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'''Adamatia''' This archetype is divided into a few sub-groups. The main third of monsters, simply called "Adamatia", are explorers of the caves. These include two Level 2 monsters and one Level 4 EARTH monster that allow the player to excavate the top 5 cards of the Deck and Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Rock from the cards excavated. The second is the Adamatia Crysta, three level Level 4 Rock monsters of FIRE, WATER, and WIND Attributes with 0 ATK and 2200 DEF that have effects when summoned by Adamatia cards and effects to recycle Synchros of their attribute to put on the top of the Deck; these monsters are beasts encased in crystal. The final third are the "Adamatia Rise " monsters, Synchro versions of the Adamatia Crystas, that have excavate effects with bonus effects and Quick Effects if a monster of their Attribute is in the GY on the opponent's turn; these monsters depict an explorer riding on the beast that was freed from its crystalline prison.
==Playing style==
The '''Adamatia''' theme This archetype revolves around Synchro Summoning and excavating the top cards of your Deck to summon Level 4 or lower Rock monsters. This action of cards excavating by the effect of their Tuners reflects their job as gemstone explorers; they 'explore' deep into the 'cave' (player's Deck) to seek for any gemstones they could possibly find (note that the Tuners can Special Summon any Level 4 or lower Rock monsters, not limited to the "Adamatia Crysta" monsters alone). The Tuners can even be easily Special Summoned from the hand following certain requirements; "Adamatia Analyzer" may take the first move to Special Summon himself via his "Cyber Dragon"-esque effect, then the player can proceed to further Special Summon the other two "Adamatia" tunersTuners, "Seeker" and "Researcher". Before you excavate any cards through their effects, you might want to use the effect of their exclusive Field Spell "Adamatia Raputite" first, to guarantee that you will later Special Summon any "Adamatia Crysta" of your choice for the sake of Synchro Summon.
You may also want to halt further Synchro Summoning by keeping some amount of "Adamatia" monsters on your field during certain situationsituations; for example, by providing enough "Adamatia" monsters on your field, you can use the Trap "Adamatia Relieve" to destroy cards on any field. The trap Trap requires you to Tribute any number of “Adamatia” monsters to destroy that many target cards +1 on the field. The best "Adamatia" monsters to tribute Tribute are the crystals, since they are useful while in the GY to unlock the second effects of the Synchro Monsters of the same Attribute. Furthermore, in a case where they are resting in the GY along with the Synchro Monsters, they have an ability effect to recycle themselves and the Synchro Monsters, from the GY back into the Deck.
===Recommended cards===

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