Stairway to the Dragon Star

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The Stairway to the Dragon Star

The Stairway to the Dragon Star, or Stairway of the Crimson Dragon, known as the Sky Temple in the Japanese version, was a Pre-Inca civilization, located in the Andes and is where Iliaster originated. It was created 5,000 years before the present day events in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. Iliaster was formed here 3,000 years ago (this is an alteration, as Iliasters leader and men are from the original future and were changing events in the past).

The Stairway to the Dragon Star was ruled by the Star Dragon King, who prayed to their God, Dragon Star, for salvation from the wicked disturbances that had been terrorizing the people. The Dragon Star responded by appearing in the form of a crimson dragon and created its servants who were to aid in sealing the evil disturbances within the Earth in the Nazca Lines.[1]

When the Crimson Dragon appeared during the Fortune Cup finale, while the five Marks of the Dragon were present, Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, Luna, and Akiza Izinski were shown a vision of the past and a vision of the future. In the past, the four of them witnessed the five original Signers standing on the Stairway to the Dragon Star with the People of the Stars bowing before them. In the future, they saw a giant geoglyph made of flames, assuming the shape of a spider destroying Satellite.[2]

It is also known, that the chamber that is located at the top of the Stairway, is where Roman's severed arm containing the Head birthmark currently resides.[3]

After the King of the Netherworld revives, it heads to where New Domino City is, as Goodwin's Condor geoglyph has appeared above the Stairway to the Dragon Star. As half of the Stairway itself has emerge from above the ground thus destroying the mansion. The Crimson Dragon appears and transports the Signers and their companions to the Stairway so they may duel Goodwin. Goodwin is able to raise the rest of the Stairway with him at the top using his power as both a Signer and Dark Signer. The final duel is conducted on the Condor geoglyph, while Rex uses the altar atop the Stairway.[4]

Shortly after Goodwin's defeat and the destruction of the King, the Stairway disappears along with the Condor geoglyph.[5]


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