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The Four Dimensions.

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The Standard Dimension (スタンダードげん Sutandādo Jigen) is one of the Four Dimensions, as well as the primary setting of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. It is the home dimension of Yuya Sakaki and his friends. According to Yuto, the other three dimensions revolve around the Standard Dimension. In contrast to the Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Dimensions, this dimension did not have its own type of Extra Deck Summon originally.[1] Such Summons were initially not present in the dimension, and eventually taught only at the Leo Institute of Dueling in Paradise City.[2][3] Recently, however, an anomaly gave Standard its own summoning method, the Pendulum Summon. Hence, unlike other dimensions, this dimension is not named by its summoning method, nor has its summoning method available to most of its Duelists. This is the only one of the Four Dimensions that does not feature an alternate universe version of any past character of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

The people of Standard are unaware of the upgraded versions of the Extra Deck methods used in the other dimensions such as Rank-Up Xyz Evolution[4], Double Tuning[5] and Contact Fusion[6], as well as some types of monsters such as Tuner Synchro Monsters[7], and other Duel variations such as Turbo Duels[8] (including the Duel Runner[9]).

After Z-ARC's defeat, the Standard Dimension was reborn as the Pendulum Dimension (ペンデュラムげん Pendyuramu Jigen), with all of its residents capable of Pendulum Summoning normally as well as most of its residents left with no memories of both Zuzu Boyle's existence and everything that happened since the Arc League Championship.[10] It also doesn't seem to behave like the other dimensions where other summoning methods are foreign to them, as Gong was still able to Synchro Summon.[11]

The "everyman" of the Pendulum Dimension seems to be fairly more attuned to the supernatural than those of the Standard Dimension, as everyone in the audience instantly remembered the events of the ARC League Championship after little more than a few words from Moon Shadow.[12] Also, when Yuya remembered that he is Z-ARC and laments over it, they instantly knew what he was talking about despite having no involvement in the final battle.[11]

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