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Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon

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| pendulum_effect_types = Trigger-like
| effect_types = Quick
| pendulum_effect = [[Once per turn]], during the [[End Phase]], if your opponent [[activate]]d a card or [[Card effect|effect]] this [[turn]] that [[target]]ed exactly 1 "[[Odd-Eyes]]" [[Pendulum Monster]] you [[control]]led (and no other cards) while this card was in your [[Pendulum Zone]]: [[Special Summon]] this card, and if you do, place 1 [[face-up]] "Odd-Eyes" Pendulum Monster from your [[Extra Deck]] in your [[Pendulum Zone]], except "Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon".
| lore = [[Once per turn]], during either player's [[turn]]: You can [[target]] 1 [[face-up]] [[Monster Card|monster]] on the [[field]] that was [[Special Summon]]ed from the [[Extra Deck]]; it has its [[Card effect|effects]] [[negate]]d, until the end of this turn.
| fr_pendulum_effect =

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