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Rayne Nanahoshi draws Gavin Sogetsu's card for him in Sogetsu Style.

Sogetsu Style (そうげつりゅう Sōgetsu-ryū) is a technique in both Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS and Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!, founded by Gakugen Sogetsu and taught to members of the Sogetsu and Nanahoshi families. According to Gavin Sogetsu, its practitioners must be adept at both literary and martial arts.[1].

In Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, Sogetsu Style is mainly used as a Dueling style by Gavin Sogetsu, Rayne Nanahoshi and Rino Nanahoshi. Practitioners of Sogetsu Style Duel with one or two attendants traditionally dressed in Kuroko clothing at their side, who draw, hold and play the Duelist's cards for them at their commands; when there are two attendants, one attendant draws and plays the cards, while another holds them; the Duelist still wears their own Duel Disk.[2]. Gavin stops using this style midway through his Rush Duel with Yuga Ohdo due to his desire to enjoy the match,[2] and continues to use a new version of the style that he dubs Neo Sogetsu Style, though it is pointed out to him that this is simply Dueling normally and Gavin himself admits that he realized that Dueling this way was much faster.[3] Despite this, Gavin voiced a desire to improve upon Neo Sogetsu Style.[4]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!, Manabu Sogetsu is the current heir to the style. However, he never enjoyed using it to hurt people, but found solace in Bochi, a stray dog, who helped him get through the training. After his masters found this out, Manabu was sent to the mountains for intense training. On return, he found Bochi had gone and believed he had taken by aliens, making him decide to leave the Sogetsu Style so that he could join MIK[5].

Known Practitioners[edit]


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