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* [[Lazar (ARC-V)|Lazar]]
* [[Melissa Trail]]
* [[Sector Security (ARC-V)|Sector Security]]
* [[White Taki]]
City's society is entirely competition based, where the "winners" stand to gain everything, and the "losers" stand to lose everything. The upper 1% of City's population is known as the Tops. They control 99% of the city's wealth, and live in a magnificent cityscape of highways, skyscrapers, villas, and even smaller metropolises that tower high above the slums the [[Commons (ARC-V)|Commons]], or the remaining 99% of the population, reside in. It is patrolled by [[Sector Security (ARC-V)|Sector Security]], who will apprehend any Commons that are in Tops-exclusive areas without authorization. The Tops openly discriminate against the Commons, with the possible exception of Commons who are able to achieve great things and become Tops themselves, such as [[Jack Atlas (ARC-V)|Jack Atlas]], who won the [[Friendship Cup]] and became Duel King. <ref name="ep54">{{episode|Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V|54|ref}}</ref>
During the [[Arc League Championship]], [[Yugo]] and [[Zuzu Boyle]] were transported to a Tops-exclusive area by [[Zuzu's bracelet]], where the two explained to each other their knowledge of the events that had transpired before they were discovered by Tops residents, prompting them to flee on Yugo's [[Duel Runner]] only to be forced into a [[Turbo Duel]] by Sector Security.
During a Sector Security Raid. The tops will be escorted out of the sence while the common will all be arrested, as seen with the [[Underground Dueling Arena]].
The tops is seen to have a Special Seating: While the commons sit in normal seat, the tops get to sit in a special, luxury room.
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