out out "Trickstar Delfiendium" and returned her three banished "Trickstar Reincarnation" cards to her hand to power it up dramatically. Spectre reminded her that "Dryanome" protected him, but Blue Angel pointed out that all of the zones that "Sunavalon Dryanome" pointed to were occupied, so it could not trigger its effect. She believed she'd won, but the effect of "Dryanome" had allowed Spectre to move "Crimson Heart" to a different Main Monster Zone, freeing up one for him to negate her attack. Spectre noted that Blue Angel was unable to Set the "Trickstar Reincarnation" cards she had obtained, and he claimed that he'd let her see Ghost Gal soon. Blue Angel went on the defensive, returning "Delfiendium" and "Trickstar Candina" to her hand to Special Summon her two "Lycoris". She activated "Trickstar Treat", allowing her to Set her three "Trickstar Reincarnation", which would allow her to repeatedly damage Spectre, though at the risk of inflicting damage to her at the end of the turn. Blue Angel noted that Spectre's analysis of her, meant that he wanted protection as well, but from being alone, and she declared the ultimate love was the blue love he sought out. She swore to save Spectre, who dared her to just do that, and unleashed her "Trickstar Reincarnation" combo. As she did so, Blue Angel noted that even in cruelest hearts, people yearned for love as she played her final "Trickstar Reincarnation". Spectre started crying, demanding that Blue Angel save him.[23]

But before the final damage could finish Spectre off, he activated "Sunbloom Doom" and targeted "Holly Angel", gaining LP equal to the ATK of all monsters that shared its Fairy typing. Spectre noted that Blue Angel didn't live up to her promise, and Blue Angel watched in terror as Spectre's LP skyrocketed. Spectre admitted that he did read Blue Angel, and found that he had to defeat someone pathetic enough to think that had to save him, and he tore the book in two and burnt it before Blue Angel. Blue Angel asked if tormenting her made Spectre happy, and Spectre gleefully explained that he would personally defeat her even though the effect "Trickstar Treat" would deplete her LP anyway. He banished "Sunbloom Doom" to destroy Blue Angel's "Lycoris", as her Level equaled the number of Spell and Trap Cards played during the turn, inflicting 1000 damage to her. The effect blasted Blue Angel into the sky in a twister of petals, and Spectre bid farewell to Skye Zaizen, calling her a girl that failed to become a Blue Angel. Blue Angel's wings shattered as she fell hard onto the concrete, defeated.[23]

It took significant time for the Tower of Hanoi to absorb Blue Angel, enough time for Spectre to leave and Akira to log in, though Akira was captured by Dr. Kogami and forced to watch helplessly as Blue Angel was absorbed by the Tower of Hanoi. As her data was absorbed, Spectre and Playmaker saw the fragments drifting past the bridge they were Dueling on, and Spectre showed Playmaker some of her data fragments and revealed her fate.[24] Skye was released from the Tower of Hanoi when Playmaker defeated Varis, waking up in her apartment with Akira, who had gone there before logging in to find her.[25]


Three months after the Tower of Hanoi, Skye visited Café Nom to thank Yusaku Fujiki for saving her when she was Deleted. Yusaku claimed that anyone would have done the same thing, and Skye awkwardly offered to buy some food. Yusaku reassured her that she didn't have to, and Skye, knowing that she had a Blue Angel event scheduled in LINK VRAINS that day, admitted that she didn't think he would be getting very many customers. Blue Angel logged in, asking the assembled crowd if they were enjoying the new LINK VRAINS. Later as she sat with her drink, she saw Playmaker flying over the skies.[26] She watched Playmaker's Speed Duel with a glowing figure, and the appearance of a mysterious FIRE Duelist, who used a Reincarnation Link Summon.[27][28]

The next day, Skye passed transfer student Theodore in the hallway as Shima told her that Duel Club was meeting in the gym that day. Skye later joined Emma and Akira in Green Park.[29] Akira told them about the Ignis that had been created by the Lost Incident, including Ai, and that they'd been scattered from their own world. He asked Emma to find them and a research them that had gone missing in a mysterious gate that Playmaker's opponent had fled through, and Skye announced her intentions to go too by downloading the emergency logout program that Akira had given Emma. Emma protested Skye's participation, but Skye insisted that she could protect herself and that she wanted to help Akira learn the truth. Akira allowed her to go, warning her that the fate of humanity rested on their mission. Blue Angel and Ghost Gal logged into LINK VRAINS and used Ghost Gal's stealth program to evade the security drone, impressing Blue Angel. After they passed through the restricted area's barrier, Blue Angel removed her stealth program and changed her Avatar as they were on a secret mission. Ghost Gal praised the mature look, dubbing her "Blue Gal". Blue Gal noted that Ghost Gal had seemed worried about a bounty hunter called The Shepherd, and Ghost Gal explained that Shepherd was trouble and never allowed his targets to escape.[30]

Blue Gal and Ghost Gal successfully managed to enter the unknown world through the portal in the depth of the Restricted Area, where they were met by strong winds. After being nearly brought down, both of them landed safely, only to find the emergency signal from the missing research team. As they reached the cave originating the signal, they found the unconscious researchers. Blue Gal suggested they could rescue them by using their emergency evacuation program, but that would require using both Emma's and Skye's, and Ghost Hal wasn't willing to do it. Blue Gal explained that she couldn't leave them behind, since her previous defeats only showed how much of a child she still was, forcing others to always save her. Hearing her reasoning, Ghost Gal used her program as well, logging out both researchers. After leaving the cave, they managed to travel safely through the winds with shields in their Duel Boards, until the wind suddenly stopped blowing.[31]

Playmaker and the mysterious FIRE Duelist, Soulburner, arrived, and Blue Gal explained that she was Blue Angel. Soulburner was happy to meet another savior of the old LINK VRAINS, but Blue Gal stated they were actually seeking to retrieve the Ignis, insisting that they belonged to SOL Technologies. While both Playmaker and Ghost Gal were willing to solve the situation without Dueling, Soulburner brashly accepted Blue Gal's challenge.[31] Determined to overcome her previous defeat against Spectre, Blue Gal improved not only her "Trickstar" Deck, but her thought process as well. From the very beginning of the Duel, she was ahead of Soulburner's every move, using "Trickstar Divaridis" to damage him each time he Summoned a monster, "Trickstar Calobane" to compensate for her monster's lower ATK, and "Trickstar Lycoris" to immediately cause Soulburner to lose the Duel if he used his Skill, Burning Draw. Using her new Skill, Trickstar Gig, Blue Gal added "Trickstar Fusion" to her hand and Fusion Summoned "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar", launching a final attack against "Salamangreat Heatleo", but Soulburner still managed to survive. Despite not being able to finish him, Blue Gal was confident she would win in her next turn, and returned "Calobane" to her hand considering Soulburner's only option would be attacking her. However, he was able to use his Skill to draw "Fusion of Fire", fusing "Heatleo" and Blue Gal's "Divaridis" into "Salamangreat Violet Chimera". When "Sweet Guitar" and "Violet Chiemera" battled, Blue Gal used "Trickstar Calobane" once again to reduce the damage she would take, but Soulburner countered with the effect of "Violet Chimera", doubling its ATK when battling a monster whose ATK was also modified, winning him the Duel in a single hit. Soulburner then approached Blue Gal, complimenting her for becoming much stronger, before forcing her to log out.[32]

Skye and Emma later met with Akira in Green Park, telling Zaizen that Playmaker was searching for someone's consciousness data and that it might be linked to the Ignis. Zaizen brought up the possibility of finding Playmaker in the real world, and Skye noted that Playmaker had unique quirks and that his true nature wouldn't change. The next day at school, Skye met Theodore, who introduced himself to her. Skye greeted him and Yusaku cordially, and was then accosted by Shima. Shima berated her for not showing up at Duel Club, and Skye replied that she'd been busy. To Skye's surprise, Shima boasted about being Playmaker's best friend, and she took the news to Emma. Though she was skeptical, Emma decided to test Shima in a Duel. Skye organized a Blue Angel event to lure Shima - The Brave Battler - out, and Ghost Gal Dueled him in a quiet alleyway while Blue Gal watched from a rooftop. She wondered uncertainly whether The Brave Battler had a plan as he charged in, but she quickly realized that he was just being brash, and Ghost Gal defeated him with ease. Blue Gal apologized to Ghost Gal for wasting her time, and Ghost Gal replied that it was expected, reminding Blue Gal that Blue Angel still had to make an appearance later, much to Blue Gal's exasperation.[33] Emma later called Skye to inform her that a fabricated gate had appeared in LINK VRAINS. She told Skye not to log in, claiming she had an idea who had fabricated the gate and that Akira likely did as well.[34]

Skye heads to LINK VRAINS to help the Ignis.

Akira visited Skye and Emma at Emma's hideout and told them that two of the Ignis, the Light and Wind Ignis, in addition to another A.I. called Bohman wanted to conquer humanity. Skye wondered if there and been a falling out between the Ignis, though Emma pointed out that Ai and Flame would be on their side. Skye noted that there would be two other Ignis left, and Emma decided that they would search for them and hopefully ally with them, though she didn't want to imagine what would happen if they decided to side with the other rouge Ignis. The Gore found the two Ignis first and challenged one of them, Earth, to a Speed Duel; Akira sent Skye and Emma the feed of the Duel. Earth appeared to gain the upper hand, and Skye decided to go to LINK VRAINS as she believed she was useless in the real world. She told Emma to stay behind and give her status updates, and logged in as Blue Gal.[35] Blue Gal caught up to Playmaker and Ai as Earth's Duel against Gore continued, and she reassured them that she wasn't here to Duel them and that she wanted to protect the Ignis. Playmaker informed her that Earth had the upper hand, but Gore proceeded to Synchro Summon "Dinowrestler Giga Spinosavate", having already Fusion Summoned previously, and Blue Gal noted that The Gore really had evolved. Earth continued to block Gore's moves, and his drive to protect his "G Golem Crystal Heart" moved Blue Gal. Unfortunately, Gore was able to defeat Earth and capture him, before challenging Playmaker. Blue Gal challenged Gore to a Duel as well, but he was forcibly logged out by SOL Technologies and Blue Gal lamented his escape.[36]

Skye takes on her battle form, Blue Maiden.

That night, Skye and Emma watched Earth's dissection from their hideout in horror as the Ignis protested that he was alive, and a shaken Skye asked Emma what an Ignis really was.[36] Emma told Skye to ask Akira, so Skye and Emma met with Akira the next day and she asked if the Ignis were really alive. Akira explained that the Ignis had free will and likely understood the concept of death. Skye asked if this meant that SOL Technologies had killed Earth, and Akira stated that they had, though SOL Tech themselves wouldn't agree. Emma asked if this was why Akira had wanted them to find the Ignis first, and Akira admitted that he hadn't thought they'd go so far, but stated that they shouldn't be allowed to play God with the lives of the Ignis. Skye suggested that it might be natural for the Ignis to hate humans. That night at Emma's apartment, Skye dreamed of Miyu disappearing and woke up in shock. Emma suggested that she go back to sleep if she was dreaming about a date with a guy, much to Skye's irritation. She explained about Miyu and asked what Emma was doing. Emma explained that she was searching for Aqua, and that they could track The Shepherd and see if he led them to Aqua. Emma's plan worked, and Blue Gal managed to save Aqua from The Shepherd just in time, allowing Ghost Gal to conceal them with a program. Aqua thanked Blue Gal for saving her again, and she revealed that Miyu was one of the Lost Incident victims and that she had been created from her, and she revealed that the Light Ignis had rendered Miyu comatose with a computer virus. Ghost Gal expressed surprise that they had been connected, and she volunteered to keep The Shepherd occupied while Blue Gal saved Aqua.[37] As they remained in hiding, Aqua told Blue Gal that Miyu had persevered through the Incident due to remembering Skye, and that she intended to find Skye someday and apologize to thank her for saving her. Skye protested that Miyu had been the one to save her from loneliness in her childhood, but Aqua emphasized the courage that Skye had given to Miyu that had then been passed on to her, and she asked Blue Gal to fight with her against the Light Ignis. Blue Gal agreed, believing it was her turn to fight as Miyu had and accepted Aqua into her Duel Disk.[9] Aqua also gave Blue Gal a new "Marincess" Deck.[38] They joined Ghost Gal, Playmaker, Ai, Soulburner and Flame after Ghost Gal's program dissipated, and Blue Gal changed her Avatar before them, taking on her battle mode: Blue Maiden.[9]

Blue Maiden and Aqua flew into the sky with Playmaker and Soulburner, noting that it was time for them to fight together again and they affirmed their goals and decision to fight. Skye left her brother a note, asking her to be left alone while she sorted out her feelings about the Ignis.[9] As they and Ghost Gal headed to the location where Aqua had been imprisoned, Aqua asked Blue Maiden if she had any regrets given the dangers of the coming battle. Blue Maiden reassured her that this wasn't just Aqua's fight, but Blue Maiden's to save Miyu. Aqua noted that Blue Maiden could wind up on opposite sides to her brother, but Blue Maiden believed that he would understand, claiming she had to walk her own path eventually. They arrived at Aqua's former prison, but Lightning had covered his tracks well and left no traces.[39] Further search proved fruitless until Playmaker's ally sent them coordinates of a portal, Blue Maiden bravely vowing that they couldn't pass up the lead. The portal led to Lightning's palace, where he was Dueling The Shepherd.[40] Blue Maiden watched the Duel, with Soulburner and Aqua explaining the details of the Duelists' moves to her. Though he was able to counter "Judgment Arrows", Shepherd, who Ghost Gal revealed to be her brother, was defeated and his data was erased.[41]

Skye and Aqua observe The Gore's reappearance in LINK VRAINS.

Playmaker and Soulburner later logged into LINK VRAINS, and Skye informed Emma, who had gone to her father's grave, of the situation before deciding to log in herself. Before they did, Aqua voiced her concerns that something sad was about to happen. When she logged in, Blue Maiden found The Gore Dueling Playmaker, and she and Aqua joined Soulburner and Flame to watch the Speed Duel. To Blue Maiden's shock, Gore Link Summoned "G Golem Crystal Heart", and Aqua revealed that Gore had Earth's data in his A.I. Dueling Chip.[42] Gore used "Crystal Heart" to augment his ace monster and was able to reduce Playmaker to 1000 LP. Playmaker attempted to counter with "Storm Access", but Gore negated it with "Anti Skill" and then prevented Playmaker's counter, reducing him to 100 LP and blasting him off his Duel Board. Blue Maiden and Soulburner tried to catch him, but were too late to stop him from hitting the ground. Playmaker was then able to use a second effect of his Skill to obtain and Xyz Summon "Firewall eXceed Dragon", defeating Gore. Although he was almost imprisoned by a capture unit, Ai was able to retrieve "Crystal Heart" from Gore and give it to Blue Maiden, asking Aqua to keep it and make Earth happy, and they noted that Gore had been another victim of the battle.[43] Aqua added "Crystal Heart" to Skye's "Marincess" Deck, transforming it into "Marincess Crystal Heart".[44]

Playmaker asked to meet with Skye, Aqua and Emma, and they logged into LINK VRAINS and waited for him and Soulburner in LINK VRAINS' upper levels. Playmaker explained that Varis wanted to talk with them, much to Blue Maiden's shock, and she asked Ghost Gal if she was all right with it. Ghost Gal stated she was willing to give Varis a chance, though Aqua suspected it could be a trap. Varis was true to his word, though he enclosed them all in a barrier for their safety and requested an alliance to battle Lightning's organization. To Blue Maiden's shock, Soulburner angrily refused and challenged Varis to a Duel to avenge his parents.[45] Blue Maiden watched in surprise as Varis passed his turn, wondering if he intended to lose, and Aqua added that she didn't sense anything from Varis's soul. Soulburner was unable to finish Varis off, and Varis revealed that he was Roken Kogami, the son of Dr. Kogami, and that he had rescued the victims of the Lost Incident. He asked them to follow him, and Aqua stated that Varis had no ulterior motives, so Blue Maiden decided to trust him, asking what Soulburner and Ghost Gal would do. Varis led them through a portal to the ruins of the old LINK VRAINS, where the Tower of Hanoi still stood. Varis explained that he wanted to modify the Tower's systems to scan the network, and Blue Maiden asked Ghost Gal if it was possible. Ghost Gal admitted that it was, though Blue Maiden was wary of what happened to her thanks to the Tower. Varis assured them they didn't need to worry about betrayal, as they would be working together to complete the main program. Skye and Aqua watched that night as Emma helped code the program. Skye asked Emma to go to LINK VRAINS to monitor the situation and contact Akira if it became necessary, while she and Aqua joined Playmaker, Soulburner, Ai, Flame, Varis and Spectre at the Tower of Hanoi; Skye explaining what she'd done to the others. They activated the Tower's scan program, revealing that Lightning was hiding in a mirror world; "Mirror LINK VRAINS", and headed into a portal to the mirror world.[46]

As they moved through the path, Blue Maiden was briefly buffeted by the turbulence, though Playmaker saved her. As they emerged into Mirror LINK VRAINS, Blue Maiden wondered if the original was all right, and as Playmaker's ally updated him on its status, BitBoots accosted the group and engaged them in Speed Duels. After defeating a BitBoot, Harlin, Bohman's younger brother A.I., challenged Blue Maiden to a Speed Duel, bringing out "Twin Hydradrive Knight" and activating "Judgment Arrows". Aqua encouraged Blue Maiden to believe in their Deck, and Blue Maiden began her "Marincess" combo, though her efforts were blunted by the anti-WATER effect of "Twin Hydradrive Knight", she was able to gain some advantage. Harlin mocked her for calling Akira her brother when they weren't blood related, but denied being Bohman's brother when Blue Maiden asked. Blue Maiden replied that Harlin couldn't understand, as their bond was the memories they'd made together. Harlin counterattacked on his next turn with "Coolant Hydradrive", but Blue Maiden negated its effects and destroyed it. Harlin was able to destroy "Marincess Coral Anemone", but Blue Maiden used her new "Shape of Sea" Skill to revive it, claiming that she couldn't lose against someone who had nothing to fight for. She brought out "Marincess Marbled Rock" and negated the effect of "Twin Hydradrive Knight", freeing up her monsters' effects and boosting the ATK of "Marbled Rock" beyond the doubled ATK of "Hydradrive Knight", then defeating Harlin with "Marincess Current" and erasing him.[38]

When Mirror LINK VRAINS re-synchronized with LINK VRAINS, the Data Material in the mirror world was greatly depleted and everyone's Duel Boards stopped working. Blue Maiden was able to fly away with her wings until Lightning materialized energy barriers that trapped her in the city; Blue Maiden realized they had walked into a trap. She watched as Lightning approached Spectre to Duel him, and noted that Spectre was in trouble from the first turn after Lightning created an Extra Link to deny him access to the Extra Monster Zones. However, Spectre was able to steal Lightning's "Judgment Arrows" and counterattack.[47] She watched as Spectre created his own Extra Link, and then an Ultimate Extra Link, but Lightning was able to defeat and erase him.[48] After the broadcast cut, Aqua warned Blue Maiden that they could Duel next, but Soulburner was the next to be challenged, this time by the Wind Ignis, Windy. Blue Maiden and Aqua watched as Windy combated Soulburner with the effects of his Field Spell Cards, confused as to why he was increasing the ATK of his ace monster against a reincarnated "Salamangreat Heatleo", but Windy then used his Field Spell to negate the effects of "Heatleo".[49] Although all of Soulburner's monsters were destroyed, he was able to defeat Windy, and Flame absorbed his data.[50]

Blue Maiden vows not to give up during her Duel with Bohman.

After the Duel, Blue Maiden and Aqua began exploring the city; Aqua warning Blue Maiden again that they could be the next to Duel. Blue Maiden spotted a building in place of where Central Station would be, and she and Aqua decided to investigate. They found Bohman there, who introduced himself to them. As he and Aqua discussed his actions, Blue Maiden warned Bohman that she couldn't forgive him due to Lightning's actions in infecting Miyu with the computer virus, and Bohman offered to give her the vaccine data for Miyu's virus if Blue Maiden defeated him. Blue Maiden made a strong start, Link Summoning "Marbled Rock" and setting herself up to nullify the attacks of all three of Bohman's "Coolant Hydradrives", but Bohman used them to Link Summon "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" rather than attack with them, negating the effects of "Marbled Rock" and destroying it. Blue Maiden was able to survive by bringing out "Crystal Heart", telling Bohman that she couldn't afford to lose until she had saved Miyu. Bohman proceeded to demonstrate his power, causing Mirror LINK VRAINS to quake around them and claiming that he had become one with LINK VRAINS, asking if Blue Maiden still intended to fight him despite the difference in their strength. Blue Maiden affirmed that she did, and she attempted to use "Marincess Bubble Blast" to inflict effect damage to Bohman, but he blocked her first attempt with "Interference Canceller", which would allow him to prevent the damage two more times, though Blue Maiden emphasized to Aqua that Bohman could only do so two more times, while Blue Maiden wasn't limited to inflicting effect damage twice.[44] She set herself up to inflict enough damage to defeat Bohman despite his protections, but Bohman was able to re-use the effect of "Interference Canceller", preventing Blue Maiden from inflicting any more effect damage.[51]

Blue Maiden embraces Akira as Bohman absorbs her data.

Aqua then asked Bohman why he didn't seem to hate them for defeating Harlin, and Bohman claimed to instead be thankful that they had, as he had experienced new emotions as a result, much to Blue Maiden's shock. Bohman Link Summoned "Tesseract Hydradrive Monarch" and forced Blue Maiden to choose whether to send "Crystal Heart" or "Coral Anemone" to her Graveyard to allow "Tesseract" to attack again, which would bypass the effect of "Crystal Heart" and either way would defeat Blue Maiden. Blue Maiden began to panic, apologizing to Miyu, but sensed Akira telling her not to give up, and she realized that she still had an option; banishing her monsters with "Marincess Cascade". She thanked Akira for telling her not to give up, and Link Summoned "Marincess Wonder Heart", protecting it from Bohman's effects with "Marincess Battle Ocean". She destroyed "Tesseract" and Special Summoned "Marbled Rock" to attack Bohman directly, but he was able to reduce the damage and survive. He claimed that Blue Maiden had lost by destroying "Tesseract", and revived it with doubled ATK via its own effect on his next turn and attacked "Wonder Heart", slowly depleting its equipped monsters and eventually destroying it. Blue Maiden was able to reduce the damage with "Marincess Crown Tail" and revive "Crystal Heart", then reduce the damage from "Tesseract's" next attack by 10000. But it wasn't enough to prevent her from losing, and she apologized to Aqua. Aqua reassured Blue Maiden that she was proud to be her partner before Bohman's attack hit, defeating them. Bohman then projected Akira's image to Blue Maiden, and she embraced him as she fragmented into data.[51] Bohman then absorbed Blue Maiden and Aqua's data.[52]

After Playmaker defeated Bohman, Blue Maiden's data was restored and she was transported to Central Station with The Shepherd, Soulburner, Playmaker and Ai. As Akira and Ghost Gal arrived, Playmaker explained that Bohman had released them all and Ai speculated it had been out of pride. Mirror LINK VRAINS vanished in the distance, and Soulburner then asked what had happened to Flame. As Blue Maiden looked at her own Duel Disk for any sign of Aqua, Ai apologized to them and fled into the network.[53]

Bohman's defeat also restored Miyu's data, and Skye began visiting her in the hospital. She stopped by Café Nom to get food from Yusaku due to its proximity, and they noticed an advertisement for the SOLtiS and discussed Zaizen's work on them. Skye teased Yusaku that he might not have to work the stand anymore and bid him farewell as Theodore arrived.[53]


As Skye left for school one day, Akira received a call from SOL Technologies that Queen had been attacked, though he reassured her that she didn't need to worry and headed to work.[54] However, that evening Akira told Skye that the culprit had stolen the code key to SOL Technologies Queen had owned and they were after his. Skye agreed to help protect her brother, as did Emma, The Shepherd, and Gore, who had removed his A.I. Dueling Chip and recovered from his Duel with Playmaker. Akira also contacted Playmaker, who met them at the defunct Central Station alongside Soulburner and their support ally, Unnamed. To Blue Maiden's shock, Akira revealed that the attacker had been Ai, now using a human form and promising to come for Zaizen in three days. Akira asked for Playmaker's help, though Playmaker asked for time to think. That night, Skye watched footage of Playmaker's Duel with Bohman, and she decided that she didn't want Playmaker to go through the pain of having to fight his former partner. Unwilling to let Akira know her intentions, Skye instead decided to try and contact Playmaker through Naoki Shima, though his efforts yielded no results. After school the next day, Skye found Akira walking in the streets, and he explained he was trying to burn the city he lived in into his memories. To cheer Akira up, Skye took him to Café Nom, where they met Yusaku. Akira realized that Yusaku was Playmaker, and they went to a playground to talk in private, Akira thanking Yusaku for saving Skye from the Deleted virus before being called away by work. After Akira had left, Skye sat with Yusaku and she admitted she'd wanted to meet him to thank him for saving her and her brother. She asked him not to join the fight, as she didn't want Yusaku to fight Ai and asked what Aqua's final moments had been like. Yusaku stated he hadn't seen Aqua, but according to Ai she had given him her power and urged her to stop Bohman, an act that Skye reflected was indeed like Aqua. Before she left, Skye asked Yusaku to shake her hand, and he did so, something Skye felt was strange.[55]

When the day of Ai's attack arrived, Skye joined Akira on an airplane to log into Central Station from there.[56] Soulburner, Ghost Gal, The Shepherd and The Gore had all joined them, but Playmaker had not. The Knights of Hanoi also arrived, and Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal were both concerned over their intentions and crimes, but Varis reassured them that they bore no grudge against SOL Technologies after Lightning had been revealed to be responsible for infecting his father with a computer virus rather than SOL Tech, and that they would turn themselves in after Ai had been dealt with. Ghost Gal noted that SOL Technologies would be implicated in the Lost Incident and Akira would take the fall as the current leader of the company, an outcome Akira stated he had made peace with. He asked Blue Maiden to remain with him in the center of the Station to protect him, and Varis gave Blue Maiden a copy of Pandor, an anti-Ignis A.I. with free will he had created. As everyone moved to their assigned positions, Playmaker finally arrived, having decided to join the fight after all.[55] As Zaizen and Blue Maiden observed the start of the battle, Zaizen declared that he was counting on them. A signature approached, but to Zaizen's shock, it split into three and Playmaker, Soulburner and Varis each encountered a copy of Ai. Zaizen told them that they would have to Duel them to determine which was the true Ai, but Blue Maiden realized that all three copies were using the exact same stall strategy, and Varis realized that the copies intended to distract them from the real Ai. Sure enough, the true Ai and Roboppi approached Central Station, and Ai easily defeated Baira and Dr. Genome and took their data before engaging Faust, shocking Blue Maiden with his strength, while Ghost Gal and The Shepherd found Roboppi.[57] Blue Maiden was impressed by how well Ghost Gal used Shepherd's cards, and Akira explained that the key to a Tag Duel was the partners' trust in one another; it would take advantage of their bond. However, Roboppi defeated both of them, and Ai defeated Faust and Spectre, leaving only The Gore to oppose Ai.[58] Blue Maiden and Zaizen were encouraged when Gore appeared to have defeated Ai, but Ai was able to survive and comeback on his next turn to defeat Gore, leaving no-one to oppose him from reaching the Zaizens. Blue Maiden and Akira subsequently cut their broadcast to Central Station.[56] Ai soon found them, having boarded their aircraft and defeated Pandor.[59]


Akira Zaizen[edit]

Skye and Akira are step-siblings. Akira cares very deeply for Skye due to their parents dying while they were young. Skye, on the other hand, is shown to have a big brother complex and idolizes him. Akira is aware that she is Blue Angel, but fails to see her desire to gain recognition from him. Akira unknowingly neglects her due to him working to ensure she doesn't have any hardships. However, Akira has shown that Skye is more important than his work as he risked his position to find a cure for her. He is incredibly protective of her, as seen when he questioned Yusaku about their relationship, or when he confronted Varis for the removal program.

Yusaku Fujiki (Playmaker)[edit]

Skye and Yusaku are classmates, but only Yusaku is aware of her alter-ego. As "Blue Angel", Skye is shown to develop an interest in Yusaku's alter-ego, "Playmaker", after he saved her from a "Cracking Dragon".[3] She is shown to be grateful to "Playmaker" for saving her, and saved him in return after he fell from his Duel Board.[7] She also has a desire to defeat him in a Duel to prove herself.

Yusaku is interested in getting close to Skye in order to obtain leads regarding SOL and his fight against Hanoi, but Skye assumed that he, like many others, wanted a new Duel Disk or a job at SOL so she quickly dismissed him.[5]

Yusaku's defeat of Varis allowed him to obtain the removal program which he used to awaken her. Following his Duel with Varis he immediately asked Kolter if Skye was alright. After Skye's recovery, Yusaku is shown to still be concerned about her safety and worried that she hadn't attended school for a long time. Ai also teases him for being worried about her. Skye and Yusaku's care for one another is exaggerated in the dub, to the point that Ghost Gal openly teases Blue Gal about it.

After hearing about Yusaku's traumatic past, Skye felt a great feeling of sympathy for him.



As Blue Angel and Blue Gal, Skye uses a "Trickstar" Deck[3] that focuses on inflicting effect damage in small increments; Ai describes her Duel style as "poking with needles". Her main strategy is to first gain card advantage while Summoning multiple "Trickstar" monsters, then inflict effect damage to the opponent multiple times a turn, often using "Trickstar Lycoris" and "Trickstar Light Stage", and powering up "Trickstar Holly Angel" at the same time. Her Skill, "Trickstar Trick", plays into this combo, as it forces the opponent to draw cards and triggers the effect of "Lycoris".

During the second season, Skye's Deck strategy changes subtly. In addition to her previous strategies, she also focuses on recycling tactics, using cards such as "Trickstar Fusion" and her new Skill, "Trickstar Gig" as well as incorporating Fusion Summoning into her Deck.


As Blue Maiden, Skye plays a "Marincess" Deck that was provided to her by Aqua. The Deck focuses on boosting the ATK of her WATER monsters while also creating a steady defense with her Trap Cards that can be activated from the hand and have additional effects the higher the Link Rating of the Link Monster Skye controls is. Her Skill is "Shape of Sea", which can be activated when she takes battle damage and allows her to Special Summon a WATER monster from her Graveyard whose ATK is less than or equal to the damage that she took. This Deck includes "Marincess Crystal Heart" after Ai recovered "G Golem Crystal Heart" from Gore. Skye continues using this Deck even after Aqua's termination.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unnamed Duelist 6 Win
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker 7 Lose
Prototype Red-B 17 Win
Klarissa Turner/Baira 25-26 Win
Spectre 32-34 Lose
Theodore Hamilton/Soulburner 56 Lose
BitBoot 85 Win
Harlin 85 Win
Bohman 90-91 Lose
Ai 110-111 Lose (with Akira Zaizen)


  • Similar to many previous heroines of Yu-Gi-Oh! series, Skye used a performance-theme deck, in this case, her idol-themed "Trickstar" Deck.
  • When Skye's Avatar disintegrates into data, her data is blue, she and Kolter are the only characters to be so; most characters usually disintegrated into yellow data, Varis disintegrated into green data, and Soulburner and Flame into red.


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  1. This card is given to Aoi by Spectre in episode 6.