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English name (linked)Japanese name[[Card type]][[Property]]Status
Archfiend's IncarnationデーモンのじゅにくTrap CardNormal Trap CardNot yet released
Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Heartburn-Inducing Pork Roast FatめんむねあぶらじゅつSpell CardNormal Spell CardLegal
Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Red HotめんげきからレッドのじゅつSpell CardNormal Spell CardLegal
Attribute Change BlastぞくせいへんこうだんSpell CardNormal Spell CardLegal
Avian Spell StrategyちょうじゅせんじゅつSpell CardNormal Spell CardNot yet released
Bandaged BowingオジギプスSpell CardNormal Spell CardLegal
Beast Gear Worldせいまつじゅうかいビーストギア・ワールドSpell CardField Spell CardLegal
Beast Gear World Secret Technique - Fist of the Beastじゅうかいおう じゅうけんTrap CardNormal Trap CardLegal
Big OceanだいかいようSpell CardField Spell CardLegal
Blazing FlameえんSpell CardNormal Spell CardLegal