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"Speedroid Pachingo-Kart" and "Speedroid Den-Den Daiko Duke" in the artwork of "Speedlift".
  • スピードロイド
  • Supīdoroido (romanized)
  • SRスピードロイド (anime)
  • SR (base)
  • スピードロイド (ruby)
  • Supīdoroido (romanized)
  • Vitesseroid
  • Geschwindigkeitsroid
  • Velociroid
  • 스피드로이드
  • Seupideuroideu (romanized)
  • Velocidaroide
  • Velociroid
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

"Speedroid" (スピードロイド Supīdoroido, written as SRスピードロイド in the anime) is an archetype of WIND Machine monsters used by Yugo in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime and manga. This archetype is a sub-archetype of the "roid" archetype.



"Speedroid" monsters mostly resemble weaponized toys, like tops and boomerangs, or make references to games, like dice, with their names commonly being puns or portmanteaus with the names of said toys/games mostly from Japan.

Monster Origin
Block-n-Roll Guitar controller
CarTurbo Karuta
Den-Den Daiko Duke Den-den daiko
Dominobutterfly Dominoes
Double Yoyo Yo-yo
Gum Prize Chewing gum bug
Hexasaucer Toy flying saucer
Horse Stilts Hobby horse + Stilts
Magic Hound Ultra Hand
Maliciousmagnet Magnetix
Marble Machine Marble run
Skull Marbles
Menko Menko
Ohajikid Ohajiki
Pachingo-Kart Pachinko + Go-kart
Party Horn Kid Party horn
Passinglider Glider
Razorang Boomerang
Red-Eyed Dice Six-sided dice
Rubberband Plane Rubber band-propelled model aircraft
Taketomborg Bamboo-copter
Terrortop Beigoma
Tri-Eyed Dice Four-sided die


The Synchro and Link Monsters are called "Hi-Speedroid" (High-Speedroid in Japanese) and serve as the archetype's bosses.

Monster Origin
Chanbara Toy sword
Clear Wing Rider RC motorbike/cars
TK2000PS + Clear Wing Synchro Dragon
Cork Blaster Cork gun
Hagoita Hagoita (Hanetsuki paddle)
Kendama Kendama
Kitedrake Kite
Puzzle Puzzle
Rubber Band Shooter Rubber band gun

Playing style[edit]

"Speedroids" focus on fast Synchro Summons. "Speedroid Terrortop" makes for a great opening move, as it can Special Summon itself from the hand while the player controls no monsters and can search for any "Speedroid" monster from the Deck, while also starting the deck's numerous combos.

The deck also have several cards that aids them to advance their Synchro Summoning plan further. For example, "Taketomborg" can Special Summon itself as a non-Tuner, or Special Summon any "Speedroid" Tuner from the Deck by Tributing itself, or even both. "Speedroid Double Yoyo" can Special Summon more "Speedroid" monsters from the Graveyard when Normal Summoned, which can be followed up with a Synchro Summon if a Tuner monster was Summoned, or another search if "Taketomborg" or "Terrotop" was Summoned. Their Tuners also have useful effects, either for flexibility ("Red-Eyed Dice" and "Maliciousmagnet") or protection ("Speedroid Tri-Eyed Dice"). They also have several cards that can be activated by banishing themselves from the Graveyard for more usage, such as "Speed Recovery" and "Horse Stilts".

"Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" is the deck's central focus most of the time, due to its powerful negation effect and it being easy to Summon in this deck. With the correct setup, the deck's even capable of Summoning multiple copies of "Crystal Wing" in one turn. However, this was no longer possible during the New Master Rules in effect without any Link Monster's assistance, though the soon-after released "Crystron Halqifibrax" can greatly alleviate this.

This Deck can also make good use of Xyz Monsters, mainly Rank 3 Xyz Monsters with "Terrortop" and "Taketomborg". Because of excellent synergy between "Terrortop" and "Taketomborg" (sometimes "Tri-Eyed Dice" and "Menko" as well), those cards often utilized in various strategies (mainly ones that are focused on Rank 3 Xyz Summons), including, but not limited to, "Burning Abyss" and "The Phantom Knights". However, it was also this synergy that ultimately lead to "Terrortop" being Limited in both OCG and TCG, due to its over-usage in almost all decks, primarily "Zoodiac" and all of its variants.

Some of the archetype's monster effects (such as "Taketomborg" or "Hagoita") limit the player to Special Summoning only WIND monsters during the turn their effects are used.

Funnily enough considering their anime users, the "Windwitch" archetype can work intimately with this Deck, due to their similar ability of quickly Synchro Summoning and also being WIND-based as well.

Recommended cards[edit]

Official Decks[edit]


  • Although "Speedroids" are an excellent swarming Deck, the archetype itself is almost completely focused on the user, and their cards have somewhat low utility on their own, with very few cards that hinder the opponent substantially. Therefore, it is somewhat dependent on whatever monster they Synchro Summoned in order to maintain both offense and defense on the field.
  • The biggest weakness of this deck is their heavy dependence on "Speedroid Terrortop", which is unsearchable through normal means itself, which can severely hamper the Deck's speed and prevent it from maintaining card advantage during the early game.
    • This can be circumvented by sending "Terrortop" to the Graveyard and either revive it or add it to your hand through various card effects (primarily "Speed Recovery").


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