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Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon

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| romaji_name = Oddoaizu Perusona Doragon
| image = OddEyesPersonaDragon-VJMP-JP-UR.png
| attribute = DarkDARK
| type = Dragon
| type2 = Pendulum
{{Card table set|VJMP-JP114|V Jump May 2016 promotional card|Ultra Rare}}
{{Card table set/footer}}
| support1 supports = Pendulum Monster| misc1 archseries = Limited activationsOdd-Eyes| summon1 supports_archetypes = Special Summons itself from your Pendulum ZoneOdd-Eyes| action1 action = Places from Extra Deck to Pendulum Zone| mst1 m/s/t = Negates the effects of Effect Monsters| archetype1 summoning = Odd-EyesSpecial Summons itself from your Pendulum Zone| archsupport1 misc = Odd-EyesLimited activations
| database_id = 12480
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