Speed Duel (ZEXAL)

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Thunder Spark challenges Yuma Tsukumo to a "Speed Duel".

A Speed Duel (スピードデュエル Supīdo Dyueru) is a type of Duel introduced in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL manga by Thunder Spark. It is similar to a Turbo Duel, but played in the Speed Field. In a Speed Duel, both duelists Duel in a Speed Loader which is similar to a Duel Runner, but with a most futuristic design[1]. The vehicle is also able to ride over the water.[2]


  • Both players begin from the starting line and ride towards the goal.
  • If a player's Life Points are reduced to 0, they lose.
  • If a player crashes, they lose.
  • The player who passes the first corner takes the first turn.
  • The player who is ahead of the opponent can Normal Summon twice during their turn.

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