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City's society is entirely competition based, where the "winners" stand to gain everything, and the "losers" stand to lose everything. The upper 1% of City's population is known as the Tops. They control 99% of the city's wealth, and live in a magnificent cityscape of highways, skyscrapers, villas, and even smaller metropolises that tower high above the slums the [[Commons(ARC-V)|Commons]], or the remaining 99% of the population, reside in. It is patrolled by [[Security]], who will apprehend any Commons that are in Tops-exclusive areas without authorization. The Tops openly discriminate against the Commons, with the possible exception of Commons who are able to achieve great things and become Tops themselves, such as [[Jack Atlas (ARC-V)|Jack Atlas]], who won the [[Friendship Cup]] and became Duel King. <ref name="ep54">{{episode|Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V|54|ref}}</ref>
During the [[Maiami Championship]], Yugo and [[Yuzu Hiragi]] were transported to a Tops-exclusive area by [[Yuzu's bracelet]], where the two explained to each other their knowledge of the events that had transpired before they were discovered by Tops residents, prompting them to flee on Yugo's Duel Runner only to be forced into a [[Turbo Duel]] by Security.

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