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"Stormrider Griffore", "Stormrider Hippogriff" and several "Stormrider Skyfisher" in the artwork of "Stormrider Return".
  • ストームライダー
  • Sutōmuraidā (romanized)

Anime appearances

Stormrider 「ストームライダー」is an archetype of WIND Cyberse monsters used by Windy in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.


Each member is an airship based on a flying creature:

Stormrider Origin
Gargoyle Gargoyle
Griffore Griffin
Gulldiver Gull
Harpiarm Harpy
Hippogriff Hippogriff
Skyfisher Skyfish
Tubieloof Tubiel (Angel of Summer and Small Birds)
Bahamut Bomber Bahamut
Bahamut Bomber Custom
Rockbuster Roc
Stolastorm Stolas

Playing Style[edit]

The Deck focuses on manipulating the opponent's Spell & Trap Zone using various effects to inflict effect damage and using Field Spells to negate the opponent's Link Monsters' effects, boost the ATK of his own monsters, and force the opponent to engage said monsters in battle. Several of his card effects require him to have no cards in his Spell & Trap Zones or Main Monster Zones to activate; consequently, Windy is the only member of Lightning's organization who does not use the Link Spell Card "Judgment Arrows".