Speed Duel (Duel Terminal)

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Speed Duels (スピードデュエル Supīdo Dyueru) are a new concept introduced in the "Duel Terminal" system.


You start with:

Certain rule elements are omitted (for example, no Damage Step in the Battle Phase). There is no Field Spell Card Zone, nor is there a graphical representation of the Graveyard, Main Deck, Extra Deck or banished cards.

TCG changes[edit]

  • You can now select who your opponent is (Hard difficulty only)
  • You start with 4000 Life Points instead of 3000
  • You start with 4 cards in your hand instead of 3
  • Cards remaining in your Deck, your Extra Deck, and your Graveyard are represented by icons at the lower left corner with the number of cards present
  • Two selectable difficulties: Easy and Hard
  • Coin is now replaced with $
  • Optional Destiny Draw feature: Before you draw, you may press A to stop a moving scale, or tap A rapidly to fill a bar to fill you Destiny Draw bar. The greater the difference of Life Points is, the easier it is to fill the bar. Once filled, instead of drawing, you may Scan a card (excluding one you scanned earlier) and add it to your hand instead. This may be a joke referencing the English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s frequent mentions of the "Heart of the Cards", which allows a losing player to always draw what they need.



How to play[edit]

1. Select "Speed Duel" from menu after inserting 100 yen.

2. Receive dispensed card.

3. Scan up to 3 cards (must be Duel Terminal compatible.) You cannot scan the same card twice.

4. Select a deck. Decks which you can choose will differ depending on what cards you scanned. Furthermore, if you didn't scan 3 cards, random cards will act as a filler.

5. A reel with names of duelists will spin. Touch the screen to stop it. The selected duelist will be your opponent!

6. The Terminal will automatically select an assistant for you. The character will be selected in relation to your opponent, so when your opponent is Jaden, your assistant will be Chazz. (Keep in mind whoever your assistant is will most likely be the same one if you selected multiple Duels, regardless of opponent.)

7. The Duel will start. If you win, the Terminal will tally your actions during the duel to give out a total score.