Spice of Duel

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Spice of Duel
Spice of Duel
  • Spice of Duel
RōmajiSupaisu obu Dyueru
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
Number of cards58
Cover cardVWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon
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Spice of Duel

Spice of Duel is a Booster Pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force. Players can unlock this set by having a Duelist Level of 30 or higher.

Each pack costs 100 DP and contains 5 cards.


# Name Card type Property Attribute Type Level ATK DEF Rarity
5477 Toon Cannon Soldier Monster DARK Machine 4 1400 1300 Ultra
Tsukuyomi (Tag Force 1) Ultra
VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon (Tag Force 1) Ultra
4735 Toon Summoned Skull Monster DARK Fiend 6 2500 1200 Super
4798 Toon World Spell Continuous Super
Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi (Tag Force 1) Super
5381 Asura Priest Monster LIGHT Fairy 4 1700 1200 Super
5474 Toon Table of Contents Spell Normal Super
XYZ-Dragon Cannon (Tag Force 1) Super
Corpse of Yata-Garasu (Tag Force 1) Super
Heavy Mech Support Platform (Tag Force 1) Super
Yamata Dragon (Tag Force 1) Rare
Dark Dust Spirit (Tag Force 1) Rare
5450 Toon Dark Magician Girl Monster DARK Spellcaster 6 2000 1700 Rare
5476 Toon Gemini Elf Monster EARTH Spellcaster 4 1900 900 Rare
5478 Toon Goblin Attack Force Monster EARTH Warrior 4 2300 0 Rare
X-Head Cannon (Tag Force 1) Rare
Y-Dragon Head (Tag Force 1) Rare
XY-Dragon Cannon (Tag Force 1) Rare
Z-Metal Tank (Tag Force 1) Rare
Giant Orc (Tag Force 1) Rare
XZ-Tank Cannon (Tag Force 1) Rare
YZ-Tank Dragon (Tag Force 1) Rare
Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei (Tag Force 1) Rare
Roll Out! (Tag Force 1) Rare
4733 Manga Ryu-Ran Monster FIRE Dragon 7 2200 2600 Common
4734 Toon Mermaid Monster WATER Aqua 4 1400 1500 Common
4773 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Monster LIGHT Dragon 8 3000 2500 Common
Maharaghi (Tag Force 1) Common
Susa Soldier (Tag Force 1) Common
Great Long Nose (Tag Force 1) Common
Otohime (Tag Force 1) Common
Fushi No Tori (Tag Force 1) Common
Fengsheng Mirror (Tag Force 1) Common
Spiritual Energy Settle Machine (Tag Force 1) Common
Spirit's Invitation (Tag Force 1) Common
5473 Toon Defense Trap Continuous Common
5475 Toon Masked Sorcerer Monster DARK Spellcaster 4 900 1400 Common
Dark Blade (Tag Force 1) Common
Pitch-Dark Dragon (Tag Force 1) Common
Kiryu (Tag Force 1) Common
Decayed Commander (Tag Force 1) Common
Zombie Tiger (Tag Force 1) Common
Second Goblin (Tag Force 1) Common
Vampire Orchis (Tag Force 1) Common
Des Dendle (Tag Force 1) Common
5590 Burning Beast Monster FIRE Pyro 4 1500 1000 Common
Freezing Beast (Tag Force 1) Common
Union Rider (Tag Force 1) Common
Frontline Base (Tag Force 1) Common
Combination Attack (Tag Force 1) Common
Formation Union (Tag Force 1) Common
Metallizing Parasite - Lunatite (Tag Force 1) Common
Dark Blade the Dragon Knight (Tag Force 1) Common
Protective Soul Ailin (Tag Force 1) Common
V-Tiger Jet (Tag Force 1) Common
W-Wing Catapult (Tag Force 1) Common
VW-Tiger Catapult (Tag Force 1) Common