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Uncover the stories behind the cards!

— In-game description

Solo Mode is a single-player mode in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. The player learns about famous Archetypes by completing Campaigns, called Gates.

The first two Gates, Tutorial and Duel Strategy teach the player some of the basic rules of the game and puts them into practice.

Each Gate after those provides the player with the lore and background story of the respective Deck Types, as well as Dueling Challenges to showcase their styles of play. After completing the gates related to each archetype, the corresponding Secret Pack is unlocked for 24 hours.

At several points in the Gates the player will find locked "doors" that can only be unlocked with the Attribute Orbs obtained by completing chapters in various Gates. Unlocking these will open access to other Duels and make additional rewards available.

See Master Duel card storylines for the cutscene scripts of each Gate.


Let's learn the basics of Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL.

The player is taught the very basics of the game here, and is rewarded with a Starting Deck to use. Full completion of the Tutorial also lets the player pick between one of three additional Starters - Link Generation, Power of the Dragon, or Synchro of Unity - to expand their collection. The other two Decks that were not selected can be obtained later on by reaching Duelist Levels 5 and 10.

Duel Training[edit]

Challenge yourself to a range of Duels that will help you improve your skills.

There are Duel Chapters that you can Duel with your own Deck in, an Duel Chapters where you can learn a foundation with Loaner Decks first before moving on to Duel on your own.

The player is taught the finer aspects of game mechanics.

Duel Strategy 1[edit]

The player is introduced to the standard 8000 LP format, encouraged to customize their starter Deck, and is taught Special Summon types and how to respond to the opponent's actions. Notable card rewards include Monster Reborn and Reinforcement of the Army.

Duel Strategy 2[edit]

This gate teaches the player on the finer details of the Battle Phase, forming Chains, alternate win conditions, Pendulum Summons, Linked zones, and Co-linked monsters.

The Absolute Monarch[edit]


Use "Monarch" Spell and Trap Cards for successful Tribute Summons to activate powerful effects.

The "Monarch," the very embodiment of destruction, obliterate all!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Monarch archetype.

The Warriors of the Six Elemental Lords[edit]


Beckon "Elemental Lords" to the Field, taking advantage of the "Elementsaber" ability to change Attributes in the Graveyard.

Control the power of the mighty Elements!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Elementsaber archetype.

Ruin and Demise[edit]


Beckon "Demise," King of Armageddon, and "Ruin," Queen of Oblivion, who ply their destruction with different effects.

Draw a black curtain on the world with their powers of destruction!

This Solo Gate demonstrates Ritual Summoning and the mechanics of cards that use End of the World.

The Mystery of the Megalith[edit]


"Megaliths" have the unique ability to call forth Ritual Monsters without using Ritual Spells.

The power of "Megaliths" open the door to new Rituals!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Megalith archetype.

The Pyroxene Warriors[edit]


"Gem-Knights" boast a variety of Fusion Spells and Fusion Monsters.

The power of Pyroxene fosters miracles!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Gem-Knight archetype.

The Glory of the Gladiator Beasts[edit]


"Gladiator Beasts" beckon other Beasts with amplified effects.

The stage is set for a frenzied fray!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Gladiator Beast archetype.

Studying the Origins of the Karakuri[edit]


"Karakuri" are characterized by their mechanical movements, such as their ability to change formations. Synchro Summoning accelerates their movements even further.

It's time for the fierce "Karakuri" to head into battle!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Karakuri archetype.

Specter Slaying Flames[edit]


"Shiranui" employ the power of fire to slay Specters. Their power burns fiercely through their Demon Swords and Synchro Summons.

Experience supernatural powers that connect dimensions!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Shiranui archetype.

Gears of Justice Dispatch![edit]


Like gears meshing together, "Geargia" gather in unison to enable enhanced effects.

Overlapping forces, the Gears of Justice crush evil aspirations!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Geargia archetype.

Digital Bugs in Cyberspace[edit]


The "Digital Bugs" transform themselves into more powerful Xyz Monsters using Special Xyz Summons.

Watch out for the evolution of these unstoppable bugs!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Digital Bug archetype.

The Steam Dinosaurs of Unchartered Lands[edit]


The "Dinomist" are Monsters that are both powerful in battle and ironclad defenders against destruction.

Survive the fiercest battles with the power of Steam Dragons!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Dinomist archetype.

The Colossal Mechanical Conch[edit]


With their varied effects and Pendulum Summons, the mighty power of the "Qliphort" mobile weapons is unleashed when their systems are connected.

Behold their mutated powers that control all life!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Qliphort archetype.

The Legend of the Star Heroes[edit]


Witness the epic story of the World Heroes.

This Solo Gate summarizes the World Legacy plot.

Chosen by the World Legacy[edit]


Channel the "World Chalice" with Link Summons that utilize Normal Monsters to Summon more powerful Monsters, and face off against the "Krawlers" using the "World Armor," which has a powerful effect when Flipped.

The battle for the World Legacy begins..!

The sub-gate covers the first part of the World Legacy plot, from the beginning to the defeat of the Krawlers, and introduces the World Chalice and Krawler archetypes.

Gift of the Martyr[edit]


Now standing in their way are the "Mekk-Knight," who employ tactics using columns and the "World Shield," as well as the "Knightmare," who control the World Lance and nightmarishly powerful Link Monsters.

The battle for the "World Legacy" rages on..!

The sub-gate covers the second part of the World Legacy plot, from the Mekk-Knights' intrusion to the defeat of the Knightmares, and introduces the Mekk-Knight and Knightmare archetypes.

The Secret Powers of the Planet[edit]


Auram and his linked comrades, the "Crusadia", are up against a new foe, the "Orcust" who can be called back from the GY even after they are destroyed. One question remains: who is the mastermind behind these menacing machines?

A new "World Legacy" battle is about to be unleashed!

The sub-gate covers the third part of the World Legacy plot, from the formation of the Crusadia to the clash between Maximus and Longirsu, and introduces the Crusadia and Orcust archetypes.

Enforcers of Justice[edit]


The "Lightsworn" wield their mighty powers to enforce Justice. The tradeoff is your Deck itself. Seek victory before your deck runs out.

Where there is a cry for help, the Lightsworn are there!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Lightsworn archetype and its Twilightsworn variant.

The Fairies who Paint the Weather[edit]


The Fairies Who Paint The Weather. The weather patterns they weave become Continuous Spell and Trap cards, which bless the field and the Fairies themselves with amazing effects.

Uncover the secrets to wielding the powers of the ever-changing weather!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of The Weather archetype.

The Herald's Guidance[edit]


"Heralds" deploy effects from both the hand and the field with the ability to deter the opponent's actions.

They light the way to an ordained destination...

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Herald archetype.

Indomitable Warriors of Unwavering Loyalty[edit]


No matter what life-or-death trials await the "Six Samurai" on the battlefield, they will always have each others' backs. Their solidarity is what will allow them to unify the nation!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the original Six Samurai.

The Danger Files[edit]


These "Danger!" creatures are full of mystery and intrigue, but after hiding way on their treacherous island for so long, humans are finally able to take a closer look at them!

Hunt them down... before they hunt you.

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Danger! archetype.

Worshippers of the Sacred Phoenix[edit]


Once destroyed, the "Nephthys" shall rise to be stronger. Draw out their mystical powers as you battle your way to victory, and maybe you'll even get a glimpse of the legendary flaming phoenix!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Nephthys archetype.

The Invincible Beetroopers[edit]


Insect knights, or "Beetroopers," fight with their own unique "tactical maneuvers." Their power, which combines attack and defense through communication, is truly unbeatable.

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Beetrooper archetype.

We the Merry Plunder Patroll[edit]


The "Plunder Patroll" pirates are adept at building ships to take out to sea.

Get on board! Hoist the sails! Let's set sail in search of treasure!

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Plunder Patroll archetype.

The Tribe of the Abyssal Waters[edit]


The people of "Mermail" are highly skilled fighters that live under the sea.

Their origins were hidden in their long journey of searching for a safe haven.

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of the Mermail archetype.

Dark, Dead Vengeance[edit]


The horror began when the city was shrouded in darkness.

The "Vendread" are wraiths that increase in number as they attack the living.

While everyone else was gripped by despair, one man was compelled by vengeance to take a stand against the undead--even after becoming one of them.

This Solo Gate demonstrates the mechanics of and the story behind the Vendread archetype.

SP Deck Challenge[edit]


Challenge yourself to a Duel against a special Deck and win spectacular rewards!

This Solo Gate recreates climactic Duels from the first Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series.

SP Deck Challenge 2[edit]


Challenge yourself to a Duel against a special Deck and win spectacular rewards!

This Solo Gate recreates climactic Duels from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.