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Standard Duelist
English name
  • Standard Duelist
Other language names
Duellanti Standard
Character typeStandard Duelist
Standard Duelist
defaultsort: Standard Duelist

Standard Duelists are a classification of characters that appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. While Legendary Duelists are based on characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga series, Standard Duelists are generic characters unique to Duel Links.

In the Japanese version, Standard Duelists do not have names and are instead referred to by their defining trait; in the English version, each of them has their own name.


In Duel World, all Standard Duelists are functionally identical; each time they spawn they are randomly assigned a Deck from a pool that varies with the player's highest Stage.

A limited number of Standard Duelists can appear in Duel World at once. The maximum number of Standard Duelists that can appear is increased as the player increases their Stage. While the specific Standard Duelists that appear in different series Duel Worlds differ, the total number of available Standard Duelists is shared between all Duel Worlds. Some Standard Duelists are exclusive to a specific Duel World, while others can appear in multiple.

A Standard Duelist respawns every 30 minutes, until no more Standard Duelists can spawn. Alternatively, the player can cause all Standard Duelists to respawn (so that the maximum number are present) by using either 10 Duel Orbs or 1 Boosted Duel Orb. Standard Duelists will also all respawn when the player advances a Stage in any Duel World.

When challenging a Standard Duelist, the player can choose a Reward Multiplier of 1, 2 or 3. This number determines how many Standard Duelists are consumed when initiated that Duel, but it also multiplies the player's Duel Assessment and experience earned by that value.

The AI of the Standard Duelists starts similar to that of the Level 10 Legendary Duelists to help new players adjust, but improves as the player increases their Stage.

List of Standard Duelists[edit]

English name Japanese name World
Japanese Translation
Ashley フレンドリーなお姉さん Friendly Young Lady All
Bella 弱気な女の子 Timid Girl All
David 礼儀正しいお兄さん Polite Young Man All
Emma おませな女の子 Precocious Girl All
Jay さわやかなお兄さん Eloquent Young Man All
Mickey 元気な男の子 Energetic Boy All
Meg 明るいお姉さん Cheerful Young Lady All
Nick 大人びた男の子 Mature Boy All
Andrew クールな学生 Cool Student DM and DSOD
Christine 絶好調な学生 Top-Shape Student DM and DSOD
Daniel 無口な学生 Quiet Student DM and DSOD[Notes 1]
Hailey マイペースな学生 Self-Paced Student DM and DSOD
Jess デュエル好きな学生 Duel-Loving Student DM and DSOD
Josh 元気な学生 Energetic Student DM and DSOD[Notes 1]
Alyssa 明るいアカデミア生徒 Cheerful Academia Student GX
Evan オシリス・レッドの男子生徒 Osiris Red Male Student GX
Kylie ハイテンションなアカデミア生徒 Excited Academia Student GX
Logan ラー・イエローの男子生徒 Ra Yellow Male Student GX
Madison ストイックなアカデミア生徒 Stoic Academia Student GX
Zachary オベリスク・ブルーの男子生徒 Obelisk Blue Male Student GX
Chloe なまいきなアカデミア生徒 Impertinent Academia Student 5D's
Erika DWに憧れるアカデミア生徒 D-Wheel-Longing Academia Student 5D's
Handsome Stan イケてるD・ホイーラー Handsome D-Wheeler 5D's
Liam まじめなアカデミア生徒 Serious Academia Student 5D's
Sector Security セキュリティ Security 5D's
Wild Dan ワイルドなD・ホイーラー Wild D-Wheeler 5D's
Mia のんびり学園生 Carefree Academy Student ZEXAL
Oliver 元気な学園生 Energetic Academy Student ZEXAL
Ruby デキる学園生 Prepared Academy Student ZEXAL
Theo ローテンションな学園生 Unexcited Academy Student ZEXAL
Emmeline 舞網第二中学生 Maiami Second Middle School Student ARC-V
Fani ARC-V
Henry ARC-V
Margaret 中堅デュエルスクール生 Mid-Level Duel School Student ARC-V


Duel World[edit]

A Standard Duelist's Deck is randomly chosen upon spawning, using one of several possible Decks for Standard Duelists. The pool of Decks used by Standard Duelists depends on the player's Stage in Duel World (DM), even for Standard Duelists in other Duel Worlds. Once the player reaches a Stage whose number corresponds to a new set of Decks of a particular level, the Standard Duelists start using Decks of that level.

All Standard Duelists in Duel World (DM), Duel World (GX), and Duel World (DSOD) use Decks from the general pool. Standard Duelists in Duel World (5D's), Duel World (ZEXAL), and Duel World (ARC-V) can either use Decks from the general pool or Decks that are specific to their own Duel World.

Originally, Standard Duelists in Duel World (5D's) and Duel World (ZEXAL) could only use Decks from a subset of the general pool (or their Duel World's own pool). The excluded Decks were mostly Fusion and Ritual-based Decks. Shortly after the release of Duel World (ZEXAL), when many Standard Duelist Decks were modified, this restriction was removed, allowing Standard Duelists in those Duel Worlds to use any Decks from the general pool (or their own Duel World's pool).


Duelist Chronicles[edit]

Some Standard Duelists appear as characters in Duelist Chronicles events. The level of their Deck is affected by the number of times the player has cleared the whole board.

In Duelist Chronicles: Set Sail for the Kingdom, Standard Duelists also have Skills, with the Skill corresponding to the area in which they are Dueled.


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  1. a b Until the November 5th, 2020 maintenance, this character also appeared in the ZEXAL world.