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"Springans Captain Sargas", "Rockey", and "Merrymaker" in the artwork of the latter
"Springans Captain Sargas", "Rockey", and "Merrymaker" in the artwork of the latter
  • スプリガンズ
  • Supuriganzu (romanized)
  • Springans
  • Springans
  • Springans
  • Springans
  • Springans

"Springans", known as "Sprigguns" (スプリガンズ Supuriganzu) in the Japanese version, is an archetype of FIRE Machine monsters, with the exception of the DARK Beast "Springans Kitt", that debuted in Blazing Vortex.


The "Springans" archetype shares the same universe as the "Dogmatika" and "Tri-Brigade" archetypes, as seen in the artworks of their Spells and Traps.


Spriggans are legendary creatures from the fairy tradition of Cornish mythology. Spriggans are especially associated with West Penwith in Cornwall.


The "Springans" monsters are soot-based life forms wearing missile, torpedo, and cannon armor. Some, such as "Rockey", can fold their bodies into their respective weapons to attack.

Playing style[edit]

All Main Deck "Springans" monsters share the same effect, which allows them to attach themselves from the hand, field or GY to a "Springans" Xyz Monster the player controls. Combined with the Field Spell "Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda", which can Special Summon a "Springans" Xyz Monster from the Extra Deck if the player does not control one, they can bring out their Xyz Monsters without having to gather materials on the field to Xyz Summon it, and re-attach materials to it each turn.

Their Xyz Monster, "Springans Ship - Exblowrer", has an effect to destroy a number of the opponent's cards equal to the number of materials detached, and another to banish itself until the End Phase. Combining this with the other "Springans", "Ship - Exblowrer" can destroy several of the opponent's cards during the player's turn, and banish itself during the opponent's to protect itself and repeat the process.

While "Ship - Exblowrer" can destroy cards during the player's turn, "Springans Captain Sargas" can detach materials from other Xyz Monsters to destroy 1 face-up card during the opponent's turn. "Springans Call!" can Special Summon 1 "Springans" monsters from the GY. Since Xyz Monsters Special Summoned by "Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda" cannot be Special Summoned back from the GY, "Springans Call!" can Summon "Captain Sargas" instead, in order to use its effect.

As they don't necessarily have to use monsters to Xyz Summon, they can instead use their Normal Summon on monsters such as "Scrap Recycler" to send "Springans" from the Deck to the GY. In addition, the player can also opt to run "Scrap Golem", "Crystron Rosenix", "Scrap Wyvern", and "Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion", which will send 2 "Springans" instead. "Recycler" can send "Rosenix" to the GY, which can Special Summon 1 "Crystron Token". Both "Recycler" and the Token can be used to Summon "Wyvern", then its effect can Summon "Golem" from the Deck, and "Golem" can Summon back "Recycler" from the GY, activating its effect to send 1 Machine monster to the GY. Next, all of the three "Scrap" monsters can be used to Summon "Curious", sending another card from the Deck to the GY. This can be combined with "Springans Brothers", which can Special Summon the other "Springans" monster sent to the GY with this combo.

Recommended cards[edit]